The Victorian State Government  announced a reversal of laws that have allowed paedophiles to remain anonymous behind court suppression orders.It has been a long time coming but WE the public are soon to get what we have always wanted and that is protection and disclosure from the courts so these rock spiders cannot hide any more under ancient suppression orders that these animals hid under like rats, to hide and sneak around and gnaw away at our children undetected and unknown. Without doubt the other states MUST FOLLOW SUIT and change their legislation too! VICTIMS AND THE PUBLIC MUST COME BEFORE THE CRIMINAL

Judges considering suppressing publication of the identity of a sex offender will now have to place the interests of any victims first, followed by the protection of children, families and the general public. The change was about protecting the public rather than “these weak individuals” who prey on our children in the shadows.

Remember this bloke I named the other week? That is what this is all about Sex abuser wins right to suppress his name  NOT HERE he doesn’t PETER VERSI

I have a list on known and convicted paedophiles as long as my arm, many with photos of these disgusting individuals, that I have been drafting with the help of a few dedicated concerned participants of this site and via a source or two as well. This is a dedicated section on the PAEDOPHILES, on what they did, who they are, and if known, where they live, photo and all!


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  1. Burleigh Beach says:

    At the following link you will find the MAKO files

    The MAKO files online are a free public service

    You will be able to find paedophiles by name – they are listed alphabetically

    You will in some cases be able to view photographs of the paedophiles and you will see their crimes and sentences plus other information listed alongside their names and photos

    You will learn, for example, that the accused murderer of Daniel Morcambe had prior offences. They are described in brief alongside the name of Brett Peter Cohen aka Cowan

    Cohen/Cowan is a repeat offender

    In 1994, he was sentenced to 7 years jail with 3.5 years non parole period

    The offence involved a 6 year old boy who ‘ walked into a service station naked and bleeding after being sexually assaulted by Cohen. This took place in the NT, reportedly

    Cohen served 14 months jail in Brisbane also for molesting a 7 year old boy

    The MAKO files also list female paedophiles alphabetically

    The lists are not complete, obviously. But the MAKO files do list thousands of offenders, photographs and other useful information

    The site also includes safety tips for women – news articles – Australian politicians and their contact details – DNA information – numerous resources – books – community notifications, etc. etc. etc.

  2. Burleigh Beach says:

    What is a paedophile or pederast ? My own definition of a paedophile would be someone who seeks sexual experiences with children – that’s my stripped-down, bare bones definition

    Sex with children comprises a paedophile’s sexual orientation, imo

    Yes, paedophiles often have sex with adults of either sex, but their chosen sex partner is a child

    Some societies regard what we term ‘paedophilia’ as ‘normal’. It’s common for adults in those societies to have sex with children

    It’s my belief based in years of research, that there are powers at work in our own society who wish to make it normal to have sex with children. To this end, they are ‘sexualising’ children — our children — by means of ‘sex education’ and via advertising, movies, tv and other media

    Up front, I will say that I do not believe sex with children should become ‘normal’ within our society. I do not believe paedophilia is ‘harmless’ or ‘good’ or should be tolerated. I will not be modifying my stance in this lifetime. I will not develop ‘tolerance’ towards paedophiles or those who attempt, no matter how subtly, to render our society tolerant of paedophilia. I am inflexible with regard to paedophilia and sex crimes against children — against anyone, in fact

    Can paedophiles be ‘rehabilitated’ ? Ask a paedophile. Every now and then you might get one who’s honest and who’ll tell you that no matter how much they claim to parole-boards, judges, etc. that they ARE ‘rehablitated’ or ‘wish’ to become so — it’s all lies in order they can get OUT of jail so they can get their hands on another child

    What many people fail to understand is that paedophiles have at LEAST as strong a sex drive as the average person. So can the average person decide to live a sex-free existence, using willpower alone? So why would anyone expect a paedophile to live a sex-free existence?

    Rehabilitation: do we ‘rehabilitate’ gays? CAN we ‘rehabilitate’ gays so that they stop seeking sex with members of their own sex and suddenly begin lusting for members of the opposite sex? No? Or, put another way, could we persuade or ‘rehabilitate’ heterosexuals/straights to the point they would only seek gay sexual encounters ? No ? Then why would it be any different with paedophiles ?

    Paedophiles seek sex with children. It’s how they’re wired. Sex with children is their sexual drive, their motivation when seeking their next ‘sex partner’. They don’t go to clubs or pubs. They go to playgrounds, side streets, parks, etc. They’re not looking for sexually willing men or women — they lust for children. It is how they are wired

    Paedophiles ** WILL ** however, *pretend* to be attracted to a woman (or sometimes a man) in order they can get access to that woman’s or man’s child/children

    When all the liberals have finished wailing about poor paedophiles and about it not being their fault they’re wired that way — the bottom line is this: it’s not our problem how they’re wired. Their existence on this planet, their predatory sex drives, are a danger to our children

    so we’re left with a choice. Who do we put first — paedophiles? Or our children — all children ?

    I’ve made my choice. The kids win, every single time

    Ok. So we have children in one corner and paedophiles in the other. How do we keep them apart? How do we protect the children, the lambs — from paedophiles, the wolves ? Remembering all along that paedophiles want to have sex at least once a day and want a child to have sex with — every day, five times a day if they can get it — all through their lives with 365 days each year of their lives. And remembering also that numerous judges, psychologists, criminologists and others who’ve had the misfortune to spend their careers studying paedophiles first-hand — all these experts advise that paedophiles remain sexually active for much longer than ‘ordinary’ members of society. Paedophiles are often still sexually active in their 80s and 90s.

    First line of defence, imo, should be the branding of paedophiles. I believe they should be branded across their foreheads, up their forearms and on their hands. Indelible branding, as in raised and coloured branding with the word ‘Paedophile’. I believe their head hair should be electronically and permanently removed, also their facial hair – to prevent them using beards and head hair to conceal the brandings. It should also be made illegal for any convicted paedophile to conceal their brandings using hats, false beards, wigs, etc.

    Not interested in hearing those who’s first response is to cry, ‘Nazi’. Not interested so don’t bother

    Paedophiles are a danger, are an atavistic throw-back, are evolutionary failures, are predatory, unable to be ‘cured’ or ‘rehabilitated’ (if in doubt, do the research) are by nature and necessity cunning, smart. And they remain that way for as long as they live. We cannot afford paedophiles in our society. It’s my opinion the only safe paedophile is a dead paedophile. But our governments and legal systems have weak knees and in addition are owned by those intent on ‘normalising’ paedophilia in our societies

    therefore, executing paedophiles is not an option for our society. So we must do the next best thing, which is to prominently brand paedophiles to the point they are shunned and unable to grab their child victims. Hopefully, they will kill themselves when they realise their sex lives (based in child victims) are over. After that, it’s God’s problem

    • RoseDreaming says:

      Yes!!! What a wonderful article/ post … I love your rationale and educated language on this and I’m going to share this via Facebook ❣️ Thank you and keep up the fight on this very important issue! 💯

      • Marie Scarth says:

        Yes i agree, some good psychologist analysis on Google jaw dropping and eye opening in USA research has shown by the time a pedophile is caught ususlly he has on average had contact and access to children 67 times…i was shocked they groom parents to get to their object of desire secrecy is their upper hand and intimidation and threatening of the child not to report and terrifying the child…Also of interest there is a visual giveaway clue on meeting a pedophile a lopsided sarcastic smile you can google this too studied and talked about by a psychologist amazing but true they usually say sarcastic comments and find out information about other people to use against them when challenged or caught…Also of interest pedophiles tend to film their abusing of a child to sell and or distribute content forensics have discovered that their hands are always revealed on camera and analyzed for scars and individual marks and they have been caught this way overseas…amazing…

    • Moonlight says:

      Burleigh beach, yes there is a certain socio cultural group of humans who want the age of consent lowered to 16. This will enable them to later pysh to lower it yet again whilst simultaneously justifying or excusing any sexual activity with underage kids by saying well they’re nearly sixteen ir I thought/they said they were sixteen or …

  3. Lisa Roberts says:

    I know of a repeat offender who has walked on five counts that I am aware of. No convictions were made due to lack of evidence -no photographic or video evidence. He walks the streets ‘free’ thinking he is untouchable so much that he is now dating a woman with a child who has intellectual disabilities. He has told her and many others that if he was guilty of anything then he would be behind bars, he is not therefore none of what he did ever occurred. REECE LESLIE HOPE sexually abused children in Ipswich, Eagleby, Beenleigh and Logan. Currently loves in Woodbridge but is still in Eagleby/Beenleigh area and seen in Bethania. I have a photo of him that is circulating face book.

  4. Jeff Lawrence says:

    I am trying to find Warren Schneider aye but he isn’t on here, that c** was friends with the seargent of arms in parliament and probably raped and made porn of more than 40 girls over 10 years or more. That c*** told me to eat human flesh and shit and only got 9 months. Now I am “schizophrenic” because I flip out about the shit.

  5. TheOne says:

    Thanks Robbo & Serendipity you do a great job!
    Hey Jeff, if you ever need to chat mate just drop me a line, i’m in the same general are after seeing the person you were fucked over by.
    I’m a victim of one of the stories on here and have mental issues, my brother also got done by another teacher I can’t find on this site [Michael “Mick” Toomey I think it is spelt] and he is schizophrenic.
    I only have PTSD, MDD or Bi-Polar [Dr’s can’t work it out] anxiety and personality disorders [lol] over the whole fucking ordeal, that took me 18 years to come forward with.
    Just remember you aren’t alone mate!

    • Alex says:

      Hello, I’m Alexandra, Alex for short.
      I’ve had bad stuff happen too. I really relate to you. It never goes away. I’m pretty sure one of the ones that got me are already on the site. But I have to go into the cop shop and go through another process. I got raped in 99 being an adult barely I went through the court. It was a comedy of errors!!!! They made me the bad guy. He was a huge Lebanese man and a security guard pulled me into his own car says his name even!
      The police did a great job.
      He went on the run for a yr. was wanted for more rapes. He even had a capsule in the back seat.
      But he got off.
      So I’ve hesitated about the one that got me at age 10 tops in my own bed.
      Mum would say ‘I think he’s a cop now in the NT etc etc.
      she doesn’t want to have to explain why she was a juvenile justice worker letting clients around me and my brother.
      It’s just I’ve got no faith in the system. That’s why this site is so good.
      What area are you at? If u don’t mind?
      I’m on face book alexandra killen

  6. cc1958 says:

    what about some exposure for that evil chronic paedophile the disgusting rolf harris, he needs a whole page for his crimes, and i am sure there will be even more people coming forward now he has been convicted, with their own personal accounts of his offending,
    you know even as a kid, and i am 58 now, i found him creepy, and i didnt ever meet him or suffer his groping etc
    it was his nauseating patronising of kids, and his silliness, his breathless and somewhat hysterionic manner.jimmy savilles little mate, that says it all.where are the victims of that pair, who used to hunt in packs??

  7. TheCrimeResearcher says:

    It get’s me very angry when I hear that these sex offenders are on parole and released, in my opinion, they should be locked up for life.

  8. Alex says:

    Honestly you are doing such a great service to the public!!! Thank you.
    Have you seen ‘deliver us from evil’
    The documentary of that priest in America that got caught being evil and the church moved him around and around. Then covered it all the way up to Pope Benedict but @ the time he was in charge of investigating claims of sexual abuse. He covered it. Became pope got immunity by Bush. But then retreated (that’s why he was the 1st pope to retire)
    Tim minchim covers it well with his pope song!!
    Even though I’m a Christian I can see where and maybe why he sang it.
    Now the former priest is extradited to Ireland again. But walking as free as a bird!!! Around any kids he wants. He blames the church! And wanted his victims to come to Ireland to here them voice their feelings. He even hoped they could end in a prayer or hand shake or hug!!!! It was withdrawn.
    He just wanted to relive his sickness!!!
    O’grady his name is.
    The church got that withdrawn.
    He assaulted possibly 100 + including raping a 9 month old baby! Sodomized boys girls in their own bedrooms!
    Hell exists but who has friends in Ireland to stop it happening again.
    But the work your site does is hard sad and I’m sure very frustrating too.
    How can I help?
    From Alexandra Killen

  9. Sarah says:

    Hi there,

    Wow that’s impressive that you list all those horrid sex offenders. I hate them all. Keep up the name & shame process.

    Sarah 🙂

  10. Lisa J says:

    There is a sex offender from Victoria that had 51 counts against him and only served about two years. He now runs a first aid company near Melbourne that caters to schools!! He also has a small child living in his house. There is no justice in this world!

  11. steve watts says:

    You usually find the people who set up these websites are pedos themselves using the site as a way of networking.

  12. Outstanding and excellent work here, Serendipity and Robbo, you are doing a amazing admirable public service exposing as many of these creeps as possible of predators of heinous sex crimes that youse have to date. Its no easy task, the way they are all protected in and out of jail. Its shocking to see their are now so many of them! Keep highlighting their ugly perverted mugshots and expanding updates for what seems the minority concerned public to see and read about their heinous creep records!……..Once again top research and presentation.
    This is not what the do-gooders and defence lawyers want, they call it vigilante justice, but it really public awareness of what the justice system fail to tell the public enough of, the and parole boards and prisons on many occasions fails us in the worse way to keep the community safe from, their anonymous protection and early freedoms granted to serial convicted sex offending recidivist criminals!…

  13. The second says:

    Just like Barry Watson Of Park Orchards Who worked for the Church of England Boys society

    100 or more victims

  14. Cam says:

    Is there an article on Barry Watson of park orchards , Church of England boys society

  15. Cam says:

    Barry Watson park orchards Church of England boys society

  16. James Munro says:

    How can our justice system be so messed up where sick twisted people like pedophiles are allowed to walk free?

  17. James Munro says:

    How can our “justice system” be so messed up where sick twisted “people” like pedophiles are allowed to walk free? What there was not “enough” evidence so what check the victims hymn or whatever its called (that thing girls have when their still virgins) because I guarantee if a pedophile did unspeakable things to them then it will be broken. And if THAT’S not enough evidence then perhaps I should move to another country

  18. Ya says:

    Thanks for doing article on Barry Watson of park orchards , if in doubt just google him

  19. Marie Scarth says:

    I know one i lived with him and i noticed how he would make inappropriate comment’s about underage young girls and he lives where he hopes to gain access near schools and families in the street i tried reporting him to police but very clever at hiding his desire and the police say he hasn’t done anything and theres no proof he is very smart and flys under the rader. He sold his house in quarry hill…bendigo recently some friends of mine who live in the same streets erupted with jubilation after his relocation to north bendigo including the neighbour who lived opposite who had a baby and little girl he made himself known to them to take their mail when they leave they refused to have contact with him. Word got around about him im glad i left him he was abusive mentally and emotionally and controlling and manipulative and made me dependent on him as far as he was concerned i was to throw others off the scent that he was a poedophile i feel he may of already abused and he needed me as a front and possible babysitter which aint going to happen. I felt betrayed and disgusted wherever we went birthdays and RSL i notice they places where families frequent and going out shopping was just to oggle little girls…i saved two girls from being abused at Russell street,Quarry Hill…i was congratulated by the father as this man aged now 66 was grooming my friend to get to his daughters eventually.

  20. Kathleen Byrne says:

    How are people added to this list. I was attacked and raped in my unit by one of my neighbours.. I had a rape kit done and there was evidence but the police service M to have taken his story as fact and have told me he won’t be charged..

  21. Marie Scarth says:

    There is a known poedophile living in North Bendigo unconvicted flies under the radar knows the law and likes to perve on underage girls gotten away with a lot hoping he will get caught through someone dobbing him in from the past known as historical abuse…Ian Stuart Ray

  22. Angie Smythe says:

    I have a photo of the paedophile Fergus Patrick Turner (he is on Facebook under Fergus O’Loghlen). I see you have his court case on your website. However, you’ll get to see his profile pic on his fb page.

  23. Moonlight says:

    Hi Robbo. Hope yr well.
    This sets a dangerous precedent:
    If yr the kid of a former PM or a polllie yiu can get away with anything.
    And if yr little you’re free to do it over and over and over again, and walk with a tt-tt, tt-tt.
    He knows he’s done wrong?
    Any serial monster that does it 35 times (that he’s been caught for) KNOWS FULL WELL what he’s doing.
    This should be appealed and his father shoukd be kicked out of politics. He cannot represent THE PEOPLE.

  24. Marcus Den says:

    Come Share your story here.. We all need to get the word out more about sex offenders.

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