35,000 child porn images – no jail

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By Andrew Dowdell

July 24, 2008 05:13pm

Man admits downloading 35,000 child porn images
“Chronic fear of women” linked to downloads
Given 16-month suspended jail term

A MAN with a chronic fear of women has walked from the Adelaide District Court with a suspended prison term after admitting downloading 35,000 child pornography images.


Robert Abbott

Robert Abbott used his home computer to access almost 35,000 images and 23 video clips of child pornography, Adelaide Now reported.

Abbott, 32, was arrested when police raided his Valley View home as part of an international child porn sting in February last year.

He later pleaded guilty to obtaining and possessing child pornography and faced up to 14 years in jail.

Judge Steven Millsteed said the overwhelming majority of the images fell into the least two serious categories of child pornography.

Judge Millsteed said that most of the images involved girls under 10, wearing lingerie in sexually suggestive poses or involved in sex acts with other children.

The judge accepted Abbott’s evidence that a number of more graphic images involving sex between children and adults had been accidentally downloaded.

“The images you were accessing were not as grave as some forms of child pornography … but any form of child pornography is unacceptable to the community,” he said.

“I am also prepared to accept that all of the material was for your personal use and not for distribution with others.”

The court heard Abbott was “deeply ashamed” of his offending, which had cost him his career as an aged care worker.

Abbott showed little emotion in the dock as he learned his 16-month jail term would be suspended.

“I can tell you that the sentence would not have been suspended if you had intentionally accessed the more serious forms of child pornography,” Judge Millsteed said.

Judge Millsteed had heard evidence from a psychologist about Abbott’s mental state, in particular his inability to form meaningful relationships with adult women.

A psychological report showed the “key” to Abbott’s rehabilitation was to reduce the anxiety he felt around women.


Child porn guilty plea over 85,000 images

Posted 46 minutes ago

An Adelaide man faces a possible jail term after admitting he took part in an international child pornography racket.

Robert Abbott, 31, was charged as part of a 10-month police investigation spanning 35 countries.

He was among four Australians charged in connection with a UK-based website known as “Kids – The Light Of Our Lives“.

Today he pleaded guilty in the District Court in Adelaide to obtaining and possessing child pornography.

The court had previously heard that Abbott was found in possession of 85,000 offending images.

But his lawyer said he would argue that many of those images did not constitute child pornography.

Abbott will appear for sentencing submissions in December


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