Bendigo man jailed for child sexual assault


Peter Pryse, A convicted child sex offender who police believe is at “very high risk” of re-offending has had his bid for freedom denied.


Peter Pryse-Sex offender denied bail in Bendigo court

04 May, 2012

A convicted child sex offender who police believe is at “very high risk” of re-offending has had his bid for freedom denied.

Peter Pryse, 35, faced Bendigo Magistrates Court yesterday charged with three contraventions of the sex offender register.

Pryse was placed on the sex offender register for life after being convicted of indecently assaulting a six-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy in 2004.

Police arrested Pryse on Wednesday night when it was found he was living with two six-year-old boys, the sons of his partner, without notifying authorities.

He had also failed to tell police about a motorbike he had purchased in 2008 and a change of address.

Anyone on the sex offender register must comply with a strict set of conditions including notifying police of a long list of personal details.

Police informant Detective Senior Constable Fisher said Pryse had broken these conditions twice before, once for failing to disclose personal details and another time for living with a child without notifying police.

Pryce’s defence counsel Peter Baker said he understood his client would be facing jail time for this third breach but applied for bail until the matter was finalised.

The ultimately unsuccessful application was opposed by police who argued Pryse was at serious risk of re-offending while on bail.

“The risk of a registered sex offender re-offending is categorised as low, medium and high – he is listed as very high,” Detective Fisher said of Pryse.

Detective Fisher said he was “frightened” by the fact Pryse had lived on and off with his girlfriend and her twin boys since the start of the year.

He said Pryse had only told the woman “half the story” in regards to his offending.

“He told her he revealed himself to a young girl when he was drunk,” he said.

The reality, Magistrate Jennifer Tregent said, was much more concerning.

“He rubbed and licked the vagina of a child who was six,” she said.

“He fondled the penis of the seven-year-old victim.”

Ms Tregent said Pryse had also abused the trust of his partner.

“It concerns me greatly he isn’t telling police about living with his partner and her children who are exactly the same age as his past victims.

“I am concerned with protective issues in relation to the children.

“I am going to deny bail.”

Pryse was remanded to appear in the Bendigo Magistrates Court on May 30.

Child sex offender cops fine

23 Sep, 2010

A BENDIGO man with a conviction for sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl appeared in the magistrates court this week charged with failing to comply with the sex offender registry.

In the early 2000s, Peter Pryse, 34, was convicted of four counts of committing an indecent act with, or in the presence of, a child under 16.

He was sentenced to a minimum of three years in jail and listed as a serious sex offender.

Earlier this year Pryse was interviewed by police and charged after he was found to have an unauthorised internet account.

Serious sex offenders listed on the registry must notify their case worker of their personal circumstances, providing their address, phone number and internet provider details.

They must also declare any access they have with children, whether it’s through a new relationship, their employment or their involvement with a sports


Pryse did not notify his case worker about his internet access.

He pleaded guilty to the charge in the Bendigo Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

During the plea hearing, the court was told that in July Pryse had also been convicted of failing to notify the registry about his contact with a young child.

There was no suggestion that he sexually assaulted the child.

On that matter, Pryse was sentenced to one month in jail, suspended for 12 months.

In regards to the internet matter, he was convicted and fined



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  1. Robbo says:

    This skin crawling creature is a bad one. I have it on good authority he is involved in Safe’n’superior Blinds in Kangaroo Flat Victoria.

    Which up until he got thrown back in jail, he may of been in your homes measuring and or installing blinds and curtains!

    Imagine that, your kids rooms etc…Filthy bastard snooping around, makes me sick!

    This is WHY we need to know who and where these sickos are at all times, including what they look like in our communities.

    They circumnavigate the register and lie and cheat their way into our homes.

  2. Ghost Rider says:

    Brilliant work Robbo, the Bendigo community thanks you greatly providing this information. I hope the Judge see’s fit to sentence to a long term prision sentence. I am sick of this tag and release crap.

  3. micka says:

    My heart is Bleeding, my family is involved with this pig.

  4. **** says:

    Sickening to say the least. His offences date back to when he was living in Echuca and he broke into girls houses and assaulted them. I am suprised they let him out the first time to re-offend. This creep needs to be put away for good this time.

    • Really! says:

      it amazes me that people have put a thumbs down for comments on here. when will people open their eyes and realise that this man is ruining lives he is the only one that should recieve a thumbs down. He obviously has some supporters that continue to enable
      him to sneak into peoples lives. all of these characters groom and manipulate people so if are standing on his side then you have been manipulated by his twisted words and karaoke emotions.

      • Robbo says:

        After seeing photos of what some of these losers have in their cells, and how inadequate the system is, I would not be all surprised they get online in jail, to continue slithering around seeking out our kids….And giving the thumbs down…grrrr

        • andrew smart says:

          yeah the standard for prison officers is pretty low and they want to ban everything in jail cos they are to lazy to keep an eye on sex offenders in jail and seem to be constantly harrassing political prisoners rather than making sex offenders do it hard

      • Helen Heaney says:

        Surgical sterilization is one answer

    • speedy22 says:

      This filth goes to court tomz I will keep u posted on the outcome,

      • Ghost Rider says:

        Please do keep us posted. I’m watching this prick closely. Justice will be served.

        • Robbo says:

          Good work guys, as it might not appear in the BIG papers…I will put it up.Im behind on these creeps, I still have about 30 to post…Photos and all, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. Anonymous says:

    yes it makes me sick.i wonder how the father of the kids that he was involved with is feeling about all this. there are more people involved than just there mother

  6. Ghost Rider says:

    He was to appear in court at 9:00am this morning, I haven’t been able to locate the result of this hearing. But it was listed on this link http://dailylists.courts.vic.gov.au/#http%3A//dailylists.courts.vic.gov.au?page=Case_Details&_suid=849

  7. speedy22 says:

    The filth covered his face with his jumper , no no no eye contact with anyone hid like a dog, back back in port Philip til 11 July

    • Anonymous says:

      he does own safe and superior blinds.he is also involved in a bendigo church group with his family.not only did he breach his conditions he hired the girl he is involved with to work in his shop front.she has young twin boys.Pryse`s family have history of child abuse.the father ,brother.the list goes on.And his so called partner supports this pig.

      • speedy22 says:

        Can confirm most of that, they all hovered around her in court like she was hard done by, her family sat on the over side in diss belief at what she is doing , choosing the filth over her own blood and children, he hid like a true pedi guilty as sin, but not in his family and her eyes. Justice will be served this time we all hope

  8. speedy22 says:

    Hey Robbo is there any way I can contact you privetly ?? Cheers

  9. **** says:

    The family are all just as sick as him as they are supporting him. They did after the Echuca assaults and will probably continue to do so. I feel for all the people ever involved in this situation. The courts should have locked him up longer years ago! I am sure there is a place in hell with his name on it!

  10. Broken says:

    Dont no how that family stand by such a pig. Needs to b put away for a long long time so he can not go any were neir children !!!!! Disgusting animal

  11. anonymous says:

    His girlfriend xxxxxxxxx (removed by robbo) from Bendigo.works in this mans shop.she has twin 7 year old boys.how sick is she to have this Creep in their lives and in their home.
    Child protection need a kick up there ass if they leave the kids with her.safe and superior pigs ass.this man has been in your homes.his girlfriend is as sick as he is in my book.

    • Broken says:

      Anonymous you really shouldn’t post all that you have !

    • Broken says:

      Anoymous I think u should take her name off and her boys !!!

      • Speedy22 says:

        I no you read this site —- and personally I don’t care.What you are doing to your family makes you no better than him, you will never hurt me or my family by what ever you try to do, you are the only looser in this and lots of people will never forget this and I surly won’t , people can run but you can never hide, one day someone will find about history and it will repeat its self, So don’t ever think you are getting to me by your stupid made up story’s , never had time for you and never will .

      • Broken says:

        Doesn’t matter what they do they disgust me Lies can only last for so long before the spread like a cancer in your body !!!!!!

    • jane says:

      Unfortunately you know so little about the facts of the situation, or the person himself. you like to follow the media hype. He has not acted inappropriatly around children for over 10 years. Now that he has served his time
      Give him a chance to contribute something positive to life.

      • ....... says:

        Dont think you no what you are talking about Jane .. Justice will prove it not long now !!!!!!

      • Xxxxx says:

        Jane how can you believe what you have posted, are you hiding in the church group and living down the back farm like he was ???guilty in 2004 it’s not like he just got caught for being drunk, once a guilty sex offender always a guilty sex offender, as for his partner, true her name should not be posted but why would you even stand by him with his history , he is still locked up for a reason and it’s not because he is innocent , judgement day will come around soon and people will see the truth when it’s all out.

      • mon says:

        Please I need to know about the Echuca assults

      • mon says:

        Has proberly had more chances than u would know. He hasn’t changed and it will only be a matter of time until he re offends. The things I found on his lap top are scary. Rape may be on his agenda

      • Pissedoffsurvivor says:

        Thats crap as I know for fact he messed with a little girl within the 10 yrs.

    • jane says:

      You display so little understanding or empathy for a woman who has enough to deal with already. Please dont post details about people that arent peodofiles-so unfair to her and her children. I dont know why the people in charge of this website allow it.You dont seem to realise it may be your father, brother, partner etc…that doesnt make you a bad person.

      • Concerned ! says:

        Well Jane you disgust so many people and the woman you are clearly protecting … How can you think what this creep has done is right ! Any person with kids nones that they r very sick people there is no space form them in community ! Kids should be able to be kids and not have to worry about sick twisted people like him or any other pedafile!

  12. **** says:

    July 11th will be your judgement day….You are a sick and twisted person who will never be far from hell. Don’t even try running you will be closely watched by all! Time always catches up with people You are the devil !

    • Addo says:

      Is this scum going to court on the 11th my mates family has been caught up in all this, thinking about rounding up all his mates and attending to give his family support , cannot believe how his so called partner is still backing the filth, things like him will never change , it will just move on and do the same in a new town to some poor other child, should be law to nut them and tattoo there forehead, all we can hope is justice is served real soon.

  13. Speedy22 says:

    You will never break me, I will always stay strong for my family,the truth will all come out in the end, than reality will hit and it will be to LATE and there will be no coming home !

  14. ........ says:

    Not long till the 11th July !!!!

  15. 777 says:

    Give him a chance jane. I wonder how his victims feel about this. They dont get a second chance at getting their innocence back or to live without the nagging memory. Not to mention the damage it has done to a future they havnt even lived yet. it takes a certain type of person to be a sexual offender regardless of the media hype most people will not except it. Obviously there are people venting on this site because they feel cheated in some way. I suggest that if you dont like the comments you should not read a website that sets out to name and shame convicted pedos.

    • 777 says:

      Further more, u say he hasnt acted that way around a child in 10yrs. What he did was with a child not around. I happen to know that he interfered with the child for around 2 years increasing in severity over time. not to mention a long list of other incidences of a sexual nature, some of which I heard of in recent years. Im not sure of exact details but perhaps u should ask him for his police report whatever stories he tells is to put himself in the best light possible, thats how the whole process works.

  16. Danny Warde says:

    If a dog attacks a child we don’t lock it up, we just put it down. These animals are worse than dogs. Just put them down. For the sake of our kids, please! put them down.

  17. **** says:

    Jane are you being serious? You are clearly as screwed up as he is! He has a long list of offences that date back to 1995/1996 where he he broke into girls homes and raped/ sexually assaulted them. He then moved onto younger victims. This pig will never change to even defend his actions you must be a little screwed up yourself. Sick lady i am sure there is a special place in hell for you too!

  18. Xxx says:

    Wed July 11th @ Bendigo Court,Contested mention hearing, Why don’t you come along Jane and listen for yourself. His history should make anyone feel sick in the guts, but it does not seem to worrie his family or partner they all come to see how hard done by he is. Maybe they should have a think about the family’s who’s life’s he destroys and the poor inercent children who cannot sleep and dream bad stuff now even after 8 years of trying to forget what the pig done to them, and parents who never stop blaming them selfs for letting it happen and it’s not even there own falt, how do you think there life’s are going now because of this filth. There is never forgiveness for the crimes he has committed on children, he will never change and there is only one place for him and that’s port philp prison , and even then they cry for protection because they are outcasts, I say put him in main stream and let him get his just deserves, he never protected our children so why should he be protected. Time will catch up with you PETER PRYSE you dirty pig

  19. rocket says:

    Fact ! These people cannot be cured, they need to be locked away !
    Fact ! They will purchase gifts for children, motorcycles, etc. To get closer and gain trust of kids !
    Fact ! They also alienate all other family members and brainwash the kids mothers to believe they themselves are the victims, thus gaining trust.
    Fact ! Once trust is gained and they have access to the children they will start their filthy game with the kids and tell them they will be in trouble if they tell anyone, they have evil power and need to be seen for what they are !
    (edited by Robbo, was in all caps…)

    • :::::::: says:

      Well said rocket good work !!! More people in the community need to see the web site about this filthy person !!! Any ideas

  20. rocket says:

    Thanks for that, there is one more thing I should say, and that is that, my comment is from personal experience. Fact ! As for the web site, public notices in the Bendigo Addy.

  21. rocket says:

    Oh yea, should also state, Fact ! anybody and I mean anybody affected by this type of animal, weather directly or indirectly will be affected for life and should seek professional help in the immediate and throughout their life for a “tune up” otherwise this stuff will fester and bugger your life totally. Don’t put it on the shelf and hope it goes away.

  22. ???? says:

    More time and tax payers money, and more pain for his victims, back to court on the 28th August

  23. :) :) :) says:

    Pleaded guilty to all his charges and will be sentenced in Melbourne on the 28 th August , we can only hope he is kept off the streets for Bendigo’s kids and family’s sake.

    • 777 says:

      What were the charges?

      • :) :) :) says:

        Not reporting contact with children is the main one, also not reporting a new rego I think, I do believe they look upon the not reporting contact with children the worst charge because he is a regersted sex offender for life, her boys and maybe some other younger children I believe.

  24. rocket says:

    Lets hope he gets a nice cosy cell with Bubba and a party pack of vaseline !!!!!! If a guilty plea does not tell the lovers of this creep that he offended, by his own admission, then you need your head read.

  25. rocket says:

    I wonder how his business in Kangaroo Flat is surviving and if anyone who buys there knows who they are supporting, he must of cherished going to folks homes and measuring for roller doors and stuff if they had kids.

    • :) :) :) says:

      In an earlier post it states his business name and where it is and his partner still works for him. Put it all together with his history and you can now see why he started the blind business , because it’s just what he wanted to be able to do, be snooping around kids rooms, His Lawer got a court injunction on the Bendigo Advertiser to stop them naming him in it, but the Bendigo Free Lance (word of mouth) will still be going on still , and I’m sure the paper will get hold of his sentencing on the 28 just not be able to name the filth, when he gets out he will just move to another town and destroy another family’s life.

  26. Bill Buntine says:

    I know the business, surprisingly close to St. Monicas primary School.
    Was speaking with a child Pshycologist who once told me that pedophiles partners are not who they think of while they are engaged romantically, during the act of love making they are more than likely fantasising about children, possibly even their partners kids. Sick people

  27. Jodo says:

    This filth should never been released I hope he suffers in jail an meets some fellas that will teach him that hurting kids is not on rot in hell u vile barstard

  28. :) :) :) says:

    19 days to go and you get sentenced you filthy pig , Only thing is it will not be long enough, you will just get out and do the same thing again. Best spot for you is jail

  29. Josy Wales says:

    The girl he was living is still working at his business, she must be so brainwashed by him, or not care for the Children’s safety or their well being, seems she goes and visits him in gaol, bloody hell love is blind he had sex with a seven year old girl and a six year old boy, is on the sex offenders registry for LIFE, you don’t get that for nuthin’. Wake up to what you are doing people !!!!!!!!

    • mr ford says:

      Disclose false information that is incorrect and fabricated above. You show very low intelligence to gather accurate and have the understanding of fact and truth. You are a ail person that is sick, pathetic and a sad individual.

      • mr ford says:

        This site is a disguss its not a notice board for the lonely and pathetic people who hide behind symbols or false names…. Get a life and get the truth in the facts. …..

      • --- says:

        So mr ford you don’t like what is said get off the site !!! This person doesn’t deserve to b out on the streets have a look at what he has done get a life !!!!! The dirty dog is worth nothing !!!!!!!

      • Josy Wales says:

        First of all Mr Ford check your spelling and grammer, in that you show an ignorance.
        The above are facts as presented in court by the law and the legal system, it was reported by the Bendigo Advertiser, from an open court hearing, as fact and to date no one has filed a defamation case , because the presented cases are facts. It is also fact he is on the sex offenders registry life. check in to the police and ask for yourself if you do not believe find out for yourself. You sir are an idiot.

    • Patrick says:

      Lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies…… You are a disgrace fabricting facts

      • Truth says:

        Fact – Sentence in 2004 because he was guilty of sexual assault on two children( boy and girl) Fact- his partner is still aloud to work at safe, n, Supirer Blinds Fact , maybe it’s you Patrick ??? Fact- Must stay living at Edwin st Bendigo for 2 years Fact- no contact with children for 2 years Fact- must report to corrections Victoria Fact. Straight out of the judges mouth, and Bendigo police station, but you already no that don’t you Patrick , So stop trying to make yourself believe he is a good person because all the facts say he is evil and will never change, people who protect child molesters are no better than him them selfs, all filthy things.

      • Josy Wales says:

        Fabricating facts, interesting, since fact does not require fabrication as it is already in existence.

    • Patrick says:

      Josy, You are a disgrace lieing in your post ,your mind is unstable and you need help…….you are fabricting information which shows you dont have the abilitiy to gather accurant details or truth if you dont know dont comment……..

      • Josy Wales says:

        I tend to believe what a judge in a court of law say’s and therefore do not need to gather accurate details as they are already presented.

      • .,. says:

        The only person that needs help is you Patrick ! Maybe you need to read up what a pedafile means , good on you josy Wales , Patrick clearly has lost it !! People are only writing on this site sticking together warning people the community and parents with young child so this sick twisted filthy pig doesnt destroy any more family’s or hurt little children, that should b able and deserve to walk the streets with out this filth walking around !!!! Watch your children and no were they are !!! People like this filth don’t change they r just waiting for there next pray rock spiders !!!!

      • Victor says:

        In my opinion, the comment made above, is Peter Pryse. The dickhead can’t spell. He also uses ‘You’ statements to project self doubt onto the speaker. It’s a form of emotional manipulation. As an abuser he will try to convince others that they are the ones that need ‘professional’ help. It is he who needs the ‘professional’ help. The ‘professional’ help that we need are the authorities.

        • Victor says:

          My comment was a response to Patrick. It is in my opinion that I agree with the other people whom have commented and that Patrick is Peter.

  30. D-Day says:

    Melbourne Magistrates Court. Case Number C11199328 @ 2pm hope it all goes, real bad for you ya filthy thing, You deserve all what you get and some more, Hope you Rot in Hell

  31. D-Day says:

    Melbourne Magistrates Court. Case Number C11199328 @ 2pm hope it all goes, real bad for you ya filthy thing, You deserve all what you get and some more, Hope you Rot in Hell

  32. Ghost Rider says:

    Does anyone know what this pig has been sentenced too.

    • Cars2 says:

      The Disgraceful Pig Is walking free as we speak!! The System had it very wrong Today!!

    • Harry True-man says:

      He got off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More kids at risk !!!!!!!!!!

    • Eyes Are Watching You says:

      The filthy pig got out Yesterday , must not have contact with any children under 16 years old for the next 2years ( zero contact with any children at all even if his partner has kids) must report to corrections Bendigo and do what ever they tell him to do, fail to do so straight back in jail, must live at the same address in Bendigo for the next 2 years, Every eye on High st and Edwin st Bendigo will be on you , Carma is a wonderful thing and it will catch up with him.

  33. he got out the filty pig

  34. **** says:

    He walked on Wednesday a shattering day to say the least. The pig is back living in Bendigo.

    • ....... says:

      The dirty dog is free and walking around Bendigo watch your children closely from this filthy pig … Don’t buy your blinds from kangaroo flat safe and superior blinds he owns it yuk wouldn’t want that in your children’s room !!!!!!!

      • #=#= says:

        My guess is Patrick is Peter in disguise..better watch out “Patrick” don’t think you are supposed to have internet access. Back to where you came from!!

    • Warren Ferret Dempsey says:

      the dog used the system and pleaded guilty to not notifying authorities of his changes as per law. the latest person to come across his disgusting evil is to young to testify so he gets away with it for now, he was given three mths but already served 4 in jail waiting for trail. Bloody legal system.

  35. ferretsarg says:

    No contact with children under 16 for 2 years, must report to corrections every day, must live in the same house for 2 years , can only hope he fucks that up and goes back inside ASAP , what a filthy pig

    • Ashten Home Buliders says:

      After reading all these posts I surly will be passing this info on to all builders not to use safe, n, Supirer for blinds or Roller Doors, I cannot believe the law let things like him in children’s rooms. Very sick and twisted person and so is who ever follows him or is in a relationship with the pig .

    • Oooo says:

      Pls make sure what you are thumbs up or down to . .. This dirty dog is out walking around in Bendigo protect your children don’t take any risks !!!! People like him will NEVER and his sick family r just as bad as he if CHURCH and forgiveness they r differently in there own cult !!!!!!!! Beware of this pryse family !!!!! And safe and surprior blinds in kangaroo flat dirty dirty dog !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Patrick says:

      You Will remove that address now. …… You are. Dangering children’s life of being teased, isolated and even out casted… You are worthless pieces of scum and pathetic. U are not hurting just the mother but her children too.

      • Your a joke Patrick says:

        Patrick, She has decided to stick by a filthy dirty PIG what she gets she deserves, no one but her is putting her kids life in danger, she could of walked away from him when she found out the truth about it, but she made the choice to stick around, Anyone who backs child molesters are no better them self, Lie with dogs you will catch flee’s, and he is one filthy dirty dog so she will catch flee’s and that is what she deserves if she stays being around the Pig, DHS should step in and take her children anyway it’s clear she is not thinking about them in any way,

    • mon says:

      This is true…..I have lived with the sick c $#@.
      I am now a victim. he has been in contact with children under 16. His family support him. I am sick to the stomach with what I have gone thru and the facts and truth I have found out about the sick freak. I just want this nightmare to go away as well as him.

      • Anonymous says:

        When did you live with him? He was only released from prison on the 5th May 2014. Prior to that he had a girlfriend whom he was in a relationship with for over 18 mths whom had twin boys. Until he was sentenced on the 15th Oct, 2013 he was also seeing another woman with children. He was seeing her whilst he was in the relationship with the woman with twin boys. Remember you got out.. you are a victor. Take back your power.

  36. Harry True-Man says:

    Edwin st and High st better watch Jamison Park Drive as well his squeeze lives next door to kids and there are young ones two doors away as well as her own, poor little buggers are in so much danger if she keeps hanging out with the filthy dog.

    • Michael says:

      How could anyone choose to be with this filthy thing over there own family?? I can tell you one thing, you will never destroy mine. I will stay strong for my family, with support from true mates and BUACA we will get past this and move on,

      • dale says:

        Filthy pig has sold that business, been watching him closely………….. Got him running

      • Patrick says:

        Move on you say!!!!!!!! All you are doing is destroying every member of your family, the ones you say you care about, you are self destructing and distroying your family while this prick sits back and laughs at you all, I pitty you and cant help but wonder when will you foolish people wake up to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Michael says:

        Well Patrick the only one destroying family’s is you and him, Move on means we are trying to forget about the filthy pig, Hopefully we can , not like the other poor children who he has scared for life, Get a life Patrick , one that’s not involved with a Filthy pig.

      • !!!!! says:

        Partick your the only fool that is sticking up for the filthy pig if u don’t like what people say on here get the …. Off than! He is a sick person with a sick mind thinking about little kids enough to make any one sick ! ! Get a life read what people r saying and read about these sick pedos !!!!!!

  37. #=#= says:

    My guess is Patrick is Peter in disguise using a false name. Better watch out “Patrick” I hear you are not supposed to have internet access. Back to where you belong!!

    • 777 says:

      Patrick and mr ford are obviously the same person, and there would only be one person so passionate about sticking up for the hideous creature. Its all part of the sick mind set thinks he still has a right to speak out. A normal person would crawl in a hole and die with shame. But a normal person would never touch a child. peter pryse you are sick stop trying to stand up for yourself its pathetic.

      • #=#= says:

        I think Patrick, Mr Ford and ass wipe peter pryse are all the same person with the same attitudes and fucked up ideas and sickness. As I said before not sure you are ment to have internet access!!

      • #=#= says:

        It is most certainly ass wipe Peter posing as Patrick and Mr Ford both names have only come onto this site after his release. I’ll be sure this is looked into as I mentioned before I’m certain using the internet is a no no for the scum. Anything you would like to say to that Patrick or Mr Ford? Busted!!

  38. whatever. says:

    The six year old girl he sexually assulted in 2004 is my best friend.. This prick can burn in hell. Yeah, the girl is now 14 and when this new article came out about him she found it, and she burst into tears. Want to know why? She was talked about as an object, another number, and now theres another family who have to suffer as she did. Shes considered a very strong young women, especially amongst adults who dont know her past, and that was the first time i ever saw her cry… I’ve known her for 3 and a half years, best friends…. The first time. People just don’t understand the damage. I hope this stupid arse wipe dies slowly.

  39. Kangaroo Flat Locals says:

    We all can only hope his business has been sold, and the filthy thing is not walking around our streets anymore , and all the local children are safe. Please people keep your eyes open for this pig.

  40. Anonymous says:

    sorry to say . the buisness has not been sold and he is still involved in it. his girlfriend has moved house and is off the radar. if anyone know the address post it. as for patrick,well that would be his partner posting as patrick. As blind as ever.

  41. Court Snoop says:

    Looking at Bendigo court listings and this filthy thing has got a date booked in on the 6 th Dec ? Anyone no the reason ?

    • Serendipity says:

      He was facing three contraventions of the sex offenders register. Could be that. Also appearing at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on the 4/2/2013.

      • 777 says:

        if he has two coming up I would imagine he has been up to no good again. I would assume if it was related people on this site would know whats going on. I hope he has not ruined anothers innocence 😦

  42. Blood says:

    You are a total disgrace what you are doing to your family makes you no better him, when this is all over who will you run to when he wants nothing to do with you, Get out now before its way to late.

  43. Michaela says:

    I dont understand how a mother can knowingly endanger her twin boys as she has. I hope she can live with herself when it comes out that he has sexualy abused her boys and he will if he hasnt already. You are enabiling him and you make me sick.

  44. Keeping Watch says:

    so the girlfriend (yes, with the twin boys) is working for him (hides her car at the back of the shop so DHS dont’ see it there) then on weekends, takes her caravan (or whatever it is) to be with him – AGAIN so DHS don’t know. Too Late Now you pathetic excuse of a mother….

  45. Shae Webster says:

    This man is a lying coniving cheat, he has broken his parole since being released from prison last
    year. His girlfriend supports and works for him daily to the detrement of her two little boys, he has rocked up at her house drunk on many occasions in the early hours of the morning, she takes her two boys up to her fathers house most weekends and school holidays so she can spend quality time with this peice of scum. ONLY a matter of time and he will be back behind bars, where he belongs his time is up playing the victim game, he forgets what he has done to the real victims two innocent children, l wonder how he woul react if someone did the same thing to his kids.

    • Report this filth says:

      Shae If you are seeing this happen please contact Bendigo Detectives they are just waiting for any info so they can lock the filthy thing back up and protect our children, I do no he is back in court on Monday 20 may in Melbourne for 2 breaches and also a stalking charge on a mother of a small child, can only hope he goes back in side,

      • Alfa says:

        Beware this filthy pig is up for parole on the 15th Feb so he could possibly be back on the streets of Bendigo , his girlfriend is still running the Blind Shop

  46. Anonymous Local says:

    If this filthy pig is back out on our streets of Bendigo, then where is he living at now? At his sisters (J) and brother in laws (D) house? Has he moved out of Edwin St? I think that we need to be made aware of this information.

  47. Anonymous Local says:

    I’m surprised they let this prick out, yet once again to prey on the vulnerable. I know of a woman in the community who has a family violence order out against this lying piece of scum, to protect her and her children as we speak. He was seeing her behind his girlfriend’s back when he was on parole the last time they let him out. Told her he was single. Don’t know whether the girlfriend is still around now, but whoever has their eye on this paedophile, better keep both eyes on him. The chances are he is already working on his next victims.. yes victims.. for he is known to violate the whole family, whilst his family enables his behaviour. It was due to this site that the woman discovered the truth, and protected her children. So keep posting people, cause this predator thrives off silence!

    • mon says:

      Yes. I am a victim of PETER PRYSE
      he did same to me. …wooed me…. Wasn’t long until he fucked around and god knows what else. I hope he gets locked up for good. I wish I had known. …..

  48. Anonymous says:

    This paedophile has his house up for rent. He has built another house at the back of his property. He may be living at the back of the property.

    • mon says:

      Yes….He has a room in his new house for rent. 26a Edwin Street North Bendigo
      Phone 0432361225
      He is scum and a peice of work

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the house that he put up for rent. If rented, I wonder if the tenants are aware that their landlord is a convicted child sex offender, on the sex registry for life, who is living on the same block. What happened to freedom of choice? Unlike what this paedophile gave the previous renter of a room in this house. Peter told his tenant that he was in Perth for work when he was sent to prison in Oct 2013. Once the tenant found out his whereabouts and who he was living with he left immediately.


  49. Victor says:

    The girlfriend with the twin boys, that he hired to work at Safe n Superior, Kangaroo Flat, is now out of the picture. This sick, twisted individual who chooses to feed into his evil ways, rather than to seek treatment, is already in another relationship. He has only been out of prison less than 4 months. Whether she has children or not is not known. All the thumbs down and comments supporting Peter Pryse on this site are from people who he got to write (and most likely himself). Straight from the horse’s mouth! So anyone reading this site, who is involved with this individual who clearly is a paedophile that he denies, beware of his lies. Such as lying and cheating to get into your home. The use of emotional manipulation and tactics such as positive and negative reinforcement, playing the victim and blaming others. Lies such as ‘he has changed his ways.’ These are all red flags. So take note to what the community are saying on this site, for they obviously speak from experience, and notify the authorities immediately. And as for his family who are in the church, I have only one thing to say. Out of the mouth of Jesus . . .”It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble. (Lk 17:2)

    • mon says:

      This is me you are talking about. I have now left him as I found out the history of this sick Fuck. He sucked me in and he is nothing but a predator. I am sick. ….I can’t believe it. I wish I had known. The police are now involved and will only be a matter of time before he is dealt with. I am not a bad person. I just got involved with something I knew nothing about. Yes. I do have children, thank god they are grown up and have had no association with him. He was fucking Around on me and was on some seriously sick websites

      • sicko says:

        What website ? Adult porn or children ? This has to be reported ASAP

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you the woman with long, blonde hair? You were having dinner together at The Exchange over a month ago?? And yes, you are not a bad person. Peter Pryse aka as ‘Sweetie Peetie’, a known sex offender to the authorities, is the bad person. He is nothing but pure evil. I hope you reported that he has internet access, because as far as I know it is one of his conditions that he is to not have internet access. Now that you have left him, if he violates your boundaries (as he most likely will) notify the authorities and head down to Bendigo Magistrates’ Courts and get an intervention order asap.

        • Victor says:

          After reading your other posts mon, don’t wait any longer. Go down to the Courts and apply for an Intervention order immediately. Tell them that you fear for your life. He has already violated your boundaries and has had contact with children. If there are children involved, seek a Family Violence Intervention order and place those children on that order. Just speak the truth and note down what has happened. Peter Pryse is very well known to the Courts.

          • mon says:

            Victor, you seem to know a lot. Can you explain to me how you know so much? I feel my privacy had been violated. As I said earlier you people need to man up and approach the women he is with and inform them about this predator. Don’t you think that would be the best thing to do to help protect the innocent? I’m angry….. I’m sad. ….I don’t know where to go from here. Please I beg don’t v stand back and let another woman have to endure his taunts…….it is not nice to say the least. …..

    • mon says:

      How did you know that he was in another relationship? ??

      • Victor says:

        How do I know? Did you hang out at the Lakeview Hotel together?

        • mon says:

          I have become extremely wary and distrustful of people. I hope that the peeps in here are legit. All I can say is he (peter ped pryse) has probably got spies on here feeding him info. BUT …… Once I know and have any info pertaining to this predator, I will be sure to post it. PROTECT THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN

  50. mon says:

    To Victor and Anonymous
    Stay tuned. Yes I am the blonde. Yes I have left him and Bendigo. I wish someone had the gall to approach me. I hope that if you see him with another woman that you inform them. Keep tuned to this site for updates. Yes , I do fear for my life. I can’t say anything else at the moment.

    • !!!! says:

      Can only hope he gets bashed and left in the piss trough like last time ( not that I no much about it,lol ) @ the Shamrock, last time in court the filthy thing and his girlfriend got police protection in fear of his last victims family and bikie mates. Scum of the earth, rot in hell you filthy scum bag.

    • Sad says:

      Mon on ! You are DEFNETLEY not the only victim includes so many woman and some many innocent children . You need to report him ! And get an avo on the low life dog! You are not alone trust me !!!

  51. Victor says:

    Mon… I did warn you. I warned you on here and you got the message. You were also warned outside the Lakeview, however you chose to ignore that warning. You chose to help him (lucky him) Did you not hear the word ‘paedophile’??? (Please don’t discuss that incident on here.. but you know what I’m talking about) You were then seen dining with him after that incident at The Exchange… There’s a reason why I know so much and it’s not because I’ve violated your privacy. The people on here are warning the community, as I have warned you.

    • mon says:

      I only just found this site so I don’t know how you warned me. .. As for the Lakeview. … having a drink thrown over me was a warning?

      • Victor says:

        Mon.. I will not accept you blaming others for not being warned. That incident was suffice. It wasn’t normal, yes? You were spoken to. But maybe you chose not to listen as you backed him. Too busy on the phone perhaps? And as I said we don’t discuss what happened here. But I will say that the woman involved was the one with the intervention order and he was in breach of that order. As I recall she made it quite clear that he is a paedophile. The message on here in regards to him being in a new relationship was designed for you. All I can say is get yourself an avo (perhaps another warning) and focus on the solution. Report all you can to the authorities and keep posting here to warn others. He can’t stand this site and every time a post is made and the truth is revealed he loses control. It will only be a matter of time before he is working on his next victim/s. I’ve said all I needed to say. It’s time for me to step back. You found this site. I have achieved what I set out to achieve. All the best.

        • mon says:

          I think you are weak. I had no idea what was going on and was in shock at what happened at the Lakeview. I, became an innocent victim that night and YOU PEOPLE who ever you are did not do the right thing. If you honestly care and want to get him off the streets, do the right thing. I am not protecting him in any way , but what you b people did was wrong. I just got caught up. …I have provided all his details on this site. Why don’t you sort him out. ..

        • mon says:

          You are weak. I am a victim and don’t blame me. I wasn’t to know. You are lucky I didn’t pursue being assaulted at the Lakeview. The police have it all recorded. I just may follow up on that. You say that know you will stand back from all this. I think you are gutless. I am making a stand and doing all I can. Don’t be a wimp

          • Victor says:

            wtf.. noone assaulted you, and noone threw a drink at you. Noone touched you. There are witnesses to that. You’ve got it all wrong!! You were drinking, so perhaps your judgment was clouded. He didn’t do the right thing. Get your facts right. You don’t know me, nor what I’ve done to speak up. I’ve put myself at risk. I do the right thing and this is how you treat me. Becareful of what you say, or what you call me. I’m far from gutless and far from weak. This is the thanks I get. I’m done speaking with you when you know very little. This is what I mean when I say I’m stepping back. I’m stepping back from speaking to you, especially when you’re putting me down when I’m looking out for others. This is a site to post information and I’ve done that. You were told not to speak about that incident on this site…and you’ve got it all wrong! Becareful of what you post!

  52. Robbo says:

    This is becoming big, a community as well as the victims.

    Beyond my scope to know ,Those who had a story and a alibi.

    Those who have something to fear, in bullying and intimidating victims…

    Let me and this site be clear…I have all your metadata, your footsteps, your history, online which becomes evidence.All the evidence we need is captured you weak deflated predator

    Freedom is a gift. Your time is limited, if you have done the wrong thing, you will be caught, your victim has courage, your protectors will fold, the game is over.

    • michaela says:

      I know he sexualy abused a toddler in echuca but couldnt be charged apparently because the child was to young to give evidence. He has more than one relationship at a time to groom their children. There are many women and children that have been his prey. But I hope that the mother of the twins does not say she is his victim ad she was told by the police and many other people that he is a pedophile. She even saw his police record and as such now has to live with the fact he abused her toddler relative and maybe her twins….shame on you

  53. nicoleinmask says:

    Well said michaela. There are sadly many screwed up lives because of this disgusting excuse of a human being.

    The woman of the twins (that he was in a relationship with) isn’t one of them and we can only hope her sons aren’t, as they were the ones she put at risk, knowing full well what he had done.

    She was shown the police files on him and choose to ignore them, happily working in his store and lying about being with him so that she wouldn’t lose her young boys. I just hope she’s not on here looking for sympathy because she’s certainly no victim, she’s very much an enabler and disliked by many just as much as Peter Pryce himself for putting more children at risk (apparently her young niece became a victim). She should be hanging her head in shame as many people “in the know” are getting her pathetic story out there so that people know what sort of person she is!

    • Michael says:

      Sadly comments on this site deeply involve my family, and it’s been hard enough to deal with the past as it is let alone been reminded about it. You people who have posted things about my young family clearly no info I really don’t want posted on here. Do you no me ? Although everything posted is fact, and she blamed us for lying and defended him the whole way, we can only thank God she has not mentioned the pig recently so please reframe from making reference to this subject any more, thanks Michael.

    • Reader says:

      This is disgusting…. this site is about NAME AND SHAME A SEX OFFENDER! Peter pryse and so many others! So many are focused of the women or family and others involved with him past or present. The privacy act 1988 “sensitive information” would of protected this offender and his past from exposure … Above info posted is showing behaviour of stalking one another, haunting and very disturbing human behaviour to the point of laws being broken them selves. Verbal exchanging of information from one another may turn out incorrect and also emotionally damaging if not true to the innocent, or understood by others, focus on the evidence brought legally forwards or your own personal encounter and not the gossip chain. Don’t judge as the reader or third party , if you were not pyshicially present or experienced the above encounters with this person, support or say nothing. Focus on the real reasons sites like these are widely available on the internet to make the OFFENDER public and countable.
      ” the sex offender, the criminal and sick individuals” . Peter will be locked up again its just a matter of time.

  54. mon says:

    Yes. This site is going a bit too far. I just think it’s a shame that peeps like Victor recall certain events then said not to mention the incident in here. I don’t understand. I was abused and had a drink thrown over me because I was in the company of Peter Pryse, up until this time I had no idea about him. I beg you people not to vilify tyne innocent and unknown people caught up in his Web of lies and his past. I say let the police do their job and deal with him. P.S Victor. Your people verbally abused me and did throw a drink on me. U must be the one that had your judgement clouded by alcohol. You don’t know me. Focus on Peter pryse and the facts. U have annoyed me.

  55. mon says:

    It has just been brought to my attention that there is something going on between
    PETER PRYSE & an unknown young woman with 2 little girls. Is anyone on here been keeping a close eye on him and his house at 26a Edwin Street North Bendigo? ?????
    I’m trying to get a full description and Rego of the vehicle to pass on to the authorities but I am no longer in the area and need some one to monitor his place !!!!!! I Am Scared for these little girls, whoever they are. This needs to be acted on before he can do anything to them

  56. Robbo says:

    Coppers up there as well as the sex crimes squad have all this info. They will dissect the lot and do what needs to be done when it comes to a serial abuser. I have and will continue to aid them in the quest to put these snake bellies away

  57. Robbo says:

    I also want to add, just don’t share info here, tell crime-stoppers. Here https://www.crimestoppersvic.com.au/ in Victoria go here but the site links all the states. AS sad as it sounds…Speaking up you may be rewarded by putting these assholes away. WE need your stories

  58. appalled says:

    Anybody heard anything lately about this scum bag?

  59. More Court says:

    I see on Bendigo court lists he is back in court on the 4 th Feb, might go down for a look

  60. concerned says:

    adjorned to april 29th , he will play the system now, maybe we all should go

    • justice says:

      Do you know what he has done or why he was in in court? ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. We should all go. Knowing him, he will try to have his case heard in Melbourne so Bendigo don’t get word of it, as he did with his last case. He does his crime here, he should be heard here. It’s about time he is held accountable for his actions!!

      • More Court says:

        I do know what he has done, I’m
        Not going to say anything on this site as there are peoples lives involved, put it this way it’s been a very long time coming, and it’s one he would if not even thought was coming, filthy pig

  61. More Court says:

    Sorry Justice I cannot pass this info on, It also looks like he is back looking at this site along with his filthy supporters, who else would give thumbs down,

  62. More Court says:

    End of the month is getting close for you you dirty pig, Hope you rot in hell you scum bag

  63. More Court says:

    29th April ,im not in the country but Bendi addy has been advised the date and the creep name

    • More Court says:

      This pig is back in court on the 5th August , Committal mention, will be set for trial I would say, the past never leaves you alone even if it was 20 years ago

  64. More Court says:

    This pig is in court 20th Jan for crimes he committed 20 years ago, been adjournin it for 18 months now, bought time they locked him up for good

  65. Anonymous says:

    Good!! I hope that he gets locked up for the rest of his life! I believe that there is always a way and I hope that justice is served for all that he has done. I would like to know who the woman is that he has paired up with that is working in his shop? Same pattern. Another victim?? A woman with kids?? Red Flag!!

  66. Amy says:

    Committal hearing on 14 June 2016

  67. Michael Monaghan says:

    I will be there, and every other day he is in court last time I went he called me a dirty dog, filthy pig

  68. Can't stand this creep says:

    I’ve seen this creep drinking in local night clubs in last 6months. Makes my stomach turn

  69. More Court says:

    6 February 2017 county court trial, your history has final got you, only after what you did to the poor little girl in 2014 and got away with it you scum bag that another girl from 16 years ago come forward and spoke up about you, don’t worry I will inform the Bendigo addy for you, and every other family you have destroyed you piss of shit

    • Angry says:

      Just over a week until COURT. Can’t wait for the outcome.

      • More Court says:

        Ok people , date has changed to 20 th Feb, looks like it will go for a week or so, I will be there , hope he gets it good this time

        • Angry says:

          Really? I’ve been in touch with the Bendigo addy. They are aware is in court Monday 6th. How come the change?

          • More Court says:

            They didn’t allow enough time for the case, got a lot of stuff on him this time, dating back 20 years or so I believe

          • Unbelievable says:

            His girlfriend of 2 years has had enough and headed over west. Didn’t take him long to find a replacement. I have seen his car around at his new squeezes house – irony she’s a lawyer! A lawyer!! She should be debarred for this.

          • Angry says:

            A Lawyer, how uncanny. He picks his prey very carefully. Usually they have a purpose…sounds like this vixen is a very big nail in his toolbox…..stupid woman

          • Unbelievable says:

            I wasn’t going to mention it, but infuriates me, the new squeeze works for Bendigo Community Health Services.. Really??? That’s the kind of people that are protecting us and sleeping with the devil himself?? She should be ashamed of herself and the health services of bendigo as well.

          • Angry says:

            looks like he had more than one woman on the go at the same time…..again…surprise, surprise…..
            So a lawyer and a health care professional…..the plot thickens….dirty dog

  70. Michael says:

    Peter Glenn Pryse, 40, will be sentenced next week on four charges after pleading guilty in the Bendigo County Court for offences from the 1990s.
    See your ad here
    See your ad here
    A VICTIM of child sexual assault in Echuca more than 20 years ago has told her abuser in court of the emotional pain that still remains, while also criticising police for failing to prosecute the case when she first came forward.
    Peter Glenn Pryse, 40, of Bendigo, pleaded guilty in the Bendigo County Court on Thursday to four counts of sexual penetration with a child under 16.
    Pryse was aged between 18 and 20 when he engaged in sexual encounters with the girl, who was aged in her early teens.
    The court heard details of 14 individual examples of sexual intercourse. They included instances of Pryse holding the girl down with force, which left the victim “upset and frightened”.
    On another occasion, the girl attempted to resist by “pushing him away”.
    Details of the offending were graphic in nature.
    The girl was one of three victims to contact police in the late 1990s about their experiences with Pryse. Her matter was not prosecuted until recently.
    In her victim impact statement, read to the court on Thursday, she described the ongoing effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression, while also remaining in a “hyper vigilant state”.
    The victim spoke directly to Pryse in court.
    “I was sexually abused by you, Peter Pryse,” she said.
    “I suffered a nervous breakdown when the traumatic memories resurfaced.”
    The victim also spoke of the “disappointment” at the lack of police prosecution against Pryse.
    Judge Paul Lacava sympathised with the victim, and agreed that police had “let her down badly”.
    “Even an investigator at the bottom of the class could have investigated this,” he said.
    The court heard Pryse suffered abuse as a child, and believed his “relationship” with the victim was positive for both parties.
    Pryse received an 18-month suspended jail sentence in 1999 after police proceeded with the complaints made against him from two other women.
    He was sentenced to four years and nine months with a non-parole period in 2003 for three counts of indecent acts with children under 16, and a further four years after more allegations were brought against him.
    Pryse was released on bail despite opposition from the prosecution, and will be sentenced in Bendigo on Thursday.

  71. Serendipity says:


    Pryse has been jailed for three years with a two-year non-parole period for child sexual assault offences

    • Angry says:

      Too little, too late. Disgusting that this dog will be back on the streets within 2 years. When will justice prevail and he is charged with all the other rapes and paedophilia he has committed over the years????? Hopefully he will be dealt with in jail by fellow inmates

  72. pedowatch says:

    Other VICTIMS come forwards, tell your story, stalking, threats , pressure, lies , manipulation, you dont have to be afraid or stay in silence or live a life of self blame or guilt PETER PRYSE is the animal. YOUR NOT ALONE !

    • Angry says:

      I know of several women who have already reported the creep to police for rape, fraud, violating his parole and conditions of being a sex offender, I am one of these women. Police seem not too worried about persecuting this putrid dog. Do we have to wait 22 years for our voices to be heard? Filthy pig will be walking the streets in 2 years time. He will continue to re offend …..

  73. Angry says:

    Peter Pryse had a plea hearing on 3rd November 2017
    Anyone know anything about this?

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