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Edward George Nallajar

Posted: July 29, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland
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Sex offender eligible for earlier release

EMMA CHANNON |  March 13th, 2013

A CONVICTED child rapist who is serving time for attempting to molest an 11-year-old girl after luring her to a laundry, will be eligible for release one year earlier following a legal hiccup.

Edward George Nallajar, who turned 38 last month, was jailed for five years last July and given a serious violent offences order, which required him to serve at least 80 per cent of his sentence.

But it was discovered last week that the order should not have been imposed, and the prisoner’s parole eligibility date was reduced to 50 per cent of the sentence yesterday.

He is now eligible for parole in June next year.

Nallajar met his 11-year-old victim and her friends as they played marbles at a Palm Island home in May 2011, a matter of days after he’d been released from jail for raping an eight-year-old girl.

Nallajar lured the girl to the home’s laundry with a $50 note and cannabis before locking the pair of them inside, and tried to pull down the girl’s shorts and his own.

The girl was saved by her friends, who pushed down the door and pulled her out.

Nallajar later told a psychiatrist that it was a “cultural thing” on Palm Island to sleep with underage girls.

In his re-sentencing yesterday, Judge Stuart Durward SC kept the head sentence of five years, but set a new parole eligibility date of June 12, 2014, which took into account the 220 days of pre-sentence custody.

Judge Durward stressed that despite being eligible for release earlier, it was unlikely Nallajar would be released by the parole board.

“It’s most likely the prisoner will not be released on parole at all,” he said.

“The reality is given his history and the nature of the offences, he will serve the whole of his sentence.”

While less than originally sentenced, Nallajar’s new parole eligibility date of June 12, 2014, is still higher than most recommended parole dates, which are usually set at one-third of the sentence.

Judge Durward told the court he still considered Nallajar’s offending to be serious.

“When I originally sentenced Nallajar I had the benefit of a psychological report,” he said.

“I described the contents as being chilling. That was an intentional word I used.”

While Nallajar had been stopped from sexually assaulting the girl when her friends burst through the door, Judge Durward ruled that was his intention.

Nallajar is serving his sentence at Stuart Correctional Centre.

Underage sex called ‘cultural’

EMMA CHANNON|  July 28th, 2012

A MAN who says it’s “become a cultural thing” on Palm Island to sleep with underage girls has been jailed for five years, after he attempted to rape an 11-year-old.

His comments have enraged Palm Island elders and Indigenous spokespeople, who have called his remarks “appalling”.

Edward George Nallajar, 37, lured his young victim to a laundry room with cannabis and $50 in May 2011, and tried to pull his shorts down and hers too.

He was interrupted by the girl’s brave friends, who pushed open the door where she was being held and pulled her out.

A psychologist said Nallajar showed little remorse when he was interviewed afterwards.

Nallajar told her most children on Palm Island weren’t virgins and said, had he offered more money, the girl may have been more willing.

He said having sex with children on Palm Island was a “cultural thing”.

But Professor Gracelyn Smallwood, a prominent Indigenous activist, said this was definitely not the case.

“I’ve spoken to a number of key elders on Palm Island and they’re disgusted at him saying it’s culturally appropriate,” she said.

“It’s absolutely appalling he used that in the courts. Under Aboriginal law, before white fellas came, you were actually speared or killed (for a crime like this).”

Professor Smallwood has long campaigned against violence and rape, especially in Indigenous communities, and said it was a concern others might adopt the same excuse.

She said prison sentences for offenders like Nallajar needed to be reviewed.

“He has to have some serious mental health counselling,” she said.

“It should be compulsory, not elective, for every person in jail to take healing classes for their crime. There needs to be some serious accountability in terms of the institutions.”

Judge Stuart Durward SC had adjourned the matter for two weeks to decide whether Nallajar’s intention was to rape the girl that day.

He concluded yesterday in Townsville District Court that it was.

“I’m satisfied that your intention in taking the girl to the laundry was to sexually interfere with her,” he said.

“It was only the brave intervention of the other children that prevented you from giving effect to that intention.”

Judge Durward SC declared Nallajar a serious violent offender, meaning he will have to serve at least 80 per cent of his five-year sentence. He has served 220 days pre-sentence custody and will be released after four years.

Child rapist killed paedophile 11 years ago
A MAN who shot dead a known paedophile on Palm Island 11 years ago was jailed yesterday for eight years for twice raping an eight-year-old girl.

Edward George Nallajar, 28, of Palm Island, pleaded guilty to two charges of rape, one of taking a child for immoral purposes and indecent treatment of a child under 12 when he appeared before Judge Bob Pack in the Townsville District Court.

Prosecutor Tamara Thomson said Nallajar had lured the girl into a deserted schoolyard on April 25 last year with the suggestion that he had $20 to buy some marijuana.

Nallajar had been drinking heavily and was affected by drugs at the time.

The screaming girl managed to run away and witnesses walking by backed up her identification of Nallajar when she told her parents that “a man done something dirty to me”. The girl suffered abrasions, anal tears and vaginal damage.

When apprehended, Nallajar confessed and could not explain his actions, except to say that he had had “an overwhelming desire to have sex with a child”.

By way of background, Ms Thomson said that in 1993 Nallajar had been provoked by a known paedophile, had gone to house for a .22 rifle and confronted the man, demanding an apology.

When the man refused and started walking away, Nallajar shot him in the back of the head, reloaded the rifle and shot him a second time in the back.

He was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to six years’ jail, but was released after two.

Edward Francis Graveur

Posted: July 26, 2012 by Serendipity in paedophile, Queensland

Sexually abused boy awarded compo

Rae Wilson, APN Newsdesk | 25th July 2012 6:57 AM

A SEXUALLY abused boy, who is engaging in “cross-dressing and improper sexualised behaviour”, may be driven to exploit other children more vulnerable than himself.

This was one of the key factors three Queensland Court of Appeal judges considered when they decided to award the boy, who was aged five when the abuse began, the maximum $75,000 compensation.

Justice John Muir said, in a decision handed down on Tuesday, the evidence supported the primary judge’s finding that “one can not imagine a case involving worse abuse than this, nor a more significant serious deleterious effect upon a young man’s future life”.

Edward Francis Graveur, now in his 60s, was sentenced in 2005 to 12 years jail for molesting four young boys and distributing their images on the internet.

He molested this boy, now 15, for more than two and a half years and a judge ordered, in December last year, that Graveur pay $25,500 compensation, under the Criminal Offence Victims Act, to Queensland’s Public Trustee to hold on the boy’s behalf.

But a litigation guardian, acting for the boy, appealed the figure in the Court of Appeal, arguing the primary judge had erred in not awarding compensation for “adverse impacts”.Justice Muir said the inclination to cross-dress, sexualised behaviour and the “probability” he would exploit and abuse other children would come under the category.

“The (boy’s) inability to cope with school routines resulting in disruption to his education could constitute an adverse impact,” he said.

“It is relevant that ‘psychiatric treatment seems to be an important preventative method to assist his mental health issues’ in these regards.

“The court had also heard the boy suffered from Oppositional Defiant Disorder.Psychiatric reports detailed “grave concerns” about the boy’s ability to be involved in intimate relationships and whether his “significant learning problems” would severely impact on his future employment prospects

.”In essence, this disorder is associated with a recurrent pattern of negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behaviour towards authority figures,” the psychiatrist wrote.

“Additionally, this disorder is characterised by the loss of temper, arguing with adults, refusing to follow the rules, deliberate attempts to annoy others, being spiteful and vindictive, blaming others for his or her own mistakes.”

Last Update: Tuesday, May 24, 2005. 12:33pm (AEST)

Repeat paedophile jailed for 12 years

A 57-year-old Brisbane man has been sentenced to 12 years’ jail for molesting four young boys and distributing their images on the Internet.

In the District Court, Edward Graveur pleaded guilty to 10 charges of indecent dealing and maintaining sexual relations with children under the age of 16.

He was also found guilty of taking indecent photos of boys and making video games out of them.

In sentencing, Judge Brian Hoath said the man was a repeat paedophile and must serve 80 per cent of his sentence.


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Port Stephens bus driver indecently assaulted 16-y-o girl


09 Jul, 2011 04:00 AM

A FIFTY-seven-year-old Port Stephens bus driver convicted of indecently assaulting a 16-year-old girl told police he was keen to pursue a relationship with the teenager because he thought she “wanted to take it further”.

Ross Frederick Allen received a one-year suspended jail sentence yesterday after Newcastle Local Court magistrate John Chicken previously found one count of aggravated indecent assault proven.

Allen, of Marty Avenue, Salamander Bay, was an upholsterer and driver at Port Stephens Coaches, a police statement said.

The company expected to keep Allen on as an upholsterer, a letter tendered to the court stated.

Allen was alone with the girl at a home on April 18 last year when he walked up behind her and put his hands on her hips, the court heard.

The girl said that Allen then put his hand in her pants and molested her, but Allen told police that he only touched the girl on the hips and any contact in her pants was accidental.

He previously pleaded not guilty, but was convicted following a hearing.

When asked by detectives during an interview if he wanted to pursue a relationship with the girl, Allen replied: “Oh possibly later on, yeah . . . you know, if she was amenable to it”.

He also told police that he thought the girl “wanted to take it further”.

The girl told police she was initially shocked then became upset and told a friend. Police were notified the next day.

Mr Chicken said Allen “perceived there was some encouragement from this young lady” and that Allen exercised “very poor judgment”.

“These types of offences are extraordinarily serious,” Mr Chicken said.

“They can have significant psychological impacts on the victims.”

Mr Chicken declined to send Allen to jail because he had good rehabilitation prospects and the offence appeared a “momentary aberration”.


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Raymond Edward Allard

Posted: July 12, 2012 by Serendipity in NSW
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Childhood abuse at father’s hands leaves scars

Ross Irby | 18th April 2009

THE vulnerable little girl is a woman now, but a woman left shattered and ruined by the destruction of her innocence and dreams at the hands of the man she calls ‘the monster’ – her father.

Louise Allard knows she will never be the woman she should have been, and says her story must be told because she fears other girls are being subjected to ongoing assaults by the men who should be the families’ protectors yet carry out crimes of sexual abuse.

As a child she said no-one heard her silent screams for help.

Louise’s wicked monster, Raymond Edward Allard, a giant of a man in stature but a pathetic creature in his daughter’s eyes, pleaded guilty in Lismore District Court to indecently assaulting her 30 years
ago in Kyogle.

Using the defence argument of ongoing bad health, Allard, a professional fisherman, received a suspended 12-month jail sentence for his shameful crime after pleading guilty before Judge James Black to one count of historic child sexual abuse.

For Louise his publicly admitting to the offence with a guilty plea was something she needed to hear, but it does not end the tough journey she has endured where despair, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, and tortured thoughts of taking her own life were her lonely companions.

Described as a case of historic childhood sexual abuse Louise remains the victim – estranged from her mother and two siblings who, she says, blame her for the break-up of the family many years ago when her father finally left their home never to return.

Most people love their childhood memories, safe and secure in the strength of their family life, but for Louise it is blank.

She lost her ability to laugh and play, and lived her young life at Kyogle in fear.

She said her father was already an alcoholic and she remembers at times having to fend off his sexual advances.

Innocent Saturday mornings watching the television cartoons lying in bed with her father was an ugly memory for the 11-year-old as it was then that she said he would make his predatory advances.

Louise says it was more than the one count he pleaded guilty to and his alcoholism was no excuse.

There was the gut-wrenching fear of going home after school knowing that, with her mother still at work, the monster could be inside waiting for her.

It had been a relief when he finally left for good, but the lasting damage was done.

“I would spend days not talking to people, even at school,” Louise recalls. “At high school I think I had the early stages of my depression and was silently screaming all the time. I was living in a town I hated and I needed so much help.

“I’m sure my mother knew something was going on. At 13 she gave me a book about a girl who loses her mind and her parents put her in institution.%an

“I think at the time she was trying to say there is something wrong (with me) and I remember her asking me ‘Do you hear voices in your head?’ But I was not crazy.”

Louise could not face her monster in the Lismore courtroom and instead read her victim impact statement by video camera from another room. Reading her statement was emotionally very difficult.

“I was abused by the person who was supposed to be my natural father. It was so hard because I had to admit then that he was my natural father who did this,” she said afterwards.

Now a very protective mother of her own children, Louise says people around her could never understand why she was so distrusting until they heard her story.

The crime infected every corner of her life.

“I realise how much I’ve been ripped-off out of my life,” she said.

“All those special occasions like Christmas and birthdays were all ruined. Aren’t your family supposed to be part of it?

“I would dread Christmas for weeks. It was always such a bad time for me. I’m going well now but for so long I have been suffering, and often thought of killing myself.”

When she decided to be part of the police investigation, professional counsellors told her the truth deserved to be told and it would set her free.

“The people who were lied to all these years need to know,” she said.

“Louise Allard is still that hurt little girl who deserves to have the truth known.”


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James Patrick Allan

Posted: July 12, 2012 by Serendipity in Victoria

Child porn bureaucrat avoids jail
JEREMY CALVERT  Herald Sun – Feb 21, 2002.

A JUSTICE Department employee walked from court yesterday after pleading guilty
to possessing and making child pornography.

James Patrick Allan, 45, of Sunbury, left Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court after
his six-month custodial sentence was wholly suspended for 18 months.

The sentencing came on the same day an education department employee appeared
at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to answer charges of possessing child

In an earlier hearing at Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court, Allan pleaded guilty
to three charges of possessing child pornography.

He also pleaded guilty to one charge of making child pornography, stemming from
the downloading of pornographic images, which legally constitutes making

The court heard police were alerted to Allan’s illegal activities after three
teenage girls, who had seen some of the pornography collection while burgling
his home, alerted authorities.

Police investigations located 1600 images of children as young as six months
old involved in sex acts, the court heard.

In sentencing Allan, Magistrate Alan Spillane said the senior finance officer
in the Department of Justice was lucky to avoid jail.

Mr Spillane said he chose to suspend the prison sentence because Allen had
already suffered through the loss of his job and public humiliation.

Mr Spillane said Allen’s guilty plea was also a mitigating factor.

Mr Spillane said many of the images were of Third World children, who would be
less likely to be abused if people like Allen did not enjoy the results of
their misery.

At Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, Chief Magistrate Ian Gray deferred sentencing
of 44-year-old Education Department administrative assistant, Greville Charles
Ryder, until this morning after hearing a summary of his offending.

The court heard that a random in-house audit in

July last year identified Ryder as having accessed child pornography on his
Department of Education computer.

Senior-Constable Ted Graham said accidental access to the illegal Internet
sites had been ruled out in the subsequent investigation of Ryder, because he
had used keyword searches to locate pre-teen pornography.

Sen-Constable Graham said Ryder’s work and home computers had been seized as
part of the investigation, and Ryder had made full confessions.

The court heard Ryder was suffering from depression and was experiencing
marital problems at the time of his offending, and his compulsion to view
pornography was like a sickness.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of knowingly possessing child pornography.

Mr Gray said the community and the defendant could expect careful consideration
before a sentence was passed.

Mr Gray said that he would adjourn sentencing until today to give the matter
further thought overnight.

Thieves found kid porn stash
ELISSA HUNT  Herald Sun – Feb 9, 2002

TEENAGE burglars uncovered child pornography in the home of a Justice
Department official, a court heard yesterday.

Former Justice Department payroll manager James Patrick Allan, 45, pleaded
guilty to making and possessing child pornography.

Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court heard the burglars found pornography at Allan’s
Sunbury home in a break-in last year.

Police later searched the house and found 1500 sexually explicit images of
children in Allan’s collection of adult porn.

The find sparked a police raid on the Department of Justice offices. No illegal
material was found.

Defence lawyer Jim Kennan, SC, said the images were for Allan’s personal use
and his client’s crimes were at the lower end of the scale, as there was no
suggestion his client behaved inappropriately with children, he said.

Mr Kennan asked that his client be fined.

The prosecution argued the offences involved exploitation of children and Allan
should be jailed.

Magistrate Alan Spillane adjourned sentencing to February 20 and released Allan
on bail.

David James Aldridge

Posted: July 12, 2012 by Serendipity in South Australia
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Bored student downloaded child porn


January 28, 2010 10:11am

A LAW student who downloaded child pornography out of “boredom and curiosity” has been given a suspended sentence.

David James Aldridge, 36, of Tusmore, has pleaded guilty to five counts of obtaining access to child pornography between October 2006 and January 2007.

In sentencing today, Judge Paul Rice told the District Court that Aldridge had downloaded the images from a city bookstore despite warnings from staff that it was not appropriate.

Judge Rice said Aldridge’s crimes were “aggravated” because some of the 300 images he had downloaded were of children under 14 years old.

“I accept that you obtained the images somewhat through boredom and curiosity,” Judge Rice said.

He said Aldridge had not been able to return to his law studies because of anxiety and depression he had suffered since his arrest.

Judge Rice suspended his 18-month prison sentence provided he sign a $500 two-year good behaviour bond.


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Child porn admission

The Advertiser – Aug 8, 2009

AN ADELAIDE man who was arrested and deported in an international police
operation has admitted downloading child pornography.

Tony Gerard Ainscough, 45, of Glenelg, pleaded guilty in Adelaide Magistrates
Court yesterday to two counts of gross indecency in the company of a child,
aged less than 16, and one of using a carriage service to access child
pornography. He was remanded on bail.

The offences occurred in Indonesia between 2005 and 2008.


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