Anthony John Alvisse

Posted: October 9, 2012 by Serendipity in Classed as a Dangerous Sex Offender, Western Australia

Paedophile with mental illness kept behind bars; judge says no suitable housing available

Updated Fri 27 Jun 2014, 5:00pm AEST

A Supreme Court judge has refused to release a mentally ill paedophile because there is no suitable accommodation available for him in the community.

Anthony John Alvisse was declared a dangerous sex offender in 2006, because of his history of crimes against children dating back to 1979.

The Supreme Court has repeatedly found Alvisse is suitable for release under a strict supervision order with conditions that cover his movements and lifestyle.

However he needs to be accommodated at a psychiatric facility because of his deteriorating mental condition.

Alvisse has now been in custody for seven years, which Justice John McKechnie said was “a period more than twice as long as the sentence which punished him for his crimes”.

Justice McKechnie said “inaction” by the Department of Corrective Services and Mental Health Services had failed to resolve the issue of psychiatric accommodation, and Alvisse appeared “condemned to remain in jail for the rest of his life”.

In his judgement Justice McKechnie alluded to remarks variously attributed to Winston Churchill and Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky, saying a civilisation could be judged by the way it treats its prisoners.

“Perhaps nobody much cares about a short, stout, middle-aged man with a diagnosis of paedophilia and deteriorating mental health likely to be in prison forever,” he said.

“But his case diminishes us all.”

Justice McKechnie also highlighted that WA’s dangerous sex offender legislation permitted some dangerous sex offenders to be released.

“Obviously Parliament foresaw that the community could be adequately protected by a supervision order in appropriate cases,” he said.

“Otherwise Parliament would have mandated detention as the only measure of adequate community protection.”

Alvisse’s case will be reviewed again in a year.

Paedophile in jail 7 years after release

May 2, 2013 – 2:01PM

A West Australian judge says he has no choice but to keep a schizophrenic paedophile locked up because there is nowhere safe for him to live – despite his sentence finishing in 2006.

Anthony John Alvisse, 52, has committed sex crimes against children dating back to 1979 with his victims including children as young as six.

There is far too much reliance on the stretched and limited resources of the private sector to overcome deficits within government services.

In 2003, he raped a homeless 14-year-old boy he had befriended at a hostel, and was jailed for over three years.

But after being released on a seven-year strict supervision order in late 2006, just two months later he called 000, admitting he was struggling to manage his urges and was fearful of attacking another child.

After being jailed again, judges and psychiatrists have ruled Alvisse could be released if there was suitable accommodation available with strict supervision.

But after Alvisse was recently turned down for a place at a psychiatric hostel because of staff worries over a risk to child visitors and the proximity of two schools, Justice John McKechnie said the time had come for the government to step in.

“As bureaucrats have been unable to initiate … co-operation after seven years … there is now a need for ministerial intervention,” Justice McKechnie said.

“A person should not be detained in custody if the community can be adequately protected by their release on strict supervision.”

In ruling Alvisse must remain in prison for the community’s safety, Justice McKechnie said WA sex offenders were being sentenced to indefinite prison terms “by default”.

“There is far too much reliance on the stretched and limited resources of the private sector to overcome deficits within government services,” Justice McKechnie said.

“There are organisational deficits within Corrective Services and other departments which manifest as institutional state indifference to any order but detention.

“Without immediate attention to the issues thrown up in this review, adequate protection of the community is unlikely in some cases.”

Child rapist closer to release

KATE CAMPBELL, The West Australian April 4, 2011, 2:15 am

A schizophrenic paedophile locked up indefinitely after admitting he had trouble controlling his urges to rape children is making progress towards being released back into the community, a Supreme Court judge says.

Anthony John Alvisse’s continuing detention order, made under dangerous sex offender laws, was reviewed recently with Supreme Court Justice Michael Murray saying he was making “slow progress” towards treating his “sexual deviance” and his mental illness.

Justice Murray said Alvisse was also reducing his dependence on the highly-structured prison environment and anxiety about living in the community.

The judge on Thursday extended Alvisse’s continuing detention order, which the Director of Public Prosecutions applied for, concluding he remained a “serious danger to the community”.

Alvisse was released under “strict supervision” in December 2006 but two months later he made an emergency 000 call, confessing he was a “sex offender against children” and needed help because “I feel like I want to reoffend again”.

Alvisse has committed sex crimes against children dating back to 1979 and his victims include children as young as six.

In 2003, he raped a homeless 14-year-old boy he had befriended at a hostel.

In a report to the court, a consultant psychiatrist said Alvisse had treatment needs which were still “unmet” and he continued to “manifest deviant sexual arousal” involving “prepubescent males”.

Justice Murray accepted the psychiatrist’s opinion that Alvisse was at “high risk of reoffending sexually if not subject to a continuing detention or supervision order”.

Alvisse was late last year transferred from Casuarina to Bunbury Regional Prison, where his status has been downgraded from a high to medium-security prisoner.

“If he can successfully manage further relaxation of his security rating, he may be rendered fit to be released to reside in the relatively structured environment of psychiatric hostel accommodation in the community,” Justice Murray said.

Justice Murray said there was nothing stopping the DPP or Alvisse from applying to have the order reviewed earlier than the automatic one-year period.


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