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 Abusers get more jail time

James O’Loan

November 05, 2007 11:00pm

THREE Caboolture child molesters who took their victims camping have had their sentences increased in Brisbane District Court.

The men formed a pedophile ring in 2000 and befriended – and then violated – up to six young boys at various locations across southeast Queensland, including Somerset Dam.

The boys were aged between 10 and 15 at the time, some of them brothers and school friends.

All came to trust and be in the care of the pedophiles for extended periods, although how the men procured their victims was not revealed in court.

US authorities alerted Australian police in 2004 when they intercepted obscene messages from one of the accused in an Internet chat room.

In 2005, the men received sentences between seven and nine years’ jail with various possible parole dates for maintaining sexual relationships with children. Yesterday, each had 18 months added to their terms after new evidence was submitted.

Shannon Lee Voigt, 31, pleaded guilty to an additional 43 charges of indecently dealing with children and will be eligible for parole in September 2009.

Earl James Henderson, 33, pleaded guilty to a further 27 counts of indecently dealing with children and had his parole eligibility date extended to April this year, but will only be released when authorities deem him fit to re-enter the community.

Leigh William Andrews, 27, pleaded guilty to another 56 child-sex offences and will be eligible for parole in May next year.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller said the crimes under consideration yesterday were not as serious as those that led to the trio’s earlier convictions and successfully sought extended head sentences and parole eligibility dates.

Judge Milton Griffin, SC, said the extended sentences “might seem strangely moderate and mild to one who does not know the circumstances” but the crimes were nonetheless “disgusting and horrific offences against children”.

Voigt, Henderson and Andrews will have to complete sex offenders’ rehabilitation programs before they can be considered eligible for parole.

Henderson has just started the last module of the program and if he satisfies the authorities, can be released into the community when he finishes.



 Qld paedophiles given longer sentences

5th November 2007, 15:54 WST

Three members of a Brisbane paedophile ring have had their prison sentences extended after US authorities seized photographs of them involved in child sex acts.

Leigh William Andrews, 27, Shannon Lee Voigt, 31, and Earl James Henderson, 33, all of Caboolture, pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to dozens of indecent dealing offences.

All three are already serving lengthy sentences relating to the abuse of several boys between 2001 and 2004.

However, the court heard fresh charges were brought after US authorities located photographs of Voigt and Andrews involved in sex acts with the children.

The photos were passed on to Queensland police who re-interviewed each of the defendants, resulting in new confessions.

Henderson admitted to taking many of the photos and being involved in procuring sex acts between the children but was not represented in any of the pictures.

Judge Milton Griffin extended each of the men’s sentences, handed down in 2005, by 18 months.

Andrews will now serve a total of eight-and-a-half years while Henderson will serve nine-and-a-half years and Voigt 10-and-a-half years.

However, Henderson will be eligible for bail after completing a sex offender program while Andrews will become eligible in May next year.

Voigt will remain in prison until at least September 2009.



Jailed man belonged to pedophile ring

Article from:

Leanne Edmistone

April 08, 2005 11:00pm

A MEMBER of a Brisbane-based pedophile ring, who repeatedly molested two boys, was yesterday sentenced to seven years’ jail when he appeared in the District Court.

Leigh William Andrews, 25, pleaded guilty to one count of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child under 16 and 13 counts of indecently dealing with a child under 16.

The court was told Andrews became involved in the pedophile ring through an Internet chat site and was introduced to the youngest of the two boys in January 2001 by one of the ringleaders.

The boy became involved with the pedophiles after being introduced to them by a school friend, who was a victim of another member.

For three years, Andrews molested the boy by performing oral sex, masturbating him and taking up to 20 indecent photos, some of which were later found on co-accused Earl James Henderson’scomputer.

Andrews was also charged with indecently dealing with the boy’s older brother on several occasions.

Documents tendered to the court revealed Andrews would take the boys camping, to the beach and on other outings, and would often give his youngest victim gifts such as a mobile phone and computer games.

Andrews was a visitor to the family home, having met his victim’s parents through a sporting club.

The court was told Henderson and a third man Shannon Lee Voight were the main ringleaders. They have pleaded guilty to numerous similar charges.

Judge Michael Shanahan yesterday sentenced Andrews to seven years’ jail.


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