Michael John Anstee

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Man jailed for sexual exploitation of teen


April 14, 2010

“I’M THAT messed up in the head that now I have to be on drugs . . . to make everything not real. I am just stuffed up. He made me do things I wouldn’t have done.”

This is how a 15-year-old girl in Department of Human Services protective custody described the impact of being preyed upon by a 49-year-old man, who gave her drugs for sexual favours.

Father-of-one Michael John Anstee was jailed yesterday for six years and eight months for maintaining a sexual relationship with the girl for nine months in 2008.

Anstee, of Mildura, had exploited a young girl in “seriously vulnerable circumstances”, County Court judge Michael Bourke said.

The 49-year-old met his victim on a Mildura street and they “formed a relationship . . . [where] he said he loved her and cared for her”, Judge Bourke said.

Anstee swapped cannabis and oxycontin, which he used for a back injury that qualified him for a disability pension, for sex with the girl.

He also supplied drugs to her 16-year-old friend, who also lived in DHS protective custody.

Anstee denied responsibility while speaking to a treating psychologist and said he had been exploited by the girl.

When police raided Anstee’s house, they found two digital cameras that had photographs of the girl on it, Judge Bourke said.

But he accepted that the photos were not distributed and Anstee had not intended to do so.

The girl, in her victim impact statement, said the man’s offending had “just made me untrusting of people . . . he made me do things I wouldn’t have done.”

The court heard in mitigation that Anstee did not match the psychological criteria of a paedophile and he was not aware of the girl’s age when they first met.

In a sentence the judge said he found “difficult”, Anstee must serve a minimum of four years and three months before being eligible for parole.



Michael John Anstee jailed for sex abuse against girl in state care with whom he traded sex for medication

  • Elissa Hunt
  • From: Herald Sun
  • April 13, 2010 3:40PM

A CHILD rape victim in state care who traded sex for painkillers has been blamed by her abuser for landing him in jail.

Michael John Anstee began exchanging his medication for sex with the girl after meeting her in the street one day several years ago.

But Anstee, 49, claims that the girl exploited him.

The County Court today heard he tried to excuse his actions by saying he was genuinely concerned for her welfare.

He said he gave her the prescription drugs because they were “safer” than illegal ones.

The vulnerable 15-year-old was was living in DHS accomodation in a country Victorian town at the time.

The court heard Anstee injected the girl with a morphine-based painkiller he had been prescribed for a back injury.

He also supplied the girl and another teenager who was also in state care with cannabis.

He took photos of the girl semi-clothed and in sexually explicit poses.

The court heard Anstee said it started out as business, but progressed to a relationship where a “true fondness” developed for the girl.

The teenager had told him she had been raped previously and had offered sex for drugs to others in the past.

This meant Anstee had exploited her when she was most vulnerable, Judge Michael Bourke said.

“I’m just stuffed up,” the girl said in a victim statement to the court. “He made me do things that I wouldn’t have done.

“I’m that messed up in the head that now I have to be on drugs to make everything not real.”

Anstee pleaded guilty to persistent sexual abuse of a child, procuring a minor for child pornograhy, producing child pornography and supplying drugs to a child.

Judge Bourke said Anstee had endured long delays in the case being heard, and his back injury would make prison harder for him.

But he was not optimistic about Anstee’s prospects of rehabilitation given he lacked insight into his crimes.

Judge Bourke jailed Anstee for 6 years and 8 months and ordered that he serve at least 4 years and 3 months before parole.


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