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Offender tries to resist temptation


SERIAL child sex offender Gordon Tracey Bailey went to Mt Annan Leisure Centre to see if he could “resist temptation”, Campbelltown Local Court has heard.

Bailey pleaded guilty to being a registered sex offender loitering in a public place.

An off-duty police officer spotted him talking to a six-year-old girl in one of the leisure centre’s pools last Wednesday.

Police facts tendered to the court state that Bailey, 42, of Leumeah, was seen “bobbing up and down” in the “kiddies pool” and trying to encourage children around him to do the same.

Witnesses told police that Bailey “appeared to be getting closer and closer to the (six-year-old girl)”.

The girl told police she was not touched.

Magistrate David O’Connor said Bailey had been convicted of acts of indecency against minors in 1996, 1998, 2003 and 2004 and that “(Bailey) is not complying with restrictions”.

Bailey told police that his counsellor encouraged him to “avert the temptation” by going to a pool and seeing if the “stop sign” appeared, then move on.

Bailey said the “stop sign” did not appear and that “due to my depression and current state of mind, yes I think I could re-offend again”.

Prosecutor Garry Rowe said that Bailey “bypassed” Campbelltown pool to travel the extra distance from his house to Mt Annan during school holidays.

He said the offence carried a maximum penalty of two years’ jail.

Defence solicitor Anthony Robinson said Bailey was willing to report to police twice a day, but Mr O’Connor refused bail.

Bailey will next appear in court on Wednesday, November 29.



Cautionary tale for parents

October 13, 2006 12:00

THE case of child sex offender Gordon Tracey Bailey, who pleaded guilty in court yesterday to charges of breaking child protection laws, should be noted by all parents.

Bailey, 42, of Leumeah in Sydney’s southwest, has a number of convictions for sex offences involving children, including instances as recently as 2003 when he was convicted of indecent assault on a child under 10, and 2004, when his offence involved a child under 16.

In the latest case, he was seen engaging in improper conduct with a six-year-old girl at Mt Annan swimming pool – a place where youngsters will congregate as summer hots up.

The case raises a number of issues – such as how it had come to pass that a person with such a record is at liberty seemingly so soon after his last conviction, and whether or not the available sanctions against paedophiles are sufficient.

But the issue of most pressing relevance – surely – is the safety of our youngsters, and the measures in place to protect them. And most assuredly, we do demand that acceptable security systems are adopted and maintained in places where children might be thought to be at risk.

Similarly, we have a right to expect those with a record of preying on children will be effectively restrained. In this instance, Bailey was the subject of a restraint order – of which he was found to be in breach, for which he will be punished when he is sentenced on November 29.

And sensibly, the presiding magistrate did not grant Bailey’s somewhat hopeful application for bail yesterday. So in this case it appears the legal system moved swiftly to protect our children against a known menace.

But the fact that such a “menace” was at large in the first place should be heeded by parents as a warning. As much as we wish it to be otherwise, the fact remains that there are paedophiles among us. While they are undoubtedly few in number, the threat is real.

Parents should understand that, and keep their children in sight.


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