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2:30pm June 21, 2016

Jail for Vic ex-priest over rape in office

A predatory ex-Catholic priest has been jailed for drugging and raping a student after inviting the boy to play computer games in his office.

Michael Scott Aulsebrook, 60, was the boarders’ co-ordinator at Salesian College Rupertswood when he attacked the boy in the 1980s.

He lured the boy to play on his computer after lights-out and gave his victim a soft drink spiked with a sedative.

After raping him, Aulsebrook said: “Get out of my sight. You disgust me”.

He was found guilty of the rape, but also pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault against two other victims, one male and one female.

Those victims were sexually assaulted in their beds while Aulsebrook stayed with their families.

Aulsebrook was jailed for eight years and six months, with a minimum five years and nine months, in the Victorian County Court on Tuesday.

Judge Geoffrey Chettle said there was no evidence Aulsebrook, of Traralgon, had shown remorse for the rape.

He labelled it predatory and calculated, and a gross breach of trust by an adult who was supposed to protect the boy.

“He was a vulnerable 12-year-old boy in your care,” Judge Chettle said.

The victim was also raped, in a similar manner, by de-frocked predator David Erwin Rapson, the court has previously heard.

The boarding school’s reputation has been blackened by some of Victoria’s most notorious pedophile priests, including Rapson, Frank Klep and Julian Fox.

Rapson sexually abused six boys in the 1970s and 1980s, one at Salesian College Rupertswood.

Like Aulsebrook, he lured them to his office – with video games, cigarettes and alcohol.

In 2014, a judge broke down while describing the campaign of abuse Klep exacted against vulnerable students at the school.

Klep pleaded guilty to 15 charges committed between 1974 and 1983.

Julian Benedict Fox sexually assaulted two 14-year-old schoolboys, one of whom was at Salesian.

The maximum penalty for rape at the time of Aulsebrook’s offending was 10 years.

The indecent assaults he admitted took place between 1987 and 1995.

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Sister accuses order of cover-up

  • Shannon Deery
  • From: Herald Sun
  • September 08, 2011 12:00AM

THE twin sister of a convicted Salesian paedophile priest has hit out at the order, saying it knowingly covered up sex crimes that her brother committed.

Margaret Harrod, herself a former Salesian nun, said she approached Salesian officials with concerns about her brother, Michael Aulsebrook, about three years ago.

She said her concerns were dismissed and she was told to “go away”.

Aulsebrook was last month jailed for sex offences on students at Rupertswood College, Sunbury, during the 1980s.

Ms Harrod said she went to officials because she was concerned her brother had molested a number of students after she witnessed him “inappropriately touch the groin” of a young girl.

Allegations had already been made against her brother and at least one victim had received a payout from the Salesians.

He had also been stood down as principal from a Salesian college in South Australia.Ms Harrod said officials told her that they had spoken to Aulsebrook just weeks before she came forward about an opportunity of again working with the Salesians in a lay capacity.

“I was told I was ruining his life by coming forward,” she said.

Ms Harrod said the order chose to ignore her brother’s history.

“The first allegations were made before he was ordained, and yet he still became a priest and eventually principal,” she said. “The Salesians knew Michael was guilty of assault. I believe he assaulted more than one person.

“It hurts to talk about my brother like this, but the point has come when I can no longer keep quiet.”

Salesian provincial Fr Frank Moloney confirmed Ms Harrod had contacted the order.

But he said he was amazed that Ms Harrod considered the Salesian response to be dismissive of her claims.



Ex-priest jailed for sex abuse

30 Aug, 2011 12:00 AM

A FORMER priest at Salesian College in Rupertswood was jailed last week for the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old student 28 years ago.

Michael Aulsebrook, 55, was in charge of year 7 and 8 students in 1983 when he began sexually assaulting the male student.

The County Court heard that the boy was confused about what Aulsebrook was doing and did not tell clergy until 2004, when he was involved in mediation with the church and received a payout.

Judge Tim Wood said Aulsebrook was a brother of the Salesian order at the time of the offences and later became a priest.

He said he believed Aulsebrook’s remorse to be genuine.

Aulsebrook pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent assault and was jailed for two years, with 15 months of that suspended for two years.

He will be a registered sex offender for life.



Ex-priest gets nine months jail for assault

  • From: AAP
  • August 22, 2011 5:05PM

A CATHOLIC priest who sexually assaulted a 12-year-old student at a Victorian school later attended the boy’s wedding and offered him and his wife a blessing.

Michael Scott Aulsebrook, 55, who pleaded guilty to assaulting the boy on five occasions from May to August in 1983, will serve only nine months’ jail for his crimes.

Aulsebrook, against whom a separate complaint of sexual abuse was made in 1993, was sentenced in relation to three “representative” charges.

Judge Tim Wood said Aulsebrook, then a brother in the Salesian order, groomed his year 7 victim for several weeks before luring him into his bedroom after lights out in the school dormitory.

He would then sit the boy on his knee and fondle his genitals as they listened to the radio or watched television.

Judge Wood said Aulsebrook would give a secret signal when he wanted the boy to join him in his bedroom, which adjoined the dormitory at the Rupertswood school at Sunbury.

On two occasions he also attempted to kiss the boy and on others he lay on top of him after removing his victim’s pants.

Aulsebrook met his victim on the boy’s first day at the school, when the child’s mother introduced them and told her son if he had any problems he should take them to “Brother Michael”.

In the next few months Aulsebrook groomed the boy, buying him treats from the school tuck shop and spending lunch and recess breaks with him.

The first assault occurred when the boy and three classmates were ordered to stand outside Aulsebrook’s room over a disciplinary matter.

After dealing with the others, Aulsebrook invited the boy to sit on his knee and attempted to indecently fondle him until the boy hastily left the room in fright.

The next day he told the boy everything was alright, later telling him their meetings were secret and that he shouldn’t tell anyone.

In his sentencing, Judge Wood said Aulsebrook, who was ordained as a priest in 1987, had admitted another complaint of sexual abuse had been made against him in 1993, but no criminal prosecution had occurred.

After that complaint, the Salesian order referred Aulsebrook to a church counselling service.

Three years later he transferred to St Marks College in Port Pirie, South Australia, where he served as school principal until 2003.

In the years after the assaults in Victoria he maintained contact with his victim’s family and even attended the victim’s wedding where he blessed the couple’s rings.

Judge Wood said Aulsebrook would also meet the man and his wife socially until the complaint was made against him and he confessed to a fellow priest.

The church paid out a settlement to the victim in 2004 by which time Aulsebrook had resigned from the priesthood and was working as a public servant in Canberra.

Judge Wood sentenced Aulsebrook to a total of two years’ jail with 15 months wholly suspended.



Salesian principal faces abuse claim

By Martin Daly
July 15, 2004

A Salesian priest and educator has stood down as principal of a major school after a report against him was lodged with the Catholic Church’s body that investigates abuse claims.

Father Michael Aulsebrook has left his position at the Salesian’s St Mark’s College in Port Pirie, South Australia, where he has been principal since September, 1995.

The move was sparked by a so far unspecified incident allegedly involving Father Aulsebrook that was reported to the Catholic Church’s Committee for Professional Standards, which runs the church’s Towards Healing process for abuse victims.

The allegation was made on July 1 and was reported by Towards Healing to Salesian Provincial, Father Ian Murdoch, at the Salesian headquarters in Melbourne that day. No report had been lodged by the complainant, but Father Aulsebrook agreed with Father Murdoch that he should stand down.

It is not known where or when the alleged incident took place but Sister Angela Ryan, national executive of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference’s professional standards committee, which runs Towards Healing, said the investigative process had not started because the complainant had not made up his mind whether he wanted Towards Healing or the police to investigate. Sister Ryan said she had made clear to the complainant that he should go to police.

Father Aulsebrook, in his mid-40s, worked as a priest and teacher at the Salesian’s Rupertswood College, Sunbury, where allegations of sexual abuse by former students have led to criminal charges against a number of priests, including Frank Klep, who has been charged in relation to further abuse allegations at Rupertswood.

Father Aulsebrook was boarding master in the early 1990s at Rupertswood. For a time, he took care of boarders in years 7, 8 and 9 and year 10 agricultural students. He became vice-principal at Rupertswood, according to sources, after Salesian priest David Rapson was sentenced in November 1992 to two years’ jail for assaulting a 15-year-old student at the college.

The director of Catholic Education in the diocese of Port Pirie, Kathy McEvoy, said there had been no allegation against Father Aulsebrook from St Mark’s College and that the allegation related to a period before he came to the 1100-student Salesian-run school. Ms McEvoy has written to staff and parents to assure them that processes are being followed and that the care of the students is paramount.

The Salesians face criticism for allegedly protecting abuser priests and moving them around to evade law enforcement and victims. The Australian Province is under fire for sending Klep to Samoa in 1998.



Salesian priest jailed for less than a year over sex abuse of student

  • Norrie Ross
  • From: Herald Sun
  • August 22, 2011 1:30PM

A SALESIAN priest who sexually abused a pupil at a Sunbury Catholic boarding school will serve just nine months in jail.

Judge Tim Wood told Michael Aulsebrook, 55, today he had committed a serious breach of trust when he groomed and then abused a 12-year-old boy at Rupertswood Salesian College in 1983.

In his sentence the judge revealed that in 1993 a complaint of the sex abuse of another child was made against Aulsebrook and he received counselling from his order but no criminal prosecution.

The Salesians then appointed Aulsebrook to the post of principal of St Mark’s College in Port Pirie, South Australia, a post he held for nine years.

Judge Wood said when the victim went to Rupertswood his mother introduced him to Brother Michael, a decision that later made her feel guilty.

Aulsebrook groomed the boy by buying him treats from the tuck shop and over the next seven months took him into his room next to the dorm and sexually abused him.

He would make the victim sit on his knee, put his hands down his pants and fondle his penis and testicles and lay on top of him on the bed.

Judge Wood said the 12-year-old knew nothing about sex and was confused at the molestation.

Aulsebrook pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault and two of the charges were representative of a number of incidents.

In his County Court sentence Judge Wood said Aulsebrook told the boy “It’s okay, it’s a secret” and “don’t worry”.

Aulsebrook remained a friends with his victim’s family, attended his wedding and the funeral of his brother.

The judge said the victim had a nervous breakdown in 2000 and said he had been molested but his family did not believe him at first.

Judge Wood said Aulsebrook was remorseful and felt a deep sense of shame at his “flawed morals”.

He jailed him for a total of two years but suspended 15 months of the sentence for two years.


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  1. Rob says:

    I was at Salesian College Rupertswood in the early eighties and Michael Aulsebrook then known as Brother Michael was in charge of the dormitory I was in he always really creepy to be around and now I know why I suppose I was lucky not to have been sexually assaulted by him as I can recall his bedroom was near were I slept go to hell Michael Aulsebrook prison is to good for you they really should reintroduce the death penalty for scum like him!

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