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Paedophile given eight years’ jail

PHILIP JOHNSON – The Age – 05/09/1994 – Page 3

An intellectually disabled man who molested a seven-year-old girl during this year’s Moomba Festival was a danger to the community, the County Court Chief Judge said yesterday.

Sentencing Peter Azrak, 25, to eight years’ jail, with a minimum of four-and-a-half years, Judge Waldron said that at the time Azrak attacked the girl, he was on good-behavior bonds for similar offences committed in 1992 and 1993.

Judge Waldron said while Azrak had been described as remorseful when in court for an earlier offence, this was no longer the case. Azrak had committed a number of similar offences, was considered to have paedophilic tendencies, was resistant to treatment and had “networked” with other paedophiles he had met in custody while on remand.

“I am satisfied that you constitute a danger to the community, which danger is enhanced by your mobility as a car driver and car owner,” he said.

“With the exception of your intellectual impairment, the mitigatory factors which have been advanced on your behalf are, in my opinion, outweighed by the pattern of your offending, the repetitive nature of your offending, your lack of remorse, your paedophilic tendencies and thus the danger which you constitute to the community,” he said.

Judge Waldron urged Azrak, who has a borderline intellectual capacity, to submit to psychiatric and psychological counselling while in custody.

“If you do not, and in the future you were to reoffend, your future would be very bleak indeed,” he said.

Last month, Azrak, of Jenkins Street, Northcote, pleaded guilty to one count each of taking away a child, and committing an indecent act with a child under the age of 16.

Judge Waldron said on the evening of 20 March this year, Azrak took the girl away from the Yarra bank, where she was watching the Moomba entertainment with her mother and sisters, to a secluded location in nearby gardens.

The judge said Azrak held the girl’s wrist tightly and effectively dragged her. “She made it clear to you that she did not wish to go with you. However, you spoke harshly to her and ignored her pleas,” the judge said.

He said Azrak kissed the girl and bit her tongue and arm. Azrak pulled her up by her head and pushed her down. He threw her dress and one of her shoes into nearby bushes, the judge said. Azrak fled after the girl called out to a passerby.


Assault-charge man weeps in courtroom

ALEX MESSINA – The Age – 25/03/1994 – Page 8

A 24-year-old intellectually disabled man charged with indecently assaulting a seven-year-old girl during the Moomba fireworks sobbed in court yesterday.

Mr Peter Azrak, of Northcote, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court for the second time in 24 hours. His counsel, Mr Patrick Dwyer, said his client was not ready to seek bail.

Mr Dwyer said Mr Azrak was being seen by psychologists, psychiatrists and intellectual disabilities experts and might be able to apply for bail later.

Mr Azrak was remanded to reappear in court on 18 May.

He has been charged with abduction, false imprisonment, indecent asault, child stealing, common-law assault and unlawful assault. Mr Dwyer said there had been suggestions that Mr Azrak had been charged with rape, but this was wrong.

During the earlier court hearing another counsel for Mr Azrak, Mr Stephen Lindner, said Mr Azrak had only a general understanding of why he was in court. He said his client had an intellectual disability.

The girl was allegedly assaulted last Sunday after she became separated from her mother on the banks of the Yarra River.


Man, 24, remanded over Moomba sexual attack

TIM PEGLER – The Age – 24/03/1994 – Page 2

A 24-year-old, intellectually disabled man, charged with an indecent assault on a seven-year-old girl during the Moomba fireworks, appeared briefly at the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Mr Stephen Lindner, for the man, said his client was unlikely to comprehend the charges he faced and only had a “general understanding” of why he was in court.

Peter Azrak, of Northcote, was charged with abduction, false imprisonment, indecent assault, child stealing, common law assault and unlawful assault.

Mr Lindner said a bail application may be made for Mr Azrak today after expert evidence had been obtained.

He said: “One of the aspects of the bail application which will be made is that my client suffers from an intellectual disability”.

The deputy chief magistrate, Mr Bryan Clothier, remanded Mr Azrak in custody to reappear in court today.

The seven-year-old girl was allegedly assaulted at 9.30pm on Sunday after becoming separated from her mother on the banks of the Yarra.

Police have thanked the public for assisting with its investigation.


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