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Last known to be living at The Hill, Newcastle, NSW.

Pedophile collapses

By JULIEANNE STRACHAN – Newcastle Herald – 28/03/2009 – Page 11

AN internet predator who started a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl collapsed to the floor of the Sydney District Court yesterday after being told he could be jailed until 2015.

Judge John Nicholson SC spent about 40 minutes outlining the crimes of Anthony James Barrie, 37, and was announcing a 51/2-year minimum jail term when Barrie fainted, crashing loudly to the floor of the dock.

Barrie, who previously lived in Moani Street, Eleebana, pleaded guilty last year to two counts of sexual intercourse with a child aged between 14 and 16 in 2006 and one count of using a mobile phone to procure a second teenage girl for sex.

Court staff roused Barrie and he returned to his seat for the rest of the sentencing, where he was told his full sentence would expire in 2015, but he would be eligible for parole before then.

He has been in jail since 2007 and kept in protective custody.

The judge said Barrie, who had previously spent time in prison, had a “real risk of recidivism”.

He said Barrie had contacted the 15-year-old in early 2006 through the internet and later by phone. He told her he was 25 years old when he was really aged 34.

The girl only discovered his true age upon being challenged by an acquaintance as to why she was dating a 34-year-old, after the sexual relationship had begun.

The court was told it was unlikely the girl would have agreed to meet Barrie if she had known his real age.

Judge Nicholson said Barrie’s crimes were aggravated by his attempt to evade police.

Judge Nicholson said one of Barrie’s neighbours had tipped them off because they were concerned. Barrie refused to let the police enter his home and later asked the girl to hide in the boot of his car so he could drive her away undetected.

Judge Nichols said Barrie had acted in a predatory manner and taken advantage of the girl’s youth and inexperience.

He said he had reduced Barrie’s jail sentence due to his guilty pleas and recommended he be accepted into the CUBIT treatment program for sex offenders.


Betrayed by cyber boyfriend

By JULIEANNE STRACHAN – Newcastle Herald – Newcastle Herald –31/01/2009  – Page 10

A 15-YEAR-OLD girl has described to the Sydney District Court how she felt betrayed to learn her boyfriend, to whom she chatted on the internet, was nearly 10 years older then he had said.

The girl entered a sexual relationship with Anthony James Barrie believing he was 25, when he was really 34.

A victim impact statement provided by the girl said she had believed she was in love, but there had been a breach of trust over the near 20-year age gap.

Barrie, who lived in Moani Street, Eleebana, and has been in custody since 2007, pleaded guilty to charges shortly before his trial was to due to begin last year.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual intercourse with a child aged between 14 and 16 and one count of using a mobile phone to procure a second teenage girl for sex.

The court heard that Barrie had sent a message to the second girl, who was 14, asking her if she was interested in having “casual sex” with him.

Defence barrister John Booth said his client’s pleas of guilty had spared the girls from giving evidence at his trial and demonstrated his contrition.

Judge John Nicholson SC adjourned the case for sentence on March 27.


Teen sex charges

By STEPHEN RYAN – Newcastle Herald – 07/11/2008 – Page 21

A FIFTEEN-year-old girl ended a sexual relationship with a 34-year-old Eleebana man when she found out he had made advances towards other girls, court documents have revealed.

Anthony James Barrie lied about his age when he began the relationship and was on the child protection register for a vicious sex attack that landed him in jail for eight years.

Barrie, now 37, has pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual intercourse with a person aged 14 to 16 and one count of using a carriage service to procure a teenage girl for sex.

The two sex charges relate to the same victim. The offences occurred at Mount Sugarloaf and Newcastle between February and April 2006.

The third charge relates to a 14-year-old girl who received emails and about 100 phone calls from Barrie, who wanted to begin a sexual relationship.

Barrie told Newcastle District Court yesterday that he had a problem and wanted help.

“My behaviour . . . was wrong. I should have known better. I’m an adult,” he said.

Barrie has been in custody since October last year and was convicted four months before that of possessing child pornography.

Judge John Nicholson SC adjourned the sentencing hearing to obtain more information about a sex offenders’ program Barrie wants to complete in Long Bay Jail.


Grooming charges to trial

GR – Newcastle Herald – 21/02/2008 – Page 11

AN ELEEBANA man was committed to stand trial yesterday for using the internet to groom a 15-year-old girl into having a sexual relationship with him.

Anthony James Barrie will stand trial in the Newcastle District Court on one count of using a carriage to procure a person under 16 years for sexual activity and eight counts of sexual intercourse with a person between the ages of 14 and 16.

It is alleged Barrie, 36, of Moani Street, Eleebana, contacted the girl online and then by mobile phone in February last year.

The case will return to court on February 28.


Prison term suspended

GR – Newcastle Herald – 25/08/2007 – Page 13

A MAN jailed on two child pornography offences successfully had his penalty yesterday changed to an 18-month suspended sentence.

Anthony James Barrie, 35, of Eleebana, was sentenced in Newcastle Local Court to 10 months’ jail with a three-month non-parole period when he pleaded guilty to charges of having last year used the internet to access child pornography in April, and had child pornography in June.


Jailed for child sex imagery

By INGRID BOWN – Newcastle Herald – 05/06/2007 – Page 15

A MAN who used computers at a Hamilton volunteer service to view child pornography was sentenced to jail in Newcastle Local Court.

Anthony James Barrie, 35, of Eleebana, had pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and using the internet to access child pornography and was yesterday sentenced to 10 months’ jail, with a non-parole period of three months.

He was later released on bail after lodging an appeal against the sentence.

Barrie was working at the Hunter Volunteer Centre, in Hamilton, when the offences occurred, the court heard.

In April 2006 a volunteer reported Barrie viewing pornography.

Police seized two computers from the centre and a further two computers in a search of Barrie’s home. One was damaged and unreadable, but they discovered child pornography on the remaining three.

Barrie was charged with possessing 35 of a total of 123 recovered images because some files on his home computer had been transferred by disk, and were identical to those from the volunteer centre computers, and he had deleted 24 shortly after coming into possession of them.

He had deleted the final 35 about a week and a half after that, and before police became involved, the court was told.

His defence barrister, Paul Marr, said Barrie had a previous conviction for a “hands-on” sex offence but these were “hands-off” offences of a limited nature and over a limited time.

Magistrate Richard Wakely said Barrie’s computer usage was limited but they were serious crimes involving the abuse of children’s innocence.

He said that Barrie’s sex offence conviction in 1990 made leniency “more difficult”.


Bail for kiddie porn

GR – Newcastle Herald – 17/10/2006 – Page 14

A MAN charged with three counts of having child pornography was given conditional bail in Newcastle Local Court yesterday.

Anthony James Barrie, 35, unemployed, of Fern Street, Islington, did not enter pleas to two counts of having images of young children under 16 engaged in sexual activity or in a sexual context at Hamilton East on April 27 and 28, and a similar count at Eleebana on June 16.

Magistrate Michael Morahan adjourned the charges until December 11 for mention.


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