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Teen hails jail term for predator

3rd August 2011

A TEWANTIN runaway says five months behind bars for one of the two men who got her and two juvenile friends drunk before having sex with them will go some way to fighting her daily demons.

“Rachel” was one of three girls, two aged 14 and in school uniform and a 13-year-old girl, who wagged school on the Sunshine Coast for a day in the big city more than two years ago.

The trio were picked up by Brisbane man Darren Jeffrey Benton, 31, and a 29-year-old Canadian man, who got the girls drunk on alcohol and high on cannabis before having sex with each of them.

Benton was sentenced to jail last week for two years, suspended after five months.

He had pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to nine charges, including numerous counts of unlawful carnal knowledge, indecent treatment of a child under 16, and aggravated supply of cannabis to a minor.

Two months earlier Grabowski walked away from court on a wholly suspended nine-month jail sentence.

He pleaded guilty to supplying drugs to minors and indecent treatment of a 13-year-old girl.

“I wish it was more, because he will just suck it up for a couple of months and get out for good behaviour,” “Rachel” said of Benton.

Grabowski, who was here on a working visa, stayed in Australia on a criminal justice visa until his court case was over.

He returned to Canada shortly after.

That fateful day on May 15, 2009, when “Rachel” and her now estranged friends wagged school and hitch-hiked to Brisbane had ruined her life, the teenager said.

“Rachel” broke a vow of silence between the girls to get justice.

“At least now I know when I go to Brisbane I don’t have to be so frightened about seeing him – at least for the next five months,” Rachel said.

The 16-year-old, who in May told of her fears that both men would escape jail, says she has repaired some fractured family relationships once considered irreparable.

She says she and her boyfriend of 18 months will battle on together.


Benton and Grabowski promised the girls, who had $1 between them at the time, a night of “food, pot and alcohol” and free accommodation.

At the pair’s Kangaroo Point unit, the two men then gave the teenage girls alcohol and four to five marijuana “joints”.

“Rachel” and her friends left the unit and slept in a dumpster, where they were found by police.

Benton told the court last week he “honestly” believed the girls were aged 16 or older.

“Rachel” and her two friends lost their virginity to two men more than twice their age.



Man gets suspended sentence after supplying drugs, molesting schoolgirl

A CANADIAN national who plied three teenage Sunshine Coast schoolgirl runaways with drugs and alcohol and then molested one has walked free from court after being handed a wholly suspended prison term.

Brisbane Supreme Court judge John Byrne today jailed Aleksander Piotr Grabowski for nine months, but ordered the term be wholly suspended for a period of three years.

The Courier-Mail today revealed Grabowski and a mate supplied three uniformed high school students – all girls aged 13 and 14 – with marijuana and sexually assaulted one at a unit in Kangaroo Point in inner Brisbane on May 19, 2009.

Grabowski offered the girls shelter other than the inner-Brisbane city industrial bin they had planned to live in, the court was told.

Prosecutors said the trio, all dressed in uniform and with one carrying a “Hannah Montana” backpack, had earlier in day “wagged school”, hitchhiked to Chinatown, in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, and hatched a plan to sleep in an industrial bin.

Justice Byrne was told Grabowski’s “landlady” had ordered him to vacate his Brisbane residence after reading a newspaper article published in The Courier-Mail.

Barrister Leon Ackermann, for Grabowski said the landlady wanted his client to move because she did not want a “pedophile living under her roof.

Prosecutor Philip McCarthy, in sentencing submissions, yesterday said the girls pooled there cash, totalling $3, and made decided to split a McDonald’s hamburger for their dinner.

He said Grabowski, while standing in a queue at McDonald’s, struck up a conversation with one of the girls.

The court was told the girls followed Grabowski and his mate and said: “We are stalking you. We’re your personal stalkers.”

Mr McCarthy said the girls then told “Alex and Darren” they were runaways and that the men offered them a night of “food, pot and alcohol” and free accommodation.

He said Grabowksi and his mate took the girls to their Goodwin St unit and supplied them alcohol, vodka and lemonade, and four or five “joints” of marijuana.

“The girls weren’t naive to the use of cannabis,” Mr McCarthy said.

“These defendants did not introduce the girls to the drug … and this wasn’t the first time they (the girls) had experienced alcohol.”

The court was told the youngest girl, 13, then became “psycho, jumping around and singing” and fell over a cat bowl.

Mr McCarthy said the girl then had sexual intercourse with the other male and then frolicked naked about the apartment.

“It was obvious to everyone what transpired in the room (sexually between the girl and the other man),” he said.

He said at one point Grabowski indecently dealt with the naked girl as she was clinging to his mate.

The court was told Grabowksi was seen, by the other two girls, kissing and grabbing the breast and bottom of the 13-year-old.

Mr McCarthy said the girl’s gravely concerned parents reported them missing to police, who later found all three of them sleeping off the night before in an industrial bin in Little St, Fortitude Valley.

Grabowski, an electrical engineer who is being held in Australia on a criminal justice visa, pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated supply of a dangerous drug to a minor and one of indecent treatment of a child under 16.

Barrister Leon Ackermann, for Grabowski, said his client was of the “honest, but unreasonable” belief all of the girls were aged 16 or older.

“(Grabowski) supplied cannabis to three girls who turned out to be 13 or 14,” Mr Ackermann said.

Grabowski’s co-accused is currently scheduled for sentence in late July.



Abused schoolgirls plied with drugs, alcohol: court

Amelia Bentley

May 18, 2011 – 2:35PM

Three schoolgirls who ran away from their Sunshine Coast school to hang out Fortitude Valley were taken in by two men who plied them with drugs then molested them, a court has heard.

Canadian electrical engineer Aleksander Piotr Grabowski, 29, and his friend Darren Jeffery Benton, 31, befriended the three girls at McDonald’s in May 2009, Brisbane Supreme Court heard today.

The girls had wagged school on the Sunshine Coast and hitched a lift to Brisbane, where they had intended to sleep in an industrial bin near China Town.

The girls, one aged 13 and two aged 14, were wearing their school uniforms when the two men struck up a conversation and offered them “food, pot and alcohol” at a Kangaroo Point unit.

Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy told the court Grabowski rolled joints for everyone and the girls drank vodka and lemonade supplied to them.

At one point the 13-year-old girl allegedly went into a bedroom with Benton, who has been committed to stand trial charged with her rape.

Today, Grabowski pleaded guilty to indecent treatment of the 13-year-old, admitting he fondled her while his friend was engaged in sexual conduct with her.

He also pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying a dangerous drug to a minor.

Benton did not appear in court today.

Mr McCarthy said the girls left the unit the next morning and returned to an industrial bin in Fortitude Valley where they “slept the night off”.

They were returned to their parents later that day after missing persons reports were filed and officers received information three girls were hanging around the industrial bin.

No complaint was made to police about the men’s behaviour until some time later when one of the girls feared she could be pregnant.

Mr McCarthy said Grabowski should spend time behind bars, but Justice John Byrne said he wanted to further explore case law before making a decision.

The case was adjourned to tomorrow.


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