Kevin Richard Bell

Posted: October 17, 2012 by Serendipity in Tasmania

Kevin Richard Bell fails in bid to have dangerous criminal tag overturned

ONE of Tasmania’s most depraved sex offenders will remain jailed indefinitely after failing to have his dangerous criminal tag overturned in the Supreme Court.

Kevin Richard Bell, 69, whose criminal record of offences against children as young as three goes back almost 50 years, had applied to the court to have an order placed on him in 1999 discharged.

Justice Shan Tennent said that Bell was first jailed in the 1960s for indecent assault.

After being sentenced to six years imprisonment in 1977 for rape, Bell was again before the courts throughout the 1980s.

In 1991, Bell was convicted of six counts of rape in relation to crimes committed against a young girl, in which he would often use a knife in a threatening manner to ensure she submitted to him.

Bell was released for those crimes in 1998, but six months later committed acts of aggravated sexual assault and indecent assault on another girl of a similar age. It was upon conviction of those crimes in 1999 that a successful application was made for Bell to be declared a dangerous criminal.

Justice Tennent referred to a psychiatric report written on Bell which found that his “sexual offending history, sexual deviance, predatory methods and psychopathic personality traits are all suggestive of a high risk individual”.

The report found that Bell’s psychopathic personality traits had made treatment interventions in prison difficult, and that if he were released into the community he should “have no unsupervised access to his target victim group”.

The court also heard that Bell was in poor health, having surgery on his prostate earlier this year and having suffered a heart attack several years ago.

Justice Tennent said that but for the dangerous criminal declaration, the applicant would have been released from prison no later than 2005.

But in rejecting Bell’s bid for freedom, Justice Tennent said that she was of the view that his risk of reoffending was not so “sufficiently slight” as to justify the removal of the dangerous criminal declaration.

“The nature and prevalence of the applicant’s past offending requires the Court to be particularly vigilant in assessing the need for protection,” Justice Tennent said.

“Offending of a sexual nature can have devastating and long-term consequences for victims, and the applicant’s historical target group is a particularly vulnerable one.”

Rapist remains ‘dangerous’

Posted November 29, 2011 09:13:27

Convicted Tasmanian serial rapist Kevin Richard Bell has failed in his bid to have his dangerous criminal order overturned.

Justice Shan Tennent told the Supreme Court in Hobart the 64-year-old was still a risk to the community.

Bell was sentenced to 12 years jail in 1991 for six rapes, one indecent assault, and four counts of defilement of a young girl.

He was released on parole in April 1998, but less than six months later he committed sex offences on children aged between 3 and 16.

Bell was declared a dangerous criminal in 1999 and jailed indefinitely.


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