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IT expert jailed over child porn

By Paige Taylor

April 13, 2005

A RECENTLY married IT expert caught with what is thought to be Australia’s biggest child pornography collection was sentenced to three years’ jail yesterday.

Raymond John Belcher, 37, was among hundreds of Australian men arrested last year in the nation’s biggest child pornography sting, Operation Auxin.

Police who raided his home in the northern Perth suburb of Woodvale last September found more than 350,000 pornographic images and more than 6400 videos of girls aged between 12 and 14, the Perth District Court was told.

He had downloaded the images after paying $40 for a month’s subscription to a US-based child pornography website.

The pictures had probably been provided by Russian organised crime syndicates, the court was told.

Belcher pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing child pornography and was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment with parole.

Defence lawyer Michael Tudori said Belcher was extremely remorseful and wanted help.

As his marriage failed, Belcher had begun perusing adult internet sites and had found the child pornography site, Mr Tudori said.

Some of the images showed girls in various states of undress, but others showed them performing sexual acts.

Mr Tudori said it had developed into an “addiction” and a “habit” that his client knew was wrong and had tried to curb.

He had limited himself to one session of viewing a week, but had not known who to turn to for more help, the court was told.

Belcher’s wife was now divorcing him and he had been unable to find work since his arrest was made public.

Mr Tudori said Belcher was surprised that he had so many images.

He had used his comprehensive understanding of computers to write a program that “mirrored” the child pornography website, downloading its entire contents on to two hard drives at his home.

The court was told Belcher admitted in a police interview that he had masturbated while looking at the images. But Mr Tudori said Belcher did not consider himself a pedophile.

Judge Hal Jackson acknowledged that Belcher had not personally molested any children, but said child pornography was not a victimless crime and that each image represented the corruption and abuse of a child.

“The vast quantities of the images and video clips — some of which are of a depraved nature — require a term of imprisonment,’ he said.


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