Ross Duncan Barnett

Posted: October 17, 2012 by Serendipity in Sentenced, Victoria

Horse-riding instructor jailed over indecent assaults

August 01, 2008 01:56pm

A VICTORIAN horse-riding instructor who indecently assaulted three students has been jailed for seven years.

Ross Duncan Barnett, 60, targeted the girls one after the other between 1986 and 1988, abusing each girl for six to 10 months before moving on to his next victim, the County Court heard today.

Barnett believed he was a handsome, glamorous man who was in a relationship with the girls.

His sexual acts included digital and oral penetration but when confronted about the conduct in 2004 he blamed his victims, the court was told.

Barnett pleaded guilty to 10 counts of an indecent act with a child under 16 and one count of gross indecency.

Judge Paul Lacava said Barnett groomed the girls for his own sexual gratification.

“You were a person in a position of trust, you were a person these girls turned to for instruction on how to succeed at riding,” Judge Lacava said.

Barnett was ordered to serve a minimum of five years before being eligible for parole.


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