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Picture: Dave Cronin Source: The Advertiser

More jail time for paedophile coach

  • Sean Fewster, Court Reporter
  • From: The Advertiser
  • June 03, 2010 4:19PM

A PAEDOPHILE basketball coach dubbed ‘the hand of Satan’ by his victims will spend an extra 2 1/2 years in jail.

The Court of Criminal Appeal today replaced Simon Bennett’s nine-year jail term with a 12-year sentence.

Chief Justice John Doyle, Justice Richard White and Justice Chris Kourakis also extended Bennett’s non-parole period from 4 1/2 years to seven years.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had appealed against the original sentence, saying it was inadequate.

Bennett, 37, of Modbury North, was last year found guilty of 11 sex offences against boys aged 12 to 16.

Between 1998 and 2006, he encouraged players to stay overnight at his home for “bonding sessions”, during which he showed them pornography and engaged in oral and digital sex.

Bennett told the boys “what goes on at sleepovers stays on sleepovers”.

The victims, now adults, told the court Bennett was “pure evil” and his actions revealed “the hand of Satan” in their lives.

In sentencing, District Court Judge David Lovell had called Bennett “despicable”.

“You preyed on innocence, youth and trust,” he said in March.

“You robbed them of their hopes and dreams of competing at an elite level of basketball, and used the positive aspects of your life to deceive and manipulate them.

“Your behaviour was, quite simply, despicable.”

Basketball coach Simon Bennett jailed for abusing boys

  • From: AAP
  • March 29, 2010 11:44AM

A BASKETBALL coach who sexually abused three junior players wove a web of deceit and robbed his victims of their dreams to play the game at the highest level, a court has heard.

Simon Bennett was jailed for nine years after being found guilty of 11 charges including six counts of indecent assault.

The offences occurred when he invited boys in his teams to sleepovers at his house while coaching at a club in Adelaide between 1998 and 2006.

Judge David Lovell described Bennett’s behaviour as despicable and predatory and said it had a particularly harrowing impact on his first victim.

He said this particular victim felt embarrassed, scared, ashamed, self-conscious and depressed and continued to battle with suicidal thoughts.

Judge Lovell said there was little doubt that Bennett was an excellent coach.

“But you chose to use your positive traits to deceive and manipulate the young victims involved,” he said.

The judge described Bennett’s offending as a classic example of paedophilia where he abused his position of trust and “wove a web of deceit”.

Judge Lovell set a non-parole period of four and a half years.

Paedophile basketball coach Simon Bennett showed hand of Satan, say victims

  • By Sean Fewster
  • From: AdelaideNow
  • March 16, 2010 12:33PM

THE South Australian victims of a paedophile basketball coach say his devious betrayal exposed them to “the hand of Satan”.

AdelaideNow reports the men, whose lives and promising basketball careers were ruined by Simon Bennett, today asked the District Court to immediately jail the man they say personifies “pure evil”.

But Bennett – who maintained his innocence at trial – made a personal apology in court, saying he now accepts responsibility for his crimes and is remorseful.

He begged his victims to forgive him and the court to show him mercy so he could have “a second chance at life”.

Bennett’s pleading failed to impress Judge David Lovell, who cancelled the fallen coach’s bail and remanded him in custody for sentencing.

Bennett, 37, of Modbury North, was last year found guilty of 11 charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and indecent assault against boys aged 12 to 16 between 1998 and 2006.

Having used the esteem in which the basketball community held him to befriend the boys’ parents, he encouraged his players to stay at his home for “bonding sessions”.

The boys were told “what goes on on sleepovers stays on sleepovers”.

In their victim impact statements, the boys – now grown men – said they would never truly recover from Bennett’s abuse.

“The view I have of the world is cold and dark, because I have viewed pure evil,” one said.

“In my eyes, your actions were at the hand of Satan… a truly remorseful man would not still be claiming innocence.”

Another victim said Bennett had robbed him of his love of basketball “to satisfy your sexual fantasies”.

Judge Lovell will sentence Bennett in two weeks.,22606,26332092-2682,00.html

Sex offender’s plea to keep working


November 11, 2009 06:45pm

A SEXUAL predator who used his basketball acclaim to seduce boys wants to work at a suburban sports complex to aid his mental health and “holistic” rehabilitation.

Simon Bennett today asked the District Court to alter his bail so he can work and train at a North Adelaide facility – even though his electronic monitoring device will not function there.

The former junior basketball coach is awaiting sentence for sexually assaulting three players.

During team “bonding sessions” in his home, he told the boys “what goes on at sleepovers stays at sleepovers”.

Bennett is spending his pre-jail time with a new housemate – an 18-year-old male from Sierra Leone who recently left foster care.

Today, prosecutors said changing Bennett’s bail would “disturb” the public and leave young people at risk.

Dr Peter Salu, for the Crown, said Bennett should be taken into custody immediately.

“This is a prickly situation with the potential for danger,” he said.

“He can not be supervised, we will not know if he’s coming into contact with people under the age of 18.

“The public will be disturbed by the ongoing grant of bail to a person convicted of most serious offences.”

Bennett, 37, of Modbury North, pleaded not guilty to 11 charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and indecent assault committed between 1998 and 2006.

Prosecutors said he had been coach of a suburban under-16 team for about 10 years.

Bennett denied he had any sexual contact with the boys, then aged between 12 and 16, when they stayed at his home.

Last month, Judge David Lovell rejected Bennett’s claims and found him guilty of all charges.

Today, Michael Sykes, for Bennett, said his client’s psychologst had recommended he return to work prior to sentencing.

“From a mental health perspective, it’s considerably important… he has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder,” he said.

“He has yet to fully come to terms with his predicament… it’s a process that’s taking some time.

“This is helped by the holistic nature of his training in the weight room and working at the facility.”

Dr Salu said authorities had found the proposed work site could not be surveilled by electronic monitoring.

He said Bennett had already received enough consideration.

“He has had move in with him an 18-year-old man from Sierra Leone, whom he met through basketball,” he said.

“This person was fostered until his 18th birthday, and that raises the question whether Bennett is abusing his power over a vulnerable person.

“This all seems tailored toward making Bennett comfortable, and it’s just delaying the inevitable prison sentence he must serve.”

Judge Lovell said he needed time to consider the matter.

He remanded Bennett on his existing bail conditions until Friday.

Child-sex accused Simon Bennett in court

A MAN facing trial over eight years’ worth of alleged child sex offences has hidden behind a human shield outside court.

Simon Bennett ducked, weaved and dodged behind two unidentified men as he left the District Court today.

He had just been allowed to enter his pleas to 11 sex-based offences in writing, rather than speak them aloud.

The Advertiser has learned Bennett pleaded not guilty to:

SIX counts of indecent assault, allegedly occurring between September 1998 and July 2001.

ONE count of attempted indecent assault, allegedly occurring between September 1998 and September 2000.

FOUR counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, allegedly occurring between June 2001 and July 2006.

Judge David Smith remanded Bennett on continuing bail to appear again next month.

Outside court, Bennett’s supporters said “you’ve taken enough photos” and “why doesn’t someone take photos of you” to the media.


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