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Coach jailed for sex with teenager

By Chee Chee Leung

March 3, 2004

A prominent Victorian basketball coach who pleaded guilty to sex offences against a teenage girl he coached was sentenced yesterday to a maximum of two years’ jail.

Stephen William Barr, 43, of Boronia, had pleaded guilty in the County Court to four counts of sexual penetration of a 16 or 17-year-old under his care, supervision or authority.

In sentencing, Judge Elizabeth Curtain said Barr’s rehabilitation was under way, but said she believed a prison term was necessary as a deterrent.

“Your breach of trust is a serious one,” she said. “Parents let their children engage in such sporting pursuits in the knowledge that it will be an enjoyable experience. They do not expect the child to be abused by the people put in charge of them.”

Judge Curtain sentenced Barr to two years’ jail, with 21 months partially suspended.

The court heard that Barr’s relationship with the girl had included driving her to training and allowing her to use his home computer for school work, which sometimes included staying the night.

The girl’s mother was so thankful for Barr’s help that she wrote him a poem of gratitude.

The sexual offences began when the girl was 16, and took place between February 1, 1997, and June 30, 1997. After the first incident, Barr told the girl that what had happened was illegal and they would both “go down” if she told anyone.

Barr was general manager of the Dandenong Basketball Association and a coach and manager at Basketball Victoria. He was in charge of an intensive training program for elite juniors, and coached the under-16 girls’ state basketball team.

Judge Curtain said she had taken into account character references, including one from former Basketball Victoria general manager and Melbourne Tigers coach Lindsay Gaze, who had described Barr as “a man of character of the highest order”.

Basketball coach jailed for sex offences

Posted Tue Mar 2, 2004 12:31pm AEDT

A prominent Victorian basketball coach has been imprisoned for sex offences against a teenage player.

Stephen William Barr, 43, of Boronia pleaded guilty to four sex charges.

He was the manager of Victoria Basketball and the coach of an elite program for junior players until October 2001.

The County Court heard Barr had a four-month long sexual relationship with a 16-year-old player.

The court heard he told her what they had done was illegal and they would both be in trouble if she told anyone.

Judge Elizabeth Curtin said Barr has admitted his misuse of his authority as a coach but he had shown absolute remorse.

She said he was previously held in high regard within the basketball community, with Olympic coach Lindsay Gaze telling the court Barr’s character was of the highest order and he was grooming him to take over one of his administrative positions.

She sentenced him to two years jail but suspended 21 months of the term.


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