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Sex fiend jailed on child porn

NICK CLARK   |   November 16, 2011 12.01am

A CONVICTED sex offender was sentenced in the Supreme Court in Launceston to nine months’ jail for possession of child pornography.

Michael Terrence Binns, 51, of Launceston, pleaded guilty to using a carriage service for child pornography between May and November 2008.

He received a sentence of three months’ jail.

A second count related to the possession of a computer and laptop with 300 files of photographs of girls between three and 15-years-old for which he received six months.

Chief Justice Ewan Crawford said the images were sexually explicit.

“On many days over an 18-month period he searched the internet for child pornography material,” he said. He accessed video clips as well as still images.

Binns had convictions in 1999 for two counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of indecent assault against a girl, 11.



Man jailed over 3yo child porn

Posted November 15, 2011 09:38:31

A Tasmanian man has been jailed for possessing hundreds of sexually explicit images of girls as young as three.

Michael Terrence Binns, 51, of Launceston has been sentenced in the Supreme Court for using a carriage service to access child pornography and for possessing child exploitation material.

Binns pleaded guilty last week to accessing the websites between May 2007 and November 2008.

In sentencing, Justice Crawford took into account two prior convictions in 1999 in which Binns sexually assaulted two 11-year-old girls.

Binns was sentenced to nine months in prison and will be placed on the sex offenders register for five years from his release.



Man pleads guilty over child porn


05 Nov, 2011 01:00 AM

A CONVICTED child sex offender has pleaded guilty to possessing and accessing more than 300 images of child pornography.

Michael Terrence Binns, 51, was arrested after police searched his Summerhill home and found the images, dating from 2007 to 2008, on his computer and laptop.

The court heard Binns had been jailed in 1999 for sexually assaulting two 11-year-old girls.

A sample of Binns’s child pornography collection was shown to Chief Justice Ewan Crawford in the Launceston Supreme Court yesterday.

“To me they were a far worse level- one category than I’ve seen on other cases,” Justice Crawford said.

Child pornography is categorised from the least explicit level one to the most extreme level five.

Binns had three level-five images on his laptop including one of a girl aged between 9 and 12 with both hands bound to her legs and her underwear torn.

Other images showed adults engaging in sex acts with children.

Crown prosecutor Elizabeth Curtis argued Binns carried out a “sustained” search for the material online and risked exposing his three adult children to the images.

“It was his practice to access the sites with those Lolita-type names,” she said.

Defence lawyer Tamara Jago, SC, said her client had become “socially isolated” and it was during this time that he began to search the internet regularly and “his interest (in child pornography) escalated from there”.

The factory worker was “very troubled” about how a jail sentence would affect his ability to care for his disabled son, which he did on a full- time basis.

Ms Jago said Binns did not distribute the material or frequent internet chatrooms where that type of material was discussed and encouraged.

She said possessing 300 images was at the lower end of the scale compared to other cases and Binns had pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity.

Binns was remanded in custody for sentence on November 14.


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