Rodric David Booth

Posted: October 18, 2012 by Serendipity in Location, NSW

Man jailed over child pornography

Margaret Scheikowski

April 6, 2009 – 4:59PM

A sex offender who walked free from court after admitting possessing child pornography has had his good Behaviour bond replaced with a six-month jail term.

The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal upheld a crown challenge to the “manifestly inadequate” sentence imposed on Rodric David Booth, 62, in the NSW District Court last December.

When police searched Booth’s Queanbeyan home in 2007, they found child pornography including downloaded computer images of young males.

Most had their genitals exposed, and many were involved in sex acts with other young males.

The subjects appeared to be under 16 years old, and some images depicted adult males having sex with them.

After pleading guilty to possessing child pornography, the former architect was placed on a four-year good Behaviour bond with conditions including an obligation that he continue counselling.

But Justice Carolyn Simpson, sitting with Justices Peter McClellan and Roderick Howie, quashed the sentence and imposed a minimum jail term of six months and a maximum of two years.

The sentence is to run from Monday, and Justice Simpson directed Booth be released after six months, on October 5.

“No penalty other than a term of full-time custody is sufficient to meet sentencing needs in this case,” she said.

She concluded the sentencing judge had placed undue focus on Booth’s need for counselling at the expense of other considerations.

“In sentencing for such a crime, it is well to bear firmly in mind that the material in question cannot come into existence without exploitation and abuse of children somewhere in the world.”

After pleading guilty in 1997 to a string of sex offences involving a boy aged about 11 or 12, Booth was jailed for at least five years.

“Significantly, included in the offences with which (he) was then charged was an offence of possession of child pornography,” Justice Simpson said.


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  1. Marye jane Nicholson says:

    This man tried to groom my son (then aged 8) in the late 1970’s. I worked with Rod Booth in an architectural firm in Sydney.

    • bill collis says:

      hello Marye jane.. my wife and I met you and your late husband some years ago at a party for rod at you home.. obviously prior to all this coming out..
      If rod tried to groom your son in the late 70’s this means that he was still married to Margaret.. they separated in wifes nephew was a victim of Rod from approx. 1985 -1994 ..
      When this all came out, we worked closely with the police whilst keeping a stage front with Rod lest he found out about the investigations…. very difficult and trying times for our famiies.
      My wife Lyn worked with Rod at J&G in the early 70’s which is how we met..
      Margaret was bridesmaid at our wedding and believe or not, rod was my Best man… how wrong can one be..
      I try to keep tabs on Rods movements but he seems to have dropped off the radar in the past two years..
      He was an active member of the Queanbeyan Arts society until I alerted them of his past..
      He was living in Queanbeyan and his apartment was equal distance from two primary schools..
      I wrote / emailed both of these schools to alert them of his presence and proximity but only ever heard back from one of these schools thanking me for bringing this to their attention… I think that I also cc’d in the Queanbeyan Police.
      do you know where he is now..??
      does anyone know his whereabouts..??

  2. Chris says:

    Rod groomed my mate and almost groomed me… Some of those photos are of me and my mate “chucking a brown-eye” for the camera. (To non-Aussies that is simply mooning the camera).

    I remember when the D’s showed me the pictures while taking my statement.

    I would like to know where he is hiding.

    • bill collis says:

      hello Chris.. I wrote the above last year and he seems to have dropped off the radar..
      please let me know if you catch up with him… I have a special place reserved for him… about 6 feet down.. were you a friend of Matthews..??

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