Danial John Boyce

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Danial John Boyce pictured in court. Source: Herald Sun


Teacher jailed for student sex

  • From:AAP
  • October 13, 2010 4:47PM

AN ENGLISH teacher who had sex with a 15-year-old student and then asked her to lie about the relationship has been jailed for three years.

Danial John Boyce, 29, had sex with the girl three times between August and September 2008, after the girl sent him naked images of herself over the internet, the Victorian County Court heard.

Boyce was the girl’s English teacher at a country Victorian school and initially tried to dissuade her from contacting him on the internet, the court heard.

But he later gave the girl his phone number and they became more friendly.

The relationship was revealed after the images were discovered during routine maintenance on Boyce’s school computer, the court heard today.

While on bail, police recorded Boyce telling the girl to “say it never happened” and that previous allegations were a lie.Related Coverage

After initially denying the relationship to police, Boyce confessed and pleaded guilty to sexual penetration of a child under 16 under his care, supervision or authority and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Today, Judge Liz Gaynor jailed Boyce for three years and ordered he serve a minimum of 18 months in prison.

Having already served 400 days in custody, Boyce could walk free from jail in less than six months.

Judge Gaynor said the victim impact statements showed the girl was vulnerable and needed to be protected from forming a sexual relationship – regardless of whether she wanted the relationship – with someone older and in a position of trust over her.

“She was a child,” Judge Gaynor said.

“She and her mother should have been able to rely on you as a teacher to protect (her).

“I do accept that this relationship has caused her harm and disrupted her progress in life.”

Boyce wrote to Judge Gaynor expressing remorse and saying there was no-one to blame but himself.

“I had sex with a young girl … someone far too young for my age,” Boyce wrote in the letter.

Judge Gaynor said up until his offending Boyce had “risen fairly heroically” from his troubled family life.

Boyce’s mother physically and emotionally abused him and they lived in a house full of animals and animal excrement, the court heard.

Boyce will be a registered sex offender for 15 years.

Details of the school involved and the town where the offences took place cannot be revealed for legal reasons.


Judge’s student sex warning during Danial John Boyce case

  • By Daniel Fogarty
  • From:AAP
  • September 28, 2010 7:46PM
  • Teacher pleads guilty to child sex offence
  • Judge says it’s not clear enough it’s a crime
  • “Schools may need to make it far clearer”

SCHOOLS need to do more to make it clear to teachers that sexual relationships with their students are illegal, a judge has said.

The message must be reinforced that whether or not they teach the student themselves, it is a criminal offence for them to have sex with an under-age pupil at their school, Victorian County Court judge Liz Gaynor said.

Judge Gaynor’s comments came during a pre-sentence hearing for country Victorian teacher Danial John Boyce, 29, who pleaded guilty to sexual penetration of a child under 16 in his care, supervision or authority.

Boyce had a one-month sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female student after she sent him photos of herself over an internet messaging program.

The pair had consensual sex three times, the court heard today.

After his arrest Boyce contacted the student, telling her what to say to investigators, the court was told.

This resulted in a further charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice, to which Boyce also pleaded guilty.

Details of the school involved and the town where the offences took place cannot be revealed for legal reasons.

Judge Gaynor said it needed to be made clear to teachers that such relationships were not only morally wrong, but also illegal.

“Schools may need to make it far clearer in my view what the legal consequences are, particularly (in) secondary schools where teenagers are sexually active a lot earlier these days,” she said.

“The fact is that this is a criminal offence is not made sufficiently clear to teachers.”

Boyce, who was 27 at the time, was in his second year as a secondary school teacher, having previously been a primary school teacher, his barrister Esther James told the court.

She said the student had become infatuated with him.

Ms James said her client’s actions were “unwise” and “foolish”.

Judge Gaynor will sentence Boyce, who has already spent 385 days in custody, on October 10.

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  1. Blcb says:


    I was at the school when this was happening. He took my class once, he opened his laptop and is started making porn noises.

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