Trevor Andrew Bransgrove

Posted: October 19, 2012 by Serendipity in Photo, Victoria
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Bransgrove – Trevor Andrew - Photo

Escaped killer recaptured

September 4, 2003 – 4:17PM

Convicted Victorian killer Trevor Bransgrove, who escaped while on supervised day leave, has been recaptured.

Police said Bransgrove, 37, was caught by police in Grey Street in St Kilda in Melbourne about 3.30pm (AEST).

A police spokeswoman said he was taken to the St Kilda Road police centre for questioning.

Bransgrove was serving a 14-year sentence at Langi Kal Kal medium security prison near Ballarat when he escaped from his guard on Tuesday in a local shopping centre.

It followed the escape of John Clifford Kelly, 27, and Simon Andrew Balmer, 33, from a minimum-security jail in Gippsland on Monday night and that of Paul Anderson, 27, from the Dhurringile medium-security prison near Shepparton over the weekend.

Bransgrove, who was seven years into his term, is also a convicted paedophile.

He has reportedly been convicted 17 times since 1984 for crimes including sexual penetration of a child under 10 and armed robbery.

In May 1996, he pleaded guilty to the stabbing murder of Paul James Ross at a Seaford caravan park in Melbourne’s south east.

During the attack, which lasted more than 45 minutes, Bransgrove cut Mr Ross’s throat, kicked him, punched him and fractured his skull.


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  1. Correction Victoria needs to take a long hard look at its self on its rehab rights to recidivist inmates!

  2. For the critics, and bleeding hearts that feel sorry for these filthy grubs and deserve better rehab, just take a minute and look into their soulless eyes, and think if you were on the Adult Parole Board in Victoria, would you be fooled by them into thinking they have be rehabilitated and cured for all time and – safe for free release , just because they sat through a jail sex offenders course and passed with lying colours and cunningly behaved themselves, as they all appear to – and fool all the best of the academics and psychologists and psychiatrists , The Corrections sex therapist has then deemed them now harmless to let back into the community. And the Adult Parole Board gives them a tick and a free GPS ankle bracelet to wear. They now think that they are no longer a danger of re-offending. Even though they have been known to cut the tracking bracelet of, or render them not to work!………………………………………………………………………………………………………. I can honestly say what my judgement on them would be. Zero Tolerance, Three Strikes there out- no more freedom- Throw away the key!
    One more thing for those, that are still not convinced, that they are now no longer a risk of reoffending on another victim. Look into their eyes again, think to your self, would you feel comfortable to leave these recidivist sex offenders in the un supervised company of any of your children or grand child. And also take a good look at the mugshots of the registered known paedophiles and sex offending creeps on the MAKO, mugshot files. www. Movement Against Kindred Offenders. anyone that still feels the deserve another chance and would feel safe living near them, well do so at your own risk, or perhaps go and visit them at their protected jail village compound, at just one of the many of them like H.M.Ararat Prison – Corella Place, better known as Village of the Damned!…………………………………………………………………………..

    Further reading on-line!…. On Corella Place- Serial Paedophile, serious sex offenders protection village of the Damned…………………..

    Village of the Damned- written by Serendipity. Aussie Sex Offenders.

    Village of the Damned – 7 July 2007- http://www.herald

    Crisis talks after Jail rapists simply walk out of Village of the Damned.

    Ararat Sex predators caught in country.

    Victoria Crisis talks after Jailed Rapist. MAKO/Files.

    Pedophile ‘Tests’ in Shopping Malls – Don’t let Monsters…………..

    MAKO/File – Brian Keith Jones – Mr Baldy – Paedophile………..

    MAKO/File – Mark Anthony Jewell – Armidale Rapist……………

  3. The Real Story – Human Headline The Official Derryn Hinch Website.

  4. Human Hinch Tube : Hinch Arrested (2014). & Predator Alert: Briscoe.

  5. Zoe says:

    I met Trevor back in 2009, I had no idea who he was or his criminal history, he seemed nice enough
    Unfortunately for myself I found out the hard way wat a truly evil creature he truly was
    I had no idea until weeks later wat had happened to me as I woke up in a hospital bed after having an almost fatal dose of his prescription medication & he managed to convince everybody I’d just sleep it off & he will make sure nothing happened to me & would call if he believed I needed the hospital
    No1 knew his criminal history or the type of animal he truly was, he seemed kind & caring, a gentle person, he manipulated every1 including myself that he was a decent person when really his intentions wer evil
    I layer unconcious on a bed for 24hours before paramedics wer called, I don’t no how long I had been in the hospital in a semi conscious state before I regained full conciousness but I spent the next week on suicide watch with a 24 hour nurse by my side every second of the day, still no1 actually knew wat he had done to me in my unconscious state before the ambulance was called
    The details gradually started falling into place & piecing together wat he had done to me
    By that time he was long gone, never to return
    The day After i was finally released from hospital, (Before the details unravelled, painting the evil picture) he made me sit & talk to him about how much my suicide attempt had upset him so much that he turned to injecting heroin in his veins which was my fault cos I upset & worried him so much
    I thort at the time that I must hav tried committing suicide but could never figure out why CIA I woke up in a good mood, had a drink, remember taking 1 tablet, next thing I knew it was 3 days later in hospital

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