Convicted pedophile Desmond George Buckby too big a danger for release

  • Tony Keim
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • June 09, 2011 12:00AM

ONE of Queensland’s most dangerous convicted pedophiles – who breached a supervised release order when he was caught watching television with five children – is to remain behind bars indefinitely.

A Brisbane Supreme Court judge, in a just published decision, has ordered Vietnam veteran Desmond George Buckby to continue to be detained – despite having completed a decade-long prison term four years ago – because he was too great a risk of reoffending.

Justice John Byrne, in a six-page written decision, said there was “no practicable supervision order” that could “afford adequate protection to the community against the risk (Buckby) represents”.

The Courier-Mail in May last year revealed Buckby faced bleak prospects of ever being released when Justice Ann Lyons ordered his continued detention because of his “persistence for molesting young girls” and danger to the community.

Buckby, 63, was released from prison in April 2007 after spending more than 10 years behind bars for child sex offences – which included the sodomising of a 10-year-old girl.

He was detained again in December that year after Corrective Services officers found his neighbour’s five children watching a DVD inside his Townsville unit.

The contact with the children was a breach of a 40-point community release supervision order, which expressly prohibited the convicted pedophile from having any contact with children.

After his arrest, Buckby claimed the children were just friends and that in the past he had bought presents and cooked for them.

In December 2007, Justice Margaret White withdrew Buckby’s initial supervision order and instructed he be kept in custody “for an indefinite term for control, care and treatment”.

The order to detain Buckby under Queensland’s Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act was continued by Justice Deb Mullins in June 2009.

In May last year, Justice Lyons, in a 10-page decision, said Buckby’s failure to engage in rehabilitation and risk of re-offending was too great to release him under a supervision order.

“Psychiatric evidence unequivocally indicates that (Buckby) presents as a serious danger to the community in the absence of … (an) order,” she said.

“I consider that given (Buckby’s) failure to engage in rehabilitation, the persistence of his offending against pre-pubertal girls, his lack of insight into his offending as well as his persistent denial of some of his offending that he is not suitable for a supervision order.

“I do not consider that any conditions which could be imposed would adequately address the risk which (Buckby) poses.

In 2009, Justice Mullins was told Buckby had completed an introductory sexual offenders course, but refused to participate further, despite psychiatric recommendations to do so.

Last week’s decision by Justice Byrne to order Buckby’s on-going detention was part of the convicted sex offender’s entitlement to review of his case.

“No proposal was advanced on (Buckby’s) behalf which might involve a supervision order that had fair prospects of providing adequate protection to the community,” Justice Byrne said.

“It seems likely that any supervision order which was not so intensively supervised as to provide a real practical impediment could form a satisfactory basis for this mans release on supervision.”

Serial paedophile Desmond George Buckby to stay in jail

Melanie Petrinec

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

© The Cairns Post

A SERIAL paedophile who drugged and sexually abused two young girls at a Far Northern caravan park in 2003 has been deemed too dangerous to release back into the community.

Former Cairns man Desmond George Buckby, 63, will stay behind bars indefinitely after Attorney-General Paul Lucas successfully applied for a continuing detention order in the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Buckby has served numerous jail terms across the country since 1981, including a four-year sentence imposed in Cairns District Court in 2004 for indecently dealing with two girls, aged 11 and 8, at a Cooktown caravan park. He was released from jail in May 2007 against recommendations from psychiatrists, but within five months, was put behind bars again for breaching his supervision order when authorities found him alone with five children in a Townsville unit.

In a decision published yesterday, Justice John Byrne said Buckby’s history of reoffending made it “tolerably clear” a supervision order was not enough to keep the community safe. “He remains … a very high risk of offending sexually against children if allowed back into the community,” Justice Byrne said.

Within a year of finishing a 10-year sentence for indecently dealing with numerous children, he abused and took explicit photos of the two girls at Cooktown, who had been permitted to stay in his caravan by their parents.

Buckby gave the children tablets telling them they were lollies and tests later revealed the girls had low levels of the insomnia drug Tamazepam in their systems.

He has refused to complete a high-intensity sex offender program since his arrest in 2007 and the Attorney-General has applied successfully each year since to keep him behind bars.

Child protection advocate Hetty Johnson, of Bravehearts, applauded the decision to keep Buckby in prison.

Buckby stripped of freedom for befriending kids

Christine Flatley | December 8, 2007 – 10:32AM

A serial paedophile found with five children at his Townsville unit will remain behind bars indefinitely.

A decision handed down in the Queensland Supreme Court yesterday strips Desmond George Buckby, 60, of his freedom and orders he “be detained in custody for an indefinite term for control, care and treatment”.

Buckby was released from prison in April after spending more than a decade behind bars for child sex crimes, including the sodomy of a 10-year-old girl.

He has a history of similar offences dating back to 1990.

Prior to his release, psychiatrists warned Buckby was at a high risk of re-offending.

He was, however, released under a 40-point supervision order that prohibited him from having any contact with children.

Just six months after his release he was re-arrested after officers from the Department of Corrective Services found his neighbour’s five children watching a DVD inside his unit at Townsville, in far north Queensland.

Buckby told the Supreme Court in Brisbane earlier this week that he simply wanted “to be friends” with the children, and that he regularly bought them presents and cooked for them.

Justice Margaret White yesterday rescinded the original supervision order made on April 12 and ordered Buckby remain behind bars.

Justice White stated that Buckby had “demonstrated bad judgment” by making friends with the neighbours’ children.

Justice White noted supervision orders only protected the community if the released prisoner was able to make value judgments about their own conduct.

Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine, who sought the continuing detention order, said the case proved the government’s supervision of sex offenders in the community was working.

“The good work of Queensland Corrective Services officers led to this man being caught before he could commit an offence against these children,” Mr Shine said in a statement.

“He has been in prison since being detained by Queensland Corrective Services officers when he was detected with the children in October.”

Mr Shine said the government would not tolerate breaches of supervision orders by sex offenders.

“If an offender is brought back before the court for breaching their supervision order then I will apply for them to be subject to a continuing detention order, as I have in this case,” he said.

“If the Supreme Court decides to release these offenders back into the community we will watch them like a hawk, they will be subject to strict conditions including electronic monitoring and a curfew.”


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