David James Cabrera

Posted: October 21, 2012 by Serendipity in Location, Photo, South Australia
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Man caught with child porn twice breached sentencing terms

HE WAS caught with more than 3000 images of child pornography but David James Cabrera avoided going to jail.

In August 2009, the Port Augusta Magistrates Court ruled a two-year good-behaviour bond, a $296 fine and the confiscation of his computers was penalty enough.

Just seven months later, however, police caught Cabrera in the midst of rebuilding his collection on a new computer. Yesterday, Cabrera admitted breaching the terms of his suspended sentence by committing two acts of possessing child pornography.

He is now liable to serve not only the original sentence, but also whatever penalty is deemed appropriate by the District Court.

Cabrera, 46, of Linden Park, first came to the attention of police in August 2008.

Officers found 1798 still images, and three videos, of child pornography on his IBM-brand computer, and a further 1350 still images on his Hewlett-Packard computer.

A year later, Magistrate Clive Kitchin jailed Cabrera for 13 months, with a six-month non-parole period. He suspended that sentence, however, on condition of a two-year bond.

In the District Court yesterday, Cabrera admitted breaching that bond on March 30 last year, when he was found in possession of more illicit images.

Lawyers for Cabrera asked for a four-week adjournment to seek psychological reports about their client.

Judge Simon Stretton agreed, saying he would view the images in the meantime via a secure laptop. “Once I’ve seen them, the images will be deleted so as to minimise the risk of any accidental dissemination of the material,” he said.

He remanded Cabrera on continuing bail for sentencing submissions next month.


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  1. Nick Adams says:

    He lives next door to me and I hate it! I have two children and I fear for them. We live approximately 330 metres from Linden Park Primary School and he is allowed to live so close. I would love to see him move somewhere else…

  2. Nick Adams says:

    Seems now his son is coming to live with him. He should be banned from being around any child, including his own. Our judicial system just does not work.

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