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Child-sex predator Philip Cave found guilty of another offence

By Candice Prosser

Posted yesterday at 6:10pm

A serial child-sex predator who is already serving a jail term of more than three decades has been found guilty of another offence.

Philip Cave, 67, was jailed for 50 years with a non-parole term of 33 years for sexually abusing children since the 1970s.

The Adelaide District Court previously heard he passed some of his victims over to other paedophiles, one of them the former children’s television host Ric Marshall.

It heard he used alcohol and cigarettes to lure victims and also tried to impress them with his car.

A judge has now found Cave guilty of persistent sexual exploitation of a child more than a decade ago.

He befriended the victim’s mother via a dating column, the court heard, then regularly abused the 12-year-old boy.

Judge Geraldine Davison said it was clear Cave had a prurient sexual interest in the boy, whose evidence she accepted beyond doubt.

“His account of this offending was so raw and heartfelt with so much detail and so genuine that, even making allowance for demeanour not being the overriding consideration, I am satisfied that he was a truthful and reliable witness,” she said.

The boy was from a disadvantaged family and vulnerable, she said.

Judge Davison rejected a defence view the allegations were implausible and the court will hear sentencing submissions next month.

Cave’s lawyer told the court little would be achieved by adding to his client’s “crushing” jail term.

Evil pedophile Philip Cave jailed until 93

  • by: Court Reporter Philip Cave
  • From: AdelaideNow
  • December 02, 2011 4:53PM

SERIAL paedophile Philip Cave has been jailed yet again, and will not be eligible for release on parole until he is 93-years-old.

The District Court today ordered Cave, 61, serve 14 years’ jail for six counts of persistent sexual exploitation of a child and one count of unlawful sexual intercourse.

In sentencing, Judge Paul Rice said adding his penalty onto Cave’s existing jail terms would result in a sentence of 54 years, with a 36-year non-parole period.

“In making these orders, I am conscious of the fact that you may die in custody,” he said.

“Stepping back and looking at totality, there is scope for a modest reduction of the end result.

“(The) non-parole period reduced to 33 years.”

Cave’s offending history dates back 40 years and includes incidents in which he abused boys and then “farmed them out” to other paedophiles.

His colleagues included child molester and TV host Ric Marshall.

In December last year, one of Cave’s previous victims dubbed him “evil” and said the paedophile had “poisoned” his life.

Today, Judge Rice struggled to describe the impact of Cave’s latest crimes.

“The victim impact statements make harrowing reading… whole lives have been ruined,” he said.

Judge Rice said he doubted a jail term would serve to deter Cave from further offending, should he live to be released.

“You would be released on parole when you were aged 93 years,” he said.

Paedophile pleads guilty to more charges

Posted Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:38pm AEDT

A paedophile who sexually abused children for decades has pleaded guilty in the South Australian District Court to more offending.

Philip Cave, 60, pleaded guilty to persistent sexual exploitation of two boys in the 1990s, including forcing them to perform sex acts on each other.

He denied further sex crimes against young boys and girls and will stand trial.

Cave has already pleaded guilty to another set of offences against three boys.

The victims in that matter told the court their lives have been ruined because of what they went through.

One told Cave he was evil and says he hopes Cave will go through hell now he is facing the consequences of his crimes.

Cave is already serving 18 years for sexually abusing six boys in the 1970s.

He lured those boys with his car, cigarettes and alcohol and also passed some of them onto other paedophiles.

The case was adjourned until February.

Six men tell of abuse as children

Posted Thu Feb 28, 2008 12:38pm AEDT
Updated Thu Feb 28, 2008 12:50pm AEDT

Six men have told the District Court in Adelaide that their lives were deeply affected, and in some cases ruined, by a serial paedophile who abused them as children in the 1970s.

Philip Cave, 57, of Cumberland Park has been in custody since he was arrested 18 months ago.

Last month he admitted to sexually abusing six teenage boys between 1971 and 1978.

Cave’s victims told the District Court today they had lost self esteem, confidence, marriages, employment and even the will to live because of the abuse.

One man said Cave had passed him on to other abusers.

Another said he was laughed at by police when he had tried to complain.

The court heard some of the victims had turned to alcohol or drugs to try to cope and one admitted he still had not told his former wife or children that he had been abused.

Judge Rauf Soulio thanked the men and said they had been courageous to appear.

Cave is yet to be sentenced.


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