Scott Douglas Campbell

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Daily Mercury

Porn sent to ‘teen’ police officer

23rd December 2011

SCOTT Douglas Campbell used an internet chatroom to send 12 sexually explicit pictures to a 14-year-old girl in Brisbane.

However, the girl turned out to be an adult, female undercover police officer.

The 37-year-old plant operator, who works at hinterland mines, pleaded guilty in the Mackay Magistrate’s Court yesterday to exposing indecent matter to a child under 16. The photos Campbell sent to the girl were of a former female friend. They were images of her naked, up close and personal, and performing sexual acts.

The undercover police officer tried to contact Campbell months later but he did not reply, so his East Mackay residence was raided and the images were found on his computer, prosecutor Bimal Raut told the court.

A print-out of the chat he had with the alleged 14-year-old girl was also shown to him and he admitted the contents of the print-out was his.

Solicitor Robert Kern, of Wright, Wright and Condie, said Campbell was affected by alcohol and was using legally-purchased synthetic marijuana.

Since the incident Campbell has been doing counselling and had stopped using alcohol and other substances.

“He is very sorry and he has a great insight into what he’s done,” Mr Kern said.

Campbell was jailed for six months, suspended immediately for 12 months.

How it happened

  •  On June 8 Campbell sent indecent pictures to 14-year-old “Crystal” of a naked woman in sexual poses, doing sexual acts
  •  On November 20, “Crystal” tries to contact him via the internet but he doesn’t reply
  •  ”Crystal” turns out to be an undercover female police officer
  •  On November 22 his unit is searched and the indecent pictures are found on his computer
  • Solicitor Robert Kern: He wants to say to the general community how sorry and ashamed he is.


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