Ronald Norman Colby

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In March , 2012, Colby approached a 12-year-old boy outside the Thuringowa Library, 

kissing him on the forehead and cradling him “like a baby”. The latest attack happened 

12 days after being released from jail in relation to previous offences. He could be out 

in as little as 11 months.

Sex fiend walks free


October 1st, 2009

A FORMER teacher’s aide at several local schools who has pleaded guilty to a history of child exploitation and sexual abuse stretching back 20 years is free again on the streets of Townsville today.

Ronald Norman Colby, 61, was released from custody yesterday, unsupervised and with no conditions on his movements, after he pleaded guilty and was sentenced for nine state and Commonwealth sex offences.

The court heard that Colby was employed as a teacher’s aide and computer boffin at several Townsville schools when he was arrested and charged with multiple paedophile offences in September 2007.

In material supplied to the court, Commonwealth Crown prosecutor Dearne Kraschnefski revealed that Australian Customs provided the spark for the serial offender’s downfall when they discovered Colby was importing child abuse pornography from overseas suppliers.

The authorities traced eBay sales of the illegal child exploitation material to Colby’s Townsville address, and on September 18, 2007, Customs officers and local police made a joint raid on his home in Bligh St, Kirwan.

It was only then that they realised they had unearthed a much more widespread and sinister pattern of offending, much of it centred on local children.

Queensland Crown prosecutor Andrew Lowrie said the police found hundreds of A4-size colour photographs of nude under-age boys, many younger than 10, on display in Colby’s bedroom and other areas of his home.

Many of the images involved sexual posing and activity by the children with each other.

In a bizarre and gruesome twist, police found several colour photographs of young boys being circumcised.

There were more than 80 explicit photographs in Colby’s bedroom, crowding the shelves and walls.

It was later revealed Colby had taken some of the pictures, featuring boys from the Townsville area.

In a police interview Colby admitted he had taken some of the photos and told police he kept the photos around him because he said he saw them as ‘his family and his company’.

The Customs officers seized 126 DVDs Colby had brought in to the country in two and a half years, and detectives removed computers and 20 hard drives.

Seven of the hard drives were found to contain more images of naked boys in various sexual poses and activities. There was also several text stories about adults having sex with underage boys.

More than 2600 illicit images and texts were found on the hard drives.

Local authorities became alarmed when they started to suspect that several of the boys in the pictures were local Townsville youngsters who probably had attended schools where Colby had worked.

They immediately mounted a widespread doorknock seeking victims and subsequently, eight charges of indecent dealing with three minors were brought against Colby.

The doorknock inquiries revealed that Colby’s offending had started as far back as 1986.

Material handed up in court confirmed that Colby had preyed on the friends of his own children who had come to his then Hermit Park address for sleepovers.

Colby took photographs of his touching and inappropriate behaviour with the children, often in the shower.

No suggestion was made to the court that he had interfered with his own children.

Adding a surreal note to the proceedings yesterday in District Court four was the sight of Colby, thin with a long flowing white beard, sitting impassively with a swine flu mask over his face, because it was thought he may have the virus.

Judge Stuart Durward SC took more than half an hour to review the case and condemn Colby’s offending.

He imposed concurrent terms of two years and nine months for the Commonwealth illegal importation charge and possession of the child exploitation material, and for some of the sexual offences.

Lesser terms were imposed for the other offences, ranging from two and a half years to 12 months, all to be served concurrently.

Because Colby has been in custody since his arrest, some two years and three weeks, Judge Durward directed that sentencing guidelines required that that time already served meant Colby should be released immediately.

Colby could not be paroled if he was to be released immediately because of legal technicalities and was allowed to go free with the remaining nine months of his sentence suspended for an operation period of two years and nine months from yesterday.

Unlike offenders released on parole or probation, Colby will not be under any supervision or restrictions other than he must not commit a jailable offence for the operational period, and as a sex offender, report once a year to the police and notify them of any change of address.

It is not known if Colby intends to remain in Townsville or where he is now living.


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