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Posted: October 23, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland
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Wife stands by UQ child porn criminal

Marissa Calligeros

December 1, 2011 – 1:05PM

A former senior IT officer with the University of Queensland will spend Christmas behind bars after admitting to accessing more than 5000 child pornography images.

Brett Cravaliat, 32, pleaded guilty today in Brisbane District Court to three charges relating to accessing and possessing child exploitation material and making it available on the internet.

Police with Taskforce Argos raided the Seventeen Mile Rocks home that Cravaliat shared with his wife and seized his personal computer and laptop in August 2009.

The raid occurred after Australian Federal Police received a tip-off from authorities in Germany.

The federal police identified Cravaliat after searching for people offering to share a particular child pornography file on an online peer-to-peer network.

Forensic examination of Cravaliat’s six computer hard drives revealed the IT technician had accessed 5722 child pornography images and 72 videos containing child exploitation material showing bondage and bestiality involving children over 16 months between March 2008 and July 2009.

He saved 996 images and 33 videos to his personal computer.

Prosecutor Ben Satiu told the court 75 per cent of the images accessed by Cravaliat were in the worst category.

He said it was estimated that up to 100 children were victimised in the making of the images and videos Cravaliat downloaded.

“A sentence of imprisonment is appropriate in all the circumstances of this case,” he said.

Cravaliat’s defence barrister Andrew Boe urged Judge Sarah Bradley to take into account his client’s efforts in rehabilitation and the public shaming he had suffered.

“He has low prospects of reoffending,” Mr Boe said.

He told the court Cravaliat’s wife, who sat in the public gallery, continued to support her husband despite the charges against him.

Cravaliat resigned from his position at the University of Queensland, ahead of his sentencing today.

He told police following his arrest he had been depressed, but his anti-depressant medication was not working when he started accessing child pornography.

Cravaliat said he had been sickened by the material and deleted some of it, but became curious and continued to search for it online.

Judge Bradley described Cravaliat’s offending as “horrendous”, saying such behaviour should be denounced by the courts.

“This is not a victimless crime,” she said.

“Somewhere in the world children are being exploited … in this horrendous way for the sexual gratification of people like you.”

She said it was not unusual for offenders of these crimes to be otherwise upstanding citizens, as in Cravaliat’s case.

“It is just another illustration of this insidious industry,” she said.

Cravaliat was sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment for each of the three charges against him including using a carriage service to access child exploitation material; using a carriage service to make child pornography material available; and, knowingly possessing child exploitation material.

However, he will be released from prison after serving three months behind bars.

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