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Posted: October 23, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland, Suspended Sentence
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Dentist suspended over online paraphilia addiction

June 16, 2006 – 2:16PM

A Brisbane dentist who was addicted to cyber sex has been suspended from practising for 12 months.

Trevor David Cullen, 50, had pleaded guilty in the Health Practitioner’s Tribunal to unsatisfactory professional conduct.

In 2004, Cullen was sentenced to an 18 months wholly suspended sentence after pleading guilty in the District Court in Brisbane to one charge of attempting to procure a child under 16 for an indecent act and two of attempting to taking a child under 16 for immoral purposes.

He was caught in a police sting in December 2000, when a police officer posed as a 12-year-old girl.

In explicit internet conversations Cullen promised to teach her how to kiss and masturbate, and he twice turned up to meetings he had arranged, after originally meeting her in a sexually oriented chat room.

Tribunal chairman, District Court Judge Michael Forde, in handing down the 12-month suspension, today said according to psychological reports, Cullen was not a pedophile.

Instead, he said he was addicted to paraphilia, which meant he was obsessively dependent on fantasy sex for erotic arousal, in this case via the internet.

Cullen, who has not practised as a dentist for 12 months, is studying a Bachelor of Applied Science.

His 12-month suspension by the tribunal is effective immediately and he will be subject to a raft of conditions for three years, including that he be chaperoned whenever treating a child.

Dentist sentenced for luring ‘child’ over Internet

Posted Fri Aug 13, 2004 7:51pm AEST

A Brisbane dentist has faced court over attempting to procure a 12-year-old girl over the internet for sex.

Trevor David Cullen, 48, pleaded guilty in the District Court in Brisbane to three charges involving having explicit sexual conversations with the girl and arranging to meet.

Cullen was arrested after turning up to meet the girl, who was really a police officer posing as a child in Internet chat rooms.

The judge said even though no actual child was involved, it called for a deterrent sentence.

He sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment wholly suspended.

Yesterday, a 31-year-old man was sentenced to three years jail for recruiting underage schoolgirls over the Internet and meeting them for sex.


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