Jeffrey Wayne Davie

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Davie was released in May 2017. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Rothman allowed Davies, who posed a “very high risk (unmedicated) of reoffending”, to be released into the community on an extended supervision order (ESO) so long as he started taking the drugs a month before.



Jeffrey Wayne Davie was due to walk free from jail in six weeks but will be kept in jail to be psychiatrically assessed. The matter returns to court later this month.


Appeal by pedophile dismissed

Newcastle Herald – GR – 01/02/2008 – Page 7

A CONVICTED pedophile who assaulted a young boy in a toilet block two years after being released from jail after serving time for similar offences has lost an appeal against his conviction.

Jeffrey Wayne Davie, 39, had appealed on the grounds that the trial judge had erred three times in his directions to the jury during a Newcastle District Court trial.

Davie had pleaded not guilty to three offences relating to the assault on the boy, 9, in a toilet block during a function on May 25, 2005.

He was found guilty and later sentenced to 10 years’ jail with a non-parole period of 61/2 years.

Davie had appealed to the Court of Criminal Appeal that the trial judge had erred in his directions to the jury relating to complaint evidence, DNA evidence and in a response to a jury question. The Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed all three appeals.

After his conviction in February 2006, The Herald revealed Davie had volunteered for work with the State Emergency Service and Newcastle Knights within months of being released.

10 years’ jail over abuse of boy in toilets

Newcastle Herald – GR – 22/09/2006 – Page 22

A MAN found guilty of sexually assaulting a boy at a State Emergency Service function was sentenced in Newcastle District Court yesterday to 10 years’ jail.

Judge Ralph Coolahan backdated his sentence for Jeffrey Wayne Davie to May 27 last year, when he was taken into custody, and ordered that he serve a minimum 61/2-years’ jail.

Davie, 37, of Lister Avenue, Beresfield, had pleaded not guilty on February 6 this year to having in the Newcastle district on May 25 last year had sexual intercourse with a boy aged nine, indecently assaulted him and committed an act of indecency towards him.

A jury found him guilty of all charges on February 15.

Judge Coolahan said there appeared to have been little premeditation in Davie’s offences. There was no evidence the offender knew the boy would be present on the evening, which was a training night and a social function.

The judge said the offences, committed inside a toilet cubicle over a short time, were opportunistic and did not involve penetration or violence.

Offences against young children were always to be regarded most seriously and those committed by Davie were deserving of the utmost censure.

General deterrence had to feature highly in sentencing considerations. And specific deterrence was a relevant factor in light of the offender’s criminal history.

He said that in 1992 Davie was sentenced to eight years’ jail with an additional four years for having homosexual intercourse with boys, and on other matters.

Davie had served most of this sentence and was released in March 2003. He was not on parole when he committed the latest offences.

He had fixed a shorter than normal non-parole period but only on the basis that Davie would be serving his sentence under protection, Judge Coolahan said.

Davie’s mother, Margaret Davie, said her son would appeal against his convictions and sentence.

Davie was a volunteer with the SES and a volunteer toilet cleaner at Newcastle Knights home games at the time of his offences.

He had these roles despite being on a register that banned him from working near children.


Newcastle Hearld – 01/06/2005 – Page 15


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I unfortunatly was friends with this man back in the 80’s and 90’s thank god i didnt have children back then.
    He got caught because he put photos of his crimes into another friends shop to be developed she alerted the police thankfully.

    I also knew one of the victims and his brother i hope he never gets released
    It doesn’t mention he was in the army reserves in the 90’s when he got caught

    • Serendipity says:

      Thanks for letting us know about the army reserves. He lived in the street that lead to the local pool, sports ground & skate park. Wonder if he stood in his front yard & watched the children play.

  2. KS says:

    My son was one of his öriginal”victims. I say öriginal in inverted commas because he was also arrested when he 16 for the same thing but no charges were laid because he was released into his mothers care. He babysat my son for 2 years and it was actually my son coming to me when he was 6 that broke the case.. He was recommended to me by a local pastor that preached at the nursing home I worked at because he worked for their Sunday school. He was also a scout leader at the time.This guy will NEVER be rehabilitated because his mother condones everything he does. Shes as bad as he is in my eyes.. Hope they lock him up and throw away the keys

    • Serendipity says:

      I have always said that he is more of a danger than ferguson. At least we knew what ferguson looked like but most do not know what davie looks like. Can he see the swimming pool, sports grounds & skatebowl at the end of his street. Is he watching?

      • KS says:

        I couldnt agree more. I had a picture of him taken at my sons 3rd birthday but when I found out what he’d done to my son, I threw it out. I wish I hadnt because Id love to show the world what he looks like. Mind you he was only 23 when all this happened and has probably changed

  3. Serendipity says:

    Kerri, I would like to ask a couple of questions. Could you please email me.
    ozpaedserendipity at gmail dot com

  4. KS says:

    Have sent you an email

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