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Mascot caught with child porn

By Evelyn Yamine

October 16, 2006 12:00

HE spent his time hanging around children at football games as the Penrith Panthers mascot “Paws”.

But Paws’ alter ego Brian James Davis has lost the honour after being charged with possessing child pornography.

Davis, 38, appeared in Penrith Local Court last week after pleading guilty but his case was adjourned so he could undergo psychiatric assessment.

Davis, who suffers from the genetic disorder achondroplasia, commonly known as dwarfism, had 17 photographs of boys and girls – aged from about seven to 15 – performing sexual acts, saved on his laptop.

Police were made aware of the images after Davis’ room mates – who he allowed to use his computer – stumbled upon the file.

A roommate asked her friend to help her download music for her iPod and when they found the photographs on August 27 they were “repulsed”, according to police.

They downloaded the images and took them to police.

Once police viewed the images on August 31, they obtained a search warrant and went to Davis’ Kingswood home to seize his laptop computer, a hard drive and a digital camera.

When a detective asked Davis if he had any child pornography on his computer, he replied: “There might be one or two naked males.”

He was arrested and while being interviewed he told police that the people he chatted to on various internet chat rooms sent him photographs which he saved on to his computer.

He stated that there were “lots of male child pornogrphy” but that “does nothing for me. I have no use for it”.

He told police he kept on thinking of deleting the images but did not, even though there “was no reason to have them”.

A Penrith Panthers spokesman confirmed Davis’ employment – as Paws and as a bartender – was terminated after he was charged.

A short pre-sentence report has been ordered. A probation officer said more information was needed so the matter was adjourned until later this year.

Davis, who has been ordered to stay away from children under the age of 18 as part of his bail conditions.


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