Andrew Mark Hugh Dickeson

Posted: October 27, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland
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Dickeson has walked from Gympie District Court, after a judge referred to limitations on his sentencing power.

Dickeson, 43, had been diagnosed as socially inept and fantasy ridden and also had multiple personality disorder, Judge Long noted in his sentencing remarks.

He was being dealt with after he pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent treatment of a boy, 12, by photographing him with Dickeson’s partly undressed then partner, former Gympie nurse Kaja Francesca Drake.

Dickeson also pleaded guilty to possessing a substantial collection of child pornography, 12 charges of failing to report contact with children as required by a court order and two of breaching a young girl’s privacy by making secret recordings of her.

He ordered Dickeson be on probation for three years, with another sentence of three-and-a-half years suspended to hang over his head for five years.



Dickeson has been sentenced to jail for failing to comply with his reporting conditions. He had befriended four children when he moved to the Gympie area & used text, Snapchat, online gaming & Facebook to communicate with them. He will be released on April 8, 2016.

Qld paedophile’s sentence upheld

March 17, 2004 – 5:05PM

A paedophile’s 10 year jail term for molesting two young sisters was upheld despite Queensland’s Court of Appeal conceding his home videos of the sexual abuse were “stomach turning”.

Andrew Mark Hugh Dickeson, 29, was ordered to complete eight years of the 10 year sentence before being eligible to apply for parole when he was sentenced in the District Court in Brisbane last December.

Dickeson, a computer installer for Queensland Police, pleaded guilty to four charges including two of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child.

He had a brief relationship with the two mothers of the three girls before sexually abusing the daughters aged six to eight.

Dickeson had a sexual relationship with one of the eight year olds.

The abuse only came to light because it was recorded on video and concealed on Dickeson’s computer.

Court of Appeal President Margaret McMurdo said the videotapes Dickeson took of his sex romps with the girls while he was babysitting them were “stomach turning”.

They included the girls performing in a seductive manner, doing a strip tease and rubbing oil into each other before wrestling naked.

Director of Public Prosecutions Leanne Clare had asked for a 15 year jail term.

The Court of Appeal also dismissed an application by Dickeson’s legal team to cut the sentence to eight and a half years.

Former police service employee jailed for 10 years

December 2, 2003 – 3:41PM

A Queensland police service employee has been jailed for 10 years for sexually abusing and making shocking videos of sisters aged eight and six.

Andrew Mark Hugh Dickeson, 29, was obsessed with young girls and had 800 photos he had taken in public places of children stored on his computer.

He had brief sexual relationships with two mothers of three girls before sexually abusing the daughters, and having penetrative sex with the eight-year-old.

Dickeson, a computer installer, pleaded guilty in the District Court in Brisbane to two counts of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child and one count each of indecent treatment and possessing child abuse computer games between January and October last year.

In sentencing Dickeson, Judge Julie Dick said he had lavished attention on the children and seduced them without resorting to threats or violence.

“This was a case of cold and calculated seduction of these children into debauchery,” Judge Dick said.

She said Dickeson still had little understanding of the damage he had done to the children, with the two sisters, aged eight and six, suffering appalling consequences.


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