Ex-CEO avoids jail for child porn

Adrian Lowe

May 30, 2009

A FORMER ACTU research officer and ALP policy committee president who pleaded guilty to possessing and accessing more than 4000 images and videos of child pornography has avoided an immediate jail sentence.

Australian Federal Police seized a computer, an external hard drive and several CDs and DVDs containing child pornography after a raid last year on the home of Stephen de Rozairo, who was the chief executive of a western suburbs-based youth training organisation at the time.

The Victorian County Court heard yesterday that officers found 4282 images, three-quarters of which were cartoons, and 53 videos involving children between one and 16 years old, some of whom were gagged or bound.

“Children do not choose to appear in such images,” Judge Mark Taft said.

“Childhood should be a safe refuge.”

Judge Taft added that the depiction of children in such images made them “real victims of manipulation and cruelty” and de Rozairo’s participation fed the international market. The court heard de Rozairo told a psychologist that he was sexually aroused by viewing child pornography but that he was not a pedophile.

In sentencing, Judge Taft said de Rozairo’s offending occurred when he was suffering from a depressive disorder from the near-collapse of his business.

Judge Taft told de Rozairo he accepted “you have been riddled with remorse”.

De Rozairo was an intelligent man who continued to have the support of his wife, he said.

Judge Taft convicted de Rozairo and sentenced him to 15 months’ jail for accessing child pornography but ruled he would not have to serve it if he was of good behaviour for two years.

For possessing child pornography, he was sentenced to a two-year community-based order. He will be a registered sex offender for 15 years.

Ex-ALP policy advisor avoids jail over porn cache

May 29, 2009

A former Labor Party policy adviser who had thousands of pornographic images of bound and gagged children, including infants as young as one, has avoided jail.

More than 50 video files of child pornography and 4,282 images were found when Australian Federal Police seized the computer of Stephen de Rozairo (de Rozairo), the Victorian County Court heard on Friday.

Police also seized an external hard drive and DVDs and CDs from de Rozairo’s West Footscray home during a nationwide sting last year.

The court heard 10 of the child victims depicted were from Paraguay and one from the United States of America.

They were aged between one and 16 years old.

The images included children being bound and gagged and being penetrated with objects.

Three quarters of the images found were anime or cartoons, the court heard.

Judge Mark Taft said it was the viewing of child pornography material by people such as de Rozairo, 42, that created a market for children to appear in such images.

“Children do not chose to appear in such images,” Judge Taft said.

“Those depicted are young and vulnerable.

“Childhood should be a safe refuge.”

De Rozairo, who was a member of the Victorian ALP economics committee for 12 years and the committee’s president for six years, pleaded guilty to charges of using a carriage service to access child pornography and possessing child pornography.

Judge Taft said de Rozairo turned to child pornography during a bout of depression in his life when a training company he was involved in was under financial strain.

He said the images had sexually aroused de Rozairo, who now suffered from a high level of shame and embarrassment.

Judge Taft ordered de Rozairo serve 15 months in prison, but ordered he would not serve the time if he was of good behaviour for two years.

He also placed de Rozairo, of West Footscray, on a community-based order.


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