Raymond Phillip Downs

Posted: October 28, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland, Released
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Search for molester at Sarina

18th Jan 2007 8:00 AM

POLICE were last night searching for serial child molester Raymond Phillip Downs at Sarina.

They were acting on information suggesting Downs was travelling south from Bakers Creek to Sarina.

If he was in the area without informing the relevant authorities, it would be a breach of his parole conditions, a police spokesman said last night.

Downs has family in Mackay and there were widespread rumours he had returned to live in Marian after he was released from Wolston Correctional Centre in February 2005.

The suggestion he had returned then attracted concern and anger throughout the community. He is believed to have been living in Brisbane recently.

His criminal history includes a string of sex offences against pre-pubescent girls dating back to 1974.

Last night’s police search began just after 6pm and continued well into the evening.

Taxi drivers were also on alert for anyone matching Downs’s description.



Ray wants to be forgiven

2nd Mar 2005 7:00 AM

A SUPPORT worker for serial sex offender Raymond Phillip Downs says her client hopes for forgiveness from the community.

Speaking exclusively with The Daily Mercury yesterday, the worker and friend, said Downs was ”doing it tough”.

”He knows he is going to get rejection from the community, but he lives with the hope that others will give him support,” the worker who wished to remain anonymous, said.

Downs has been living in the OzCare hostel in Endeavour Street since last Thursday night, according to his West Mackay family.

Downs will no longer be residing at OzCare, but plans to move him to Marian failed.

He is said to have nowhere to go, according to family.

Hostel residents alerted The Daily Mercury to Downs’ location yesterday morning, but he could not be contacted for comment.

He reportedly had a rough time at the hostel, with several residents claiming to have abused him.

One resident said Downs kept to himself.

”We didn’t know anything about (him) until we saw the Saturday paper,” he said.

Downs reportedly told one resident he had been rehabilitated and just said ”I’m sorry” when a man challenged him about his past.

Downs was reported to be living in a separate room from the dormitory area, but no-one answered when a Daily Mercury journalist knocked on the door yesterday.



Town on edge

1st Mar 2005 7:00 AM

RUMOURS that serial child molester Raymond Phillip Downs is living at Marian, 27km west of Mackay, have the entire town on edge.

Residents said if they found out Downs, 48, was in fact living in their midst, they would do whatever it took to make him leave.

The trouble is, no-one can confirm exactly where he is.

Downs was released from Wolston Correction Centre in Brisbane last week and it was confirmed he flew into Mackay last Friday.

Marian police Sergeant Dan Graham said while police were privy to his whereabouts so he could be moni- tored, they were not at liberty to divulge any information to the media or the general public.

Sgt Graham said he could not comment about the matter.

And that has residents fuming.

They believe they have a right to know whether there is a child molester in their community. Most residents were too frightened to speak on the record ? they were afraid they or their children could be targeted.


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