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Up-skirt teacher walks free

Updated Mon Jul 28, 2008 2:39pm AEST

A Sydney teacher who used a hidden camera to film up the skirts of schoolgirls in a shopping centre has been given a good-behaviour bond.

Robert Ian Drummond, 42, was convicted of possessing and producing child pornography after a 14-year-old noticed him filming up her skirt at Warringah Mall on Sydney’s northern beaches in 2007.

Drummond was identified by security footage and later arrested at Cromer High School.

Police found indecent video footage of a number of teenagers during a search of his home.

The video of the 14-year-old clearly showed her crotch and underwear.

The teacher denied the charges, with his lawyers arguing the video did not depict the girl in a sexual context, but he was found guilty last month.

Magistrate Julie Huber today handed Drummond a four-month suspended jail sentence and a 12-month good-behaviour bond.

The court heard he was ashamed of his behaviour, which was out of character.

Drummond was suspended from teaching duties in 2007.

‘Upskirting’ teacher found guilty

Updated Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:57pm AEST

A Sydney high school teacher who filmed up the skirt of a 14-year-old girl in a shopping centre has been found guilty of producing and possessing child pornography.

Forty-two-year-old Robert Ian Drummond was arrested in 2007 after a teenage girl told police he put a bag with a video camera in it near her foot at Warringah Mall on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Drummond was identified by security footage and later arrested at Cromer High School.

The court heard police found indecent video footage of a number of teenagers during a search of his home.

Some of that footage was played to the court.

The teacher pleaded not guilty to charges including committing an act of indecency and making child pornography.

Magistrate Julie Huber found Drummond guilty of making and possessing child pornography.

She said it would be a sorry indictment to the community if she did not find the video tapes would offend a reasonable person.

Magistrate Huber disagreed with Drummond’s lawyers, who argued the video did not depict the 14-year-old in a sexual context.

She said the images clearly showed the girl’s crotch and underwear.

Drummond is due to appear in Downing Centre Local Court for sentencing next month.

The Department of Education says Drummond was suspended in 2007.

Accused teacher Robert Ian Drummond’s fresh porn charge

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • November 28, 2007 12:00AM

POLICE are expected to lay a fresh charge against a Sydney teacher accused of secretly filming up the skirt of a 14-year-old school girl at a suburban shopping centre.

Robert Ian Drummond, 41, a teacher at Cromer High School on Sydney’s northern beaches, was charged in May with using a camera hidden in a plastic bag to film up the girl’s skirt at Warringah Mall.

Drummond’s lawyer, Les Crawford, told Manly Local Court today he had spoken to a senior police prosecutor, who had said a fifth charge would be laid within the next week.

At an earlier court hearing, police said a search of Drummond’s home at Harbord had revealed indecent film of up to 3,000 females, but it was not known whether Drummond himself had shot the film.

He currently faces three charges relating to the shopping centre, plus a fourth for trespassing at Cromer High School without the consent of the NSW Department of Education.

Magistrate Andrew George continued Drummond’s bail and adjourned the matter to Downing Centre Local Court on December 18.

Teacher filmed up skirt, court hears

David Braithwaite
May 14, 2007

A Sydney high school teacher in whose home police allegedly found videos shot up the skirts of more than 3000 women – including some in school uniform – has been granted bail today.

The Cromer High School English teacher, Robert Ian Drummond, 41, of Harbord, faced Manly Local Court today charged with committing an act of indecency with a person under 16 years old.

Videos showing the women and girls were allegedly discovered after a search of Drummond’s home. He was arrested at the school on Friday.

Police began investigating Drummond after a 14-year-old girl noticed a plastic bag with an upward-facing camera left near her foot while shopping at the Priceline store in Warringah Mall at Brookvale on May 1.

Security officers pinpointed the owner of the bag using security camera footage.

Police published pictures of the man in a local newspaper on May 10 and were contacted the next day by people who allegedly identified the teacher.

At today’s hearing, Drummond nodded and smiled to his mother and sister as he was led handcuffed into the court.

Three adult male friends were also present to support him.

The police prosecutor, Sergeant Marco Carlon, opposed bail due to the seriousness of the offence, its sexual nature and the likelihood that Drummond would reoffend.

Sergeant Carlon told the court further charges were likely once police finished examining compilation videos of material found at Drummond’s home.

He said: “There is an estimate in relation to the videos that have been found. There could be in excess of 3000 females contained on that footage.

“That shows that the defendant has a real problem and has a propensity to commit such acts.”

Sergeant Carlon told the court the videos had been made over a period of two years.

He also said Drummond had admitted to possessing the video material and the nature of the footage, but only after police had discovered it. He said Drummond had shown no contrition or remorse in relation to “throwing his hands up”.

Drummond’s defence solicitor, Michelle Duncan, said her client had only been charged with a single offence and there was a strong presumption for bail.

She said Drummond’s position as a teacher was not relevant as the charge did not relate to his high school or any other high school.

Referring to the release on bail of the NSW senior prosecutor, Patrick Power, on child pornography charges, Ms Duncan said: “Mr Power was granted bail for more serious offences than what these are … They were far more serious in all the circumstances.”

The magistrate, Elizabeth Corbett, granted bail and said while police alleged they had found the images including “visible school uniforms”, there was only a single charge before the court.

She granted Drummond bail on the condition he report to Hornsby police daily, live with his mother, not leave home without the company of his mother, not possess any video recording equipment and not enter any shopping mall or shop.

He was released on $20,000 bail. His mother and sister posted $10,000 each.

Drummond had been removed from his school, pending the outcome of the case, a NSW Department of Education spokeswoman said.

Counselling was available to any pupils and staff who required it, she said.

The case has been adjourned until June 12 at Manly Local Court.

– with Mario Christodoulou


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