Robin Than Quan Duong

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Duong – Robin Than Quan - Photo2

Convicted teacher says child porn too easily accessed on internet

  • The Advertiser
  • November 05, 2008 11:30PM

A PIANO teacher caught with 600 images of child pornography says he is “quite concerned and annoyed” at how easily illegal material can be found online.

Robin Than Quan Duong today told the District Court he was “passionate” about improving laws regulating the internet, and would seek counselling “for everything that is wrong with me”.

He said that “in an ideal world”, child pornography would “not be so easily accessible”.

The 36-year-old, of Kensington, pleaded guilty to one aggravated count of possessing child pornography.

In December last year, he was caught red-handed by police officers who had visited his home on another matter.

The officers found a total of 600 images – 52 of which were print-outs – in and around Duong’s computer.

Today, Neil Rainsford, for Duong, said his client was a loner who had survived a difficult childhood.

“He lives a very isolated, solitary, basic existence, providing piano tuition to supplement his income,” he said.

He said Duong was “contrite and remorseful”.

“He offers the following explanation – not excuse – for his behaviour: it was very easy to access this material,” he said.

“Unlike other mediums, there is not much in place (online) to prevent or restrict access to such material.

“That’s something he is, in retrospect, quite concerned and annoyed about – he is quite passionate about the fact this material should not be, in an ideal world, so easily accessible.”

Mr Rainsford asked that Duong be given a suspended sentence for his crimes.

“His prognosis for rehabilitation is good and says he wants to get help ‘for everything that is wrong with me’,” he said.

Judge Paul Rice will sentence Duong next month.


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