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Sex abuse priest jailed for nine years

Geesche Jacobsen
October 3, 2008 – 2:00PM

A former Catholic priest and teacher at Boys Town, a school for troubled boys, has been sentenced to at least nine and a half years in jail today for sexually molesting pubescent boys at the school.

Father Paul Raymond Evans was found guilty of 18 offences against seven boys committed while he was at the Engadine school in the 1970s and 1980s.

His trial was held as Pope Benedict visited Sydney in July and apologised for sexual offences by Catholic priests.

District Court judge Robert Hulme today said Evans had exploited very vulnerable young boys for his own sexual gratification and cultivated many of them to comply by giving them favourable attention and reward.

“The offender cultivated the complainants’ compliance with his unbridled sexual urges,” Judge Hulme said.

Outside the court, one of the victims, who cannot be named, said he was “very happy” with the sentence.

But another of Evans’s victims said that he had expected a longer sentence and was disappointed he was not invited to the Pope’s apology.

Judge Hulme sentenced Evans to 15 years in prison, but said he would be eligible for parole in January 2018.

After the court adjourned, victims and their supporters applauded in court and one of them yelled “you’re not so special now” at Evans.

Judge Hulme said Evans was not entitled to leniency because his offences were not isolated incidents and many of the victims had told the court they had been abused regularly.

He said he was unsure about Evans’ prospects for rehabiliation because he was still denying the offences.

But when Judge Hulme said he took into account in sentencing that “there is no suggestion that in the intervening period he has committed any further offences”, a gasp was heard in the court room, packed with Evans’ victims.

However, police in NSW and Victoria are investigating allegations of further offences allegedly committed by Evans while he was working in Victoria.

One of the victims spoke outside court and encouraged others who had the “courage and support” to come forward.

The victims had explained credibly in court why they had not come forward before, Judge Hulme said.

Many of his young victims would not have had the psychological wherewithall to complain.

And, he said, “even if a boy was to complain [at the time of the abuse] there was a fair chance nothing would come of it”.

“Who would believe that a priest would do such things to a boy in his care.”

One of the boys told the court he told other boys about his abuse, and was soon asked to see the Boys Town rector, Father Flemming, who encouraged him to forget the incident, saying: “Nothing happened. Men have got urges. It does not mean anything.”

The court heard that Father Flemming, who is dead, had also allegedly assaulted another boy.

One of the boys, the court had heard, harmed himself, burning his leg and later placed a tourniquet on it, leaving him with permanent scars, to erase the memory of his first assault by Evans.

The memory of the events had haunted each of the victims ever since, Judge Hulme said.

Priest gets 15yrs for school sex crimes

Posted Fri Oct 3, 2008 12:25pm AEST
Updated Fri Oct 3, 2008 2:07pm AEST

A Catholic priest has been sentenced to 15 years jail for sex offences against seven boys at a Sydney school.

A District Court jury found Father Paul Raymond Evans guilty of nine counts of homosexual intercourse by a teacher, seven of indecent assault and two of indecency.

The offences occurred between 1977 and 1988 when the 57-year-old was a teacher and dorm master at Boys’ Town at Engadine in Sydney’s south.

In sentencing him to 15 years jail, with a non-parole period of nine-and-a-half years, Judge Hume said the offences occurred in the school dormitory and on trips and were a gross breach of trust.

He said Evans exploited the affection showed to him by his students and the memories of the trauma he caused still haunt them.

Judge Humes said Evans had shared the responsibility for his students’ spiritual and emotional welfare.

Some of his victims, who were in the New South Wales District Court to hear the sentence handed down, applauded and cheered.

One shouted “rot in hell” and another “I bet you feel special now”.

Outside the court, one of the victims said parents need to be aware that teachers can abuse the trust placed in them.

“All of us love kids, all of us one day might have kids,” he said.

“To know your children are going to be thrown into a society that’s going to have the possibility of sexual abuse should scare all parents.”


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  1. Nev Linke says:

    Kids lose everything if there is no one to look out for them , to protect them and keep them safe. Sentences have to be tougher with longer jail time . Children need to be educated at an early age as the effects of abuse last a life time

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