Barry John Faulkner

Posted: October 30, 2012 by Serendipity in NSW, Photo, Registered Sex Offender
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Barry John Faulkner has gift of the gab and preys on weak

  • By Kara Lawrence
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • July 25, 2008 12:00AM

BARRY John Faulkner has the gift of the gab and a penchant for preying on the weak, gullible and the vulnerable.

His criminal career, going back to 1964 when he was 15, has been a saga of fake accents, uniforms and occupations and a simple lust for money.

He has featured on the former television program Australia’s Most Wanted and was once wanted in five Australian states simultaneously.

Comparisons have often been drawn between the now 59-year-old and Leonardo DiCaprio’s character on the hit movie Catch Me If You Can, based on the true-life story of American fraudster Frank Abagnale Jr.

Abagnale was eventually recruited by the FBI in the fight against fraud, particularly forgery, but Faulkner has reached no such heights.

His life is not nearly so glamorous – he was arrested in 2006 living in a Housing Commission flat in Mascot – and has a seedy underside, with Faulkner having been listed as a registered child sex offender who seeks not just financial but sexual gain.

He came to public attention in the late 1960s in Queensland, where, aged 19, he faked being a doctor at Royal Brisbane Hospital, examining two pregnant women before being busted.

Through his lengthy criminal career, which has seen him in and out of custody in NSW and Queensland, he adopted a range of characters enabling him to engender trust from others through his lies.

These characters have included an American CIA agent, Mike Nesmith from The Monkees, a magazine photographer, and senior officers in the US Air Force and Marine Corps.

However his favourite ruse appears to be a pilot and he faked being one for Virgin Blue, Lauda Air, and Canadian Airlines, among others.

In this guise, he wears a full pilot’s uniform and wings, obtained from disposal stores.

Posing as a pilot, he had billed hotels stays to Virgin Blue.

His stories to individual victims are generally based on the fact he can use his pretend occupation to gain people goods for a cheap price – whether they be airline tickets, a car, motorcycle or other valuable goods.

He usually first approaches people in public at random and engages them in conversation, which turns to what he can do for them.

The sums conned from his victims are usually relatively small – as little as $50 – but his frauds are numerous.

In 2006, when a Sydney court sentenced him to 16 months jail on charges of fraud and failing to report as a child sex offender, the court was told his criminal history in NSW took 30 pages.

The court was told Faulkner was “institutionalised” and that his periods of offences were preceded by periods of depression.


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