Molester ‘using toys for lures’

  • Liam Houlihan
  • From: Sunday Herald Sun
  • January 09, 2011 12:00AM

RESIDENTS are outraged that a convicted child rapist is leaving toys in front of his home as a “lure” to children attending a community centre across the road.

Ronald James Fisher was jailed in 1996 for 5 1/2 years for sexual assaults on a series of boys recruited at Frankston camps for poor children.

But Sunbury locals – including former police involved in his arrest – are concerned he is now making toys with help from Rotary members and is being promoted as a hero in the local press.

The ageing pedophile, Ronald Fisher, lives across the road from a centre used by groups of special-needs children.

Locals have asked him not to stand in front of his house and place his handcrafted toys on the lawn during these times, but say he has not stopped.

“This man is a disgrace,” said a police officer who investigated Fisher, but did not want to be named. “I have never seen a leopard change its spots.”

Fisher, a former Sunbury councillor, took underprivileged children on a Gold Coast holiday in 1977.

He took six boys from two families on the all-expenses-paid trip, which he then promoted in a newspaper.

He was later prosecuted for abusing at least one of the boys on the holiday and previously molesting him, his brother and another of the boys. He was found guilty of buggery, two counts of attempted buggery and three counts of indecent assault committed over three years.

Sunbury resident and justice advocate Steve Medcraft said it was a disgrace that Fisher had been left off the sex offenders’ registry because it was not retrospective.

“Fisher is a menace and those kids have the right to go to that youth club without being ogled by the old creep on his front lawn,” Mr Medcraft said.

“He is being portrayed as a caring, loving citizen, but he has a criminal conviction for abusing children. Some of his victims are reliving the horror since seeing him on the front of a newspaper portrayed in such a loving and caring way.

“Nothing could be further from the truth.”

A fracas has also broken out over the man’s links to the Rotary Club.

Sunbury Rotary Club president Alf Gloster said though some ex-Rotarians might have helped Fisher with materials for the toys, the club was not officially involved.

He said the club did not want to be linked to the pedophile.

But Fisher has said he is working with Rotary.

The Sunday Herald Sun was told at least one Rotary member threatened to quit over the club’s association with Fisher.


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  1. Alice Williams says:

    I will be ending my annual donation to Rotary until they end their affiliation with this filth.

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