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Man jailed nine years for child sex crimes

Herald Sun

August 01, 2006 01:06pm

A 32-year-old man who photographed the vagina of a young girl with his mobile phone has been jailed for more than nine years for a string of sex offences.

In the South Australian District Court today, Judge Malcolm Robertson said Shane Andrew Field’s crimes involved two girls, aged six and seven, from different families.

As a friend of both families, Field had been allowed to babysit the girls, sometimes taking them with him on a delivery run he did in the Adelaide Hills.

It was during these times, between August and December last year, that Field photographed the vagina of one of the girls using a camera on his mobile phone, Judge Robertson said.

Field pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse, three counts of indecent assault, one count of producing child pornography and one count of inducing a girl to expose her body.

Judge Robertson said Field’s actions were a gross breach of the trust placed in him by both the girls and their parents.

“You betrayed that trust by abusing and degrading each child,” the judge said.

He imposed a jail sentence of nine years and four months with a non-parole-period of six years and two months.

The judge said child abuse cast a “long and dark shadow over the wellbeing of the community”.

“The courts must do everything they can to protect the community,” he said.

Judge revokes bail for convicted paedophile

Posted Tue Jun 20, 2006 2:46pm AEST

The District Court in South Australia has heard that a convicted paedophile had about 70 pairs of children’s underwear in his possession when he was arrested by police.

The judge hearing the case today revoked the man’s bail.

Shane Andrew Field, 32, of Elizabeth Grove, has admitted to three counts of indecent assault, two of causing a child to expose her body, one of producing child pornography and another of unlawful sexual intercourse.

His victims were two girls aged under seven and Field has admitted to using his mobile phone to record the abuse.

Judge Malcolm Robertson said it is disturbing that Field had also offended against children 10 years earlier.

Field’s lawyer said his client has a poor understanding of his own behaviour, but is not a lost cause.

But the prosecutor said there was a significantly high risk of him re-offending and urged Judge Robertson to protect the community.

Field will be sentenced in August.


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  1. natasha says:

    I am the 7 year old girl.
    This was/still is on so many levels so wrong not a day Gose by where I don’t think about this its constantly on my mind. Now most the time I try and not to blame myself in the end. But at the end of the day I also think that if I had ever spoke to my mummy or daddy or anyone I could have stopped it all. But us to young girls only been 7 and 6 were threatened if we spoke up. He brain washed the two of us. Then I remembered one nite I was in bed I had SAPOL knocking on my mums front door with a warrant for his arrest then soon late that night them same police that had arrested him had me in my mums kitchen asking question as how he had gotten them pictures. As it mentions in the article that he would sometimes take us out for his delivery runs to the adelaide hills that’s where a lot of its happen. Now it’s taking me a lot to Wright this comment with so many flashback no judgments please

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