Paul Amiet Franklin

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Pedophile Paul Amiet Franklin guilty a second time

  • Sue Hewitt
  • From: Sunday Herald Sun
  • June 05, 2011 12:00AM

A SCOUT leader who molested a boy the night before he was sentenced on pedophilia charges has been found guilty a second time.

The man was molesting the boy throughout his first trial while he was on bail when he was 35 and the child was 11.

Paul Amiet Franklin, now 40, was sentenced to a maximum of 10 years’ jail on February 23, 2007 after pleading guilty to 30 sex offences.

A judge this week found that on February 22, 2007, the eve of the sentencing of his first trial, Franklin molested a boy known as F, whom he had been sexually assaulting since the child was eight in 2004.

Once jailed, Franklin regularly telephoned the boy professing his love and romantic affection for him in lengthy calls recorded by prison authorities, County Court judge Frank Gucciardo said this week.

Judge Gucciardo said Franklin had pleaded guilty to eight new charges of molestation of four boys aged between eight and 15.

Because of the plea, the judge explained that he had discounted the sentence from eight years with a 6 1/2-year minimum to 6 1/2 years with a minimum of five years.

Franklin, whose original charges would have seen him eligible for parole in 2015, would now not be eligible until 2020.

The judge said Franklin was guilty of “gross breaches of trust” of the parents who welcomed him into their homes, and he had offended while on bail during the first trial.

He said the pedophile was significantly older than his victims, many of whom were under his care.

He said Franklin had appeared trustworthy and deceived the victims and their families.

Scout leader jailed

February 24, 2007

A SCOUT leader who sexually abused seven boys in his care showed “a disturbing lack of insight” because he regarded his victims as friends, a judge said yesterday.

Judge Thomas Wodak said the maximum of 10 years’ jail given to Paul Amiet Franklin demonstrated the community’s strong disapproval of pedophilic crimes, “particularly those committed by persons entrusted the young in the community”.

The County Court heard that Franklin held a belief that his victims, whom he knew through the scout movement, had consented.

“The risk remains that you do not even now fully understand the extent of your crimes,” said Judge Wodak.

Franklin, 35, of Croydon Hills, pleaded guilty to 30 sex offences, which he committed from 1988 until 2000. He will be eligible for parole after eight years.

He groomed the boys by gaining their confidence, talking about sex and watching porn videos before sexually exploiting them.

Judge Wodak said statements written by five victims were “plausible and credible”. One victim said: “There is still too much emotional pain to deal with, and it still makes me sick to even think about it.”

Another wrote: “What he did to me wrecked my family life, wrecked my school life, ruined my close friendships and has affected my ability to be employed.”



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  1. Peter says:

    He is now out and living in Rye

  2. Bim says:

    Filthy DOG!!!!!…First time caught but Guaranteed he would have done more the SCUM!!!!!

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