Ashley Kim Rutherford

Posted: November 3, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland
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Cop foils couple’s plan to have sex with a child

Article from: The Courier-Mail

Tristan Swanwick

November 17, 2008 03:15pm

A BRISBANE couple used an internet chat room to arrange a sex session with a 12-year-old girl – unaware their target was actually a police officer.

But the Brisbane couple found themselves facing sex charges after the “girl” turned out to be an undercover police officer.

Damian John Geyer, 33, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to using the internet to procure a child under 16 for sex, exposing a child under 16 to indecent matter and possessing child pornography.

Ashley Kim Rutherford, 22, Geyer’s then fiancée, pleaded guilty to using the internet to procure a child for sex and possessing child pornography.

The court heard the pair unwittingly propositioned “Suzie”, in reality a Queensland police officer, for over a week in January last year using a Brisbane-based internet chat-room.

The couple, using internet alias “Brissie-bi-couple”, offered the girl $50 to pose for nude photographs and $150 for sex.

Rutherford would film and take photos of her husband having sex with the underage girl, the court was told.

Prosecutor Anthony Gett said Geyer “explicitly and salaciously” asked the girl about her genitals and sexual experience, gave detailed descriptions of sex acts he wanted to perform on her, and asked her to masturbate.

Rutherford gave the girl “reassurances” that they both loved her, he said.

During one of his chats with the covert police officer Geyer masturbated in front of a web-cam with his face clearly visible, the court was told.

Mr Gett said the pair was arrested after arranging to meet the girl at a McDonalds at Milton, in Brisbane’s inner-west.

“The conduct of both was premeditated and calculated (and) both the accused have a perverted sexual orientation,” Mr Gett said.

“If there had been an actual child in this matter one wonders what could have happened.”

Justice Peter Dutney sentenced Geyer to three years’ jail.

He will be released on a three-year good behaviour bond after serving 10 months.

Rutherford was sentenced to two years’ jail, but was released immediately on a two-year good behaviour bond.

Couple refused bail over allegations of procuring child for sex

Posted Fri Jan 12, 2007 3:00pm AEDT

A Brisbane couple has appeared in court charged with using the Internet to procure a child for sex.

Officers from task force Argos arrested 31-year-old Damian John Geyer and 20-year-old Ashlea Kym Rutherford yesterday after they allegedly arranged to meet a 12-year-old girl for sex at a fast food restaurant.

They faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court today on multiple charges including making child exploitation material.

The prosecutor told the court the couple offered a covert police officer, who was posing as a 12-year-old girl in an Internet chat room $150 to have sex with Geyer and a further $50 to take photos of them having sex.

It is alleged Rutherford had also asked the girl to have sex with her.

The magistrate refused bail, saying there is an unacceptable risk the couple will reoffend.

They will face court again next month.


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  1. rhyan says:

    i new ash and i never know about this if i did i wouldnt of had anything to do with her i told everything she even know i got a son and she was a best friend and i fell inlove with her and so did my brother he went out with her over the phone and my wife and i was going to get a house with her up on the gold coast

    • john says:

      yes i know the scum bag that she is with. his a low life asshole.lock them both up throw away the key.he come from batemans bay n . s .w. he had done this to my little girl when she was 7 years old. i know what i would like to do .

  2. aGirl says:

    Feel sorry for her in a way. She is mentally handicapped. She might have had a good life if it had not been for this guy.

  3. angie says:

    I know Ashley very well and she ain’t mentally handicapped she did have a good life she throw it away for this jerk! Lock them both up throw away the key

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