What were they thinking?

  • EXCLUSIVE Ian Haberfield and Sue Hewitt
  • Sunday Herald Sun
  • October 22, 2006 12:00AM

A CONVICTED child molester has been living only metres from a primary school in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Authorities allowed Ronald Mack Giles, 42, who has been placed on the serious sex offenders register, to live with his parents in a house just three doors from Keilor Heights Primary School.

Residents of the quiet suburban street were shocked and angry to learn of Giles’ presence.

Dominic Sculli, father of 15-month-old Jessica, said people had a right to know when a pedophile moved into an area, especially near facilities used by children. He said he ran a martial arts school used daily by 100 children, only 500m from Giles’ house.

“I will be telling the mums and dads that they must collect their children from inside,” he said. His wife, Lisa, said Giles’ photograph should be made public.

Local woman Anabelle Azzopardi said the government should ban child sex offenders from living near schools, kindergartens, parks or playgroups.

“Kids could be walking past his (Giles’) house and he could be watching,” she said.

Another local, Francesca Fiorenza, said children should have more rights than pedophiles. One mother, who gave her name as Tina, said she would never enrol her child in a school near a pedophile.

“It is too dangerous to allow pedophiles back into the community when they live near schools,” she said.

A neighbour, who wanted only to be named as John, said he had seen Giles coming and going from his family’s house, but had no idea a convicted pedophile was living just metres from his own family.

“I’ve got a one-year-old daughter, so it makes me feel sick,” he said. “You get kids walking up and down this street all the time.

The Sunday Herald Sun understands that three weeks ago a local police sergeant was so concerned about Giles’ presence that he sent out an email memo, with a photograph attached, advising police to keep an eye on him.

Hetty Johnston, of the child protection organisation Bravehearts, said the community had no confidence in a system that released child sex offenders without proper monitoring.

It is understood Giles completed his parole period without re-offending and is now subject only to the conditions of the sex offenders register, which requires that police are notified when changing address or travelling interstate.

Offenders must provide employment details and are banned from working with children.


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