Darren James Gough

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Addict admits to downloading porn

Andrew Korner | 10th November 2010

A SELF-CONFESSED child-porn addict admitted to having continued to download offensive images during a rehabilitation session for known sex offenders.

Ipswich District Court heard Darren James Gough, 35, was reported to police in September 2009 after telling a counsellor that he was still in possession of child exploitation material, despite being on a suspended sentence and parole for a similar offence.

Police later conducted a search of Gough’s home computer where they found 141 confirmed child exploitation images and 19 videos.

Downloaded between August 3, 2008 and August 28, 2009, the material included actual images and footage of children as well as computer-generated images, and had been saved on to compact discs.

Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis said some of the computer-generated material depicted children aged as young as four, while the worst of the real-life material was of a highly distressing nature.

“These images are of a very depraved category,” Mr Wallis said.

Defence barrister Steve Kissick said his client underestimated the gravity of his offending until he attended rehabilitation.

“He was in the grip of an addiction,” Mr Kissick said.

“Upon his sentence for prior offences in May 2009 he stopped downloading real images and started on computer-generated images.

“He fully appreciates now that computer-generated images are also considered child-exploitation material.”

Gough pleaded guilty to three counts of using the internet to access child pornography and one count of possessing the material.

In sentencing, Judge Sarah Bradley said she noted that Gough had taken significant steps to address his problems.

Gough was sentenced to a total of six months behind bars – with a parole release date set at May 8 next year.

He will be on probation for the next three years.


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