Dennis Alfred Goudge

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Serial molester’s 26 years sets state record

Adrian Lowe

September 17, 2010

A REPEAT child molester has been jailed for 26 years after a judge found he had no remorse for destroying 18 lives.

Dennis Alfred Goudge was jailed yesterday after pleading guilty to 58 child sex charges, committed over almost 25 years in Bendigo.

The 26-year sentence is the longest in the state’s history for such offences.

In sentencing, Victorian County Court judge James Montgomery said: ”Your behaviour, because it involved such serious and sustained offending over a protracted period, warrants its placement in a category reserved for the worst for this type of offence. The misery and profound trauma you have caused to the victims is objectively appalling and indeed evil.

”Your victims were young, they were vulnerable. You exploited that vulnerability. It was a gross breach of trust.”

Two children Goudge abused were intellectually disabled girls who bore their attacker’s children, the court heard. Goudge threatened many victims that no one would believe them if they told of the attacks. Among his 58 offences were 29 of indecent assault, six of sexual penetration of a child under 10, two of procuring a child for sexual penetration and one each of rape and buggery.

Many of his offences were committed in a shed at the back of his parents’ Bendigo house, or at the family farm near Bendigo or, later, at his home.

Judge Montgomery said Goudge had portrayed himself as a ”victim of the system” and maintained his innocence. ”There is no basis upon which I could conclude that your plea of guilty shows any remorse at all,” he said.

Goudge told a psychiatrist he had been persuaded to plead guilty but should not have as he could not recall the offences.

Many of the 13 victims who attended yesterday’s sentencing hearing sobbed as Judge Montgomery outlined the terms. Goudge, who showed no emotion, must serve 22 years before becoming eligible for parole.

Outside court, Detective Senior Constable Danny McQuinn of the Bendigo criminal investigation unit praised the victims as being among the most courageous people he had seen in a 20-year career.

”They’ve endured some extreme hardships for their entire lives,” he said.

”We’re talking about offending that is as long as 40 years ago, so these people have lived or tried to live with this for their entire lives.”


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  1. Crae says:

    It was a hard time but we’ll all try and get through it eventually. My prayers are with my fellow survivors xox

    • For my beautiful dear friend . says:

      You filthy scum bag have destroyed so many lives, some will never recover…one victim who bore 4 children to this monster has know nothing but heart ache and pain..she is a beautiful soul who you destroyed from a little girl and shame to others knew what was happening and did nothing to protect her..always here for you our dear Rose

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