Former Liberal advisor Russell John Grenning jailed for 12-months for child porn

  • Tony Keim
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • August 29, 2011 1:54PM

A HIGH-profile former advisor to Queensland Liberal senator Sue Boyce has been jailed for 12-months for possessing almost 4400 child pornography movies or images.

The Brisbane District Court was today told former journalist and veteran media spin-doctor Russell John Grenning was found in possession of 4297 images and 99 movies of child pornography when police seized his home computer on July 15 last year.

Prosecutors said Grenning regularly viewed the pictures and movies – which were of the “worst category” imaginable – and that he swapped emails with “like-minded” people drawn to same type of offensive child exploitation material.

Grenning, now aged 62, is a well-known former journalist, Queensland Law Society media advisor, press secretary to the late Bjelke-Petersen government minister Russ Hinze and former National Party police minister and premier Russell Cooper.

At the time of his arrest Grenning, then aged 60, was employed as an advisor to Senator Boyce, but resigned within a week of his alleged offending being made public.

Grenning was jailed for a year, suspended after serving three months in actual custody, when he pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court to one count of possessing child exploitation material.

Lawyers for Grenning tendered a number of personal references to attest to his “otherwise good character”, including one from a ”notable jurist” understood to be former Justice of the High Court of Australia Michael Kirby.

Prosecutor Vicki Loury said police from anti-child abuse unit Taskforce Argus seized Grenning’s computer when they searched his Wooloowin home, on Brisbane’s northside.

Ms Loury said investigators found the child pornography images and videos stored on the computer and were able to establish that Grenning viewed the material regularly, including on the same day he was arrested.

“Mr Grenning regularly viewed the material, including the morning (police searched his home),” she said.

Barrister Scott Lynch, for Grenning, said his client had suffered enormous shame and had been subjected to public humiliation once the reason for Grenning’s arrest was made public via print media reports.

“(Grenning has) completely broken down as a result of shame and self-loathing,” Mr Lynch said.

“This is the final drawing of the curtains on (Grenning’s) esteemed career.”

Mr Lynch said Grenning was suffering significant health problems, such a diabetes and depression, and was likely to “do it tougher than most prisoners” while incarcerated.

Judge Michael Shanahan, in sentencing, said many of the pornographic images Grennning possessed were of boys ranging in age from a young as a baby and up to the age six.

He said the material fell into the worst category of offensive material, including adult sexual penetration of children and which involved “sadism and humiliation”.

“The (child pornography Grenning possessed) fall into the worst category,” Judge Shanahan said.

Grenning is likely to released from custody in late November.

Lib aide on child porn charges

  • Tony Koch
  • From: The Australian
  • July 23, 2010 12:00AM

AN adviser to Liberal senator Sue Boyce, who slammed a mooted web filter to protect against exploitation, has been arrested on child porn charges.

Russell John Grenning, 59, is a journalist, political operative and former press secretary to Bjelke-Petersen government minister Russ Hinze and former National Party police minister and premier Russell Cooper. Mr Grenning appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court on July 16, charged with possessing child exploitation material including computer-generated images and videos. He was remanded until next Friday.

Mr Grenning told The Australian yesterday he was on sick leave from Senator Boyce’s office, and requested his privacy be respected.

A spokesman for Senator Boyce said she was in hospital recuperating from a heart condition and was expected to be back at work soon.

“Nobody in this office has any knowledge of the matters referred to regarding Mr Grenning,” the spokesman said.

“We have not been told anything about any child pornography charges. He left here three weeks ago and we have not heard from him, and as far as we know, he is on leave.”

The last press release on Senator Boyce’s website written by Mr Grenning is dated April 30 and quotes her as “slamming the Rudd government’s proposals to censor the internet”.

The release quotes Senator Boyce as saying: “It is ridiculous to try and assert, as Minister (Stephen) Conroy does at every available opportunity that his proposed internet filter will protect us all against child pornography and other disgusting and depraved websites. He knows, as everybody else knows, it simply won’t work.”


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