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Picture: Justin Sanson

Picture: Justin Sanson,22049,25274437-5005941,00.html

Child porn cop gets one month jail

Article from: AAP

By Tara Ravens

April 01, 2009 02:36pm

  • Three videos “worst category of offending”
  • Judge accepts shooting “life changing”
  • Post traumatic stress “partly responsible”

A FORMER Darwin police officer will spend one month in prison after being caught with more than 500 images of child pornography.

Brendan Hair, 41, had stashed the child abuse material in his police locker and desk, as well as under his bed in a safe at the Northern Territory police headquarters.

There were nine videos among the 558 images of child abuse, three of which were considered to be in the worst category of offending.

The images – ranging from fully clothed children to children engaged in sexual acts with adults – were discovered following a tip-off during raids in March and April 2007.

Sentencing the father of one in the NT Supreme Court in Darwin, Justice Dean Mildren said he had taken into account the quality of the images, the ages of the children and the motives for possession. He accepted that an incident in 1995, in which Hair and his partner were shot at and his partner critically injured, had been “life changing”.

Justice Mildren said the former cop, who was born in Perth, now suffered from post traumatic stress, manifesting in suicidal tendencies and anxiety. The judge accepted the illness was partly responsible for the offending, which could be seen as “a search for emotional satisfaction” rather than a genuine sexual interest in children.

“He has lost his career, which to him was of considerable importance,” he said of Hair, who has an award for bravery.

The former cop was also driven out of a small country town, where he had managed to find work, after an email campaign outed his offence.

But although Justice Mildren found the offending to be at the lower end of the scale, he said the crime “was not victimless”.

“The duty of the sentencer is to protect children,” he said.

“The evidence does not persuade me that his illness was the only reason for his offending, although I accept it was a factor.

“I am unable to understand why he did not destroy them (the images).”

The court heard Hair only looked at the images once.

Justice Mildren sentenced Hair – who pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child abuse material last week – to eight months in prison.

This will be suspended after one month is served.

Hair must receive psychiatric treatment for as long as his psychiatrist believes it is necessary.,22049,25263322-5005941,00.html

Computer: Stress ’caused cop to use child porn’

Article from: AAP

March 30, 2009 03:30pm

A FORMER Darwin police officer who kept more than 500 images of child porn in his police barracks saw his partner get shot in front of him, a court has heard.

Brendan Hair, 41, pleaded guilty last week to possessing child abuse material.

Police discovered 558 images, including videos, during raids in March and April 2007.

They had been stored on Hair’s computer hard-drive and in his police locker and desk.

Other images were found on diskettes stored in a safe under his bed at the NT police headquarters in Darwin.

Three of the nine videos are considered to be in the most serious category of child abuse material, showing children engaged in sexual acts with adults.

Hair’s lawyer Peter Elliot said his client’s offending was brought on by post-traumatic stress, caused when his police partner was shot and seriously injured.

“That was a life-changing experience … it was the community he was protecting at the time that it appears everything went wrong,” he said.

“People who are suffering from a condition such as Mr Hair plainly is are not appropriate vehicles for general deterrence.”

Mr Elliott said Hair had suffered greatly since he was dismissed from the police force in April 2007.

He was then forced out of another job following a “hate email campaign”.

“The only way to defend yourself and your children is to stay informed about the dangers in our community,” said Mr Elliott, quoting the email.

“Please read and pass it on.”

The email described Hair as “scum” and Mr Elliott said it was a “general character assassination”.

“This is a significant fall from grace for a person in a respected and esteemed position.

“(He was) hounded and harassed and lost a second job.”

But Crown prosecutor Tom Berkeley called for a prison sentence, saying it was needed as a general deterrent “to extinguish the abuse of children for this purpose”.

“This is a sexual offence,” he told the court.

“You honour must impose a sentence of imprisonment. A sentence could be suspended partially but not wholly.”

Mr Berkeley said although Hair – a former senior constable – had pleaded guilty he had done so at the last minute, only days before he was due to go to trial.

Justice Dean Mildren will sentence Hair tomorrow.

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    This man preys on a website called Fetlife, he presently goes by the name of Quoad Fidet. He beats women brutally, one woman has told me from experience his brutality and beatings are his anger towards himself and how he feels towards children. He has multiple affairs: He has relationships consisting of: Slaves, Daddy/Babygirl etc. Currently he is in Pt Lincoln apparently working in ‘Security’. I do not know how a man like this can get a job in security? This man is perpetually hurting people still. I hope the police continue to investigate him further and justice will finally get served!

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    I do not know if my previous comment will be allowed to stay or be removed however this is the only way I know how to share the danger of this mans activities so others may in some way be aware, investigate or help to protect themselves. Predators and abusers must be stopped regardless of how cunning they may be especially since this guy is a former cop and knows the system. Thank you.

  3. Mustapha Leek says:

    I endorse everything Joe Bloggs says about this man

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