James “Jim” Alfred Gumbleton

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Athletics coach jailed for indecent assault

Posted November 26, 2009 14:23:00

Wagga Wagga athletics coach Jim Gumbleton will spend at least the next three months in jail over indecent assaults on two young female athletes.

A district court judge has today heard appeals over the assaults, which involved touching two girls during massages.

The judge found Gumlbeton’s previous good reputation could not be a mitigating factor because it was that same reputation which led the young girls to trust him.

She did take into account his wife’s serious illness, his age of 75 and the problems the prominent coach may face in jail.

She imposed a 12-month concurrent term on both matters, with a three month non-parole period.



Gumbleton appeal decision looms

Posted November 12, 2009 13:00:00

A district court judge has reserved a decision on two appeals in the case of a well-known Wagga Wagga athletics coach convicted of aggravated indecent assault.

Earlier this year, James Alfred Gumbleton received a suspended sentence after being found guilty of two counts of aggravated indecent assault against a young person.

Another magistrate found him guilty of five aggravated indecent assault charges against another girl and he received 12 months jail with six months non-parole.

Yesterday, Wagga District Court heard Gumbleton’s appeal against his conviction.

The defence argued Gumbleton’s wife could die within a fortnight if he went to jail because he gives her massage treatment for a serious lung condition.

The Crown argued its inadequacy appeal on two of the charges, saying Gumbleton’s case is not so exceptional that he should not go to jail.

Judge Deborah Payne will hand down her judgment later this month and Gumbleton’s bail has been continued.



Coach appeals against indecent assault jail term

Posted April 24, 2009 11:05:00

Renowned Wagga athletics coach Jim Gumbleton must stay away from sportsgrounds and people aged under 18 as he appeals against a jail term, maintaining he is innocent.

Gumbleton, 74, has been convicted of seven charges of aggravated indecent assault of a minor for massages he gave two girls at Jubilee Park.

Yesterday in Wagga Local Court, Gumbleton received a suspended sentence for two of the charges.

Later, another magistrate sentenced him on five separate charges via video link from Port Macquarie.

The court heard Gumbleton had given 40 years of distinguished service as an athletics coach and that those who know him are in disbelief at the charges.

But the magistrate said the victim trusted the coach and had been preyed upon for a sexual purpose.

Gumbleton was sentenced to 12 months’ jail with six months non-parole.

He was later granted bail with stringent conditions pending his District Court appeal.



Coach faces court again

6/04/2009 9:59:00 AM

WAGGA athletics coach Jim Gumbleton has been convicted of indecent assault charges against a second young person.

Magistrate Peter Dare convicted 74-year-old Gumbleton in Wagga Local Court yesterday after a one-day hearing held on January 21.

Gumbleton pleaded not guilty to two counts of aggravated indecent assault.

It was alleged the offences occurred in early 2007 and early 2008 while Gumbleton performed massages on a young person at the Jubilee Park athletics complex.

The crimes pre-date five offences against another young person of which Gumbleton was found guilty by visiting magistrate Paul Lyon in Wagga Local Court on March 5.

It was alleged those assaults also occurred while he was giving massages to athletes at Jubilee Park.

Both magistrates have ordered that no information can be published that leads to the identification of the complainants.

Gumbleton is due to face court again for sentence on the first set of charges on April 17 and Mr Dare has ordered him to go to court again on April 23 for sentence on the second offences.

He is on bail awaiting sentence.

Known as Mr G to his hundreds of young charges over the years, Gumbleton has long been regarded as one of the best and most respected athletics coaches in NSW.

He has never charged a fee for his services.

The convictions have shocked many Wagga families who have placed their trust in Gumbleton since 1960.


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