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From the Philippines to Perth: nowhere to hide


October 5, 2009 – 6:22AM

A WA man convicted of possessing child porn has also fallen foul of the law in the Philippines. Joseph Sapienza reports.

Angeles City is a seedy place even by the standards of the Philippines sex industry.

One of the most infamous fleshpots in Asia, thousands of foreigners visit the town – two hours drive north of the capital, Manila – to pick up children, some younger than 12, for sex.

Plenty of Australians call it home. But one who won’t – for a while yet, anyway – is Terrence William Hainsworth.

That is because the 52-year-old West Australian will be spending the next 13 months behind bars in his home state, after being convicted in the Perth District Court last week on charges of importing and possessing child pornography and bestiality images.

An investigation by WAtoday.com.au has found it is almost two years since he was put behind bars in Angeles City, while awaiting his day before the Philippines judicial system to face charges that he raped the seven-year-old daughter of his Filipino partner.

It was claimed in medical records issued by a Filipino hospital that the girl suffered injuries consistent with sexual assault.

Hainsworth, who denied the charges, which were later dropped, spent several weeks in jail. He later used a web forum to offer his friends an extremely detailed look at life on the inside of a Filipino jail – even revealing he was asked to play Santa Claus during Christmas.

During his time in jail, Hainsworth had many supporters in his corner. This was highlighted in the Perth court in the form of character references, including the author of an online newsletter for expats living in Angeles City.

He claimed Hainsworth was planning to return to Australia when he got into an argument with his girlfriend.

She went off and came back with police in tow, claiming Hainsworth sexually abused her daughter.

“One thing led to another and old Terry found himself in the hoosegow and needed the services of a very competent local lawyer …” the newsletter says.

The newsletter then quoted Hainsworth’s lawyer saying that sometime in January, Hainsworth and the girl’s mother had “reconciled” and the woman agreed to withdraw the complaint against him.

Enemies of Hainsworth have surfaced in Angeles City as a result of his alleged behaviour. One adversary claims he paid his way out of jail, in a country where “money talks”.

Hainsworth was under the eye of Australian law enforcement agencies when he arrived at Perth International Airport on November 12 last year.

The Perth District Court was told that Customs officers discovered a dozen pornographic images involving an eight-year-old child on Hainsworth’s laptop computer.

The laptop was seized, and Hainsworth was now firmly on the radar of Customs.

He flew back to Angeles City again on November 25 before returning to Perth on Christmas Eve.

In the days and weeks that followed, Customs and police officers seized equipment and images, including pictures of girls as young as six engaged in sexual acts and bestiality images.

The court heard that Hainsworth worked as a railway operator in NSW from 1990 to 2006 and that he suffered a number of health-related problems, including high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, insomnia, depression and impotence.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003 and was treated with radiation therapy, which led to his becoming impotent.

“To engage in sexual encounters, you went to the Philippines to address this,” Perth District Court Judge William Groves said.

Hainsworth has been married three times, including unions with two Filipino women. He had a son with his Australian-born first wife and two boys with his second wife.

He separated from his third Filipino wife nine years ago, at a time when he was in another relationship with his current partner.

The same woman – who accused Hainsworth of the rape in the Philippines – remains there with their young son.

The references tendered to the court, including one from his current partner, spoke highly of Hainsworth, although they indicated “surprise, shock and dismay” over his offending in this instance.

Hainsworth’s partner told the judge he was “supportive of her and the child” and that she was “shocked” to find about the charges.

“He is a good man, a good father, nice friend and (she) pleads you should be given another chance,” Judge Groves said of the reference.

“She and the child miss you.”

Psychological and pre-sentence reports submitted to the court showed Hainsworth engaged in “strict denial” over the offences and was “angered” he had been charged.

His attitude towards the offending was “very evasive, not particularly honest and more concerned with distancing himself from the material found in his possession”.

But despite this, the judge found Hainsworth to be remorseful, that he had suffered personally and was “ashamed” of these convictions.

Judge Groves told him these were serious examples of child pornography, and although his lawyer John Hawkins suggested it was not of the worst kind, the judge later remarked: “In my view, it is difficult to categorise any type of offending when it comes to sexual abuse of young children.”

As well as the jail term, Judge Groves also fined Hainsworth $2000.


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