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Truckie jailed for having sex with 14 year old girl

Kerri-Ann Hobbs |  August 7th, 2010

A FORMER Anakie truckie had sex with a girl half his age 11 times over two nights, knowing she was just 14 when they met, a court heard.

Damian Mark Harding, of Iluka Drive Werribee, 29, yesterday pleaded guilty in Geelong County Court to four charges of sex with a child under 16 and one count of possessing child pornography.

Harding, then 28, had contacted the young teenage girl in late 2009 through social networking site Facebook.

The pair first met on September 30, when Harding took the girl from her mother’s Werribee home to his Anakie house where he performed oral sex and then had sex with her six times.

“The sexual relationship started on the very day that they met,” prosecutor George Slim told the court.

“She told her mother she was going to be visiting a close girlfriend nearby but instead of that she and (Harding) drove back to his place.

“That’s where the sexual activity commenced on that night.”

On October 31 the pair again met in Werribee and ended up at Harding’s Anakie home where he again performed oral sex on the girl and they had intercourse five times.

Harding then broke off the relationship, asking the girl not to tell anyone about the sex or he would be jailed.

But the girl’s father, with whom she lived during the week in Ringwood, discovered the affair and reported it to police, Mr Slim said.

In November police raided Mr Harding’s house and found about 24 graphic images of very young children in sexually explicit poses saved on a computer.

Defence counsel David Langdon said Harding’s offending was caused by an acquired brain injury he sustained in a car accident.

“There was no suggestion that he was trawling through chat rooms where adolescents would go,” Mr Langdon said.

“Were it not for the considerable difference in ages the circumstances would have all the hallmarks of an ordinary relationship.”

A psychological assessment of Harding revealed a long history of sexual assault on young children and women and declared him a high risk of re-offending and committing sexual violence, the court was told.

Judge Geoffrey Chettle, who ordered the “disturbing” child pornography sealed, said Harding knew what he was doing was wrong.

“There is no doubt (the girl) was an enthusiastic and consensual partner in the relationship,” Judge Chettle said.

“However, the law is designed to protect enthusiastic 15-year-olds from themselves.”

On both counts of penetrative sex with a child under 16, Harding was convicted and sentenced to two years jail.

On both counts of oral sex with a child under 16, Harding was convicted and sentenced to 12 months jail. He also received 12 months for possessing the child pornography.

gave him three years and six months in jail.

Judge Chettle ordered Harding serve a minimum of two years and three months before being eligible for parole and declared him a serious sexual offender.


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  1. Jane says:

    Shame on you, you need to stay inside, then it ll be safer for us out here

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