Child sex offender jailed for travelling

The Canberra Times – 28 Jul, 2011 04:00 AM


A notorious South Australian paedophile is back behind bars for two months after breaching sex offender laws by failing to tell authorities he was leaving the country.

Robert Kingsley Hawkes was locked up in South Australian jails in the 1990s and 2000s for a spate of child sex crimes, but later moved to the territory.

The 67-year-old retiree was arrested in March and charged with four breaches of the ACT’s child sex offender registry laws, to which he later admitted.

Hawkes initially told police a High Court judge said the reporting conditions were voluntary, but refused to name the individual.

Hawkes will spend the next two months behind bars, with the remainder of his six-month sentence suspended.

He will also be on a good-behaviour bond for the next two years; and due to his earlier offences he is on the Australian National Child Sex Offender Registry for the rest of his life.

Hawkes flew out of Melbourne on a Sunday in March this year after presenting an Australian passport to immigration staff.

He was back on Australian soil by the following Wednesday morning.

A Passenger Analysis Clearance and Evaluation alert or PACE was triggered on both his arrival and departure.

Hawkes was stopped in London and turned around.

He was arrested by territory police in Waramanga five days after he returned to Australia.

Sex offender laws require a registered person to tell authorities about any travel plans, interstate or international, and about obtaining a passport.

During a police interview Hawkes said a former High Court judge told him the child sex offender reporting obligations were voluntary. But when questioned, he refused to name the person.

The Director of Public Prosecutions pushed for a jail sentence for what it described as an act of ”significant deception”.

Paedophile guilty of Greenacres assault

Posted Thu Dec 9, 2004 4:47pm AEDT

One of South Australia’s most notorious paedophiles has been found guilty of indecent assault and breaching a restraining order.

Robert Kingsley Hawkes, 61, was today found guilty in the Holden Hill Magistrates Court of indecently assaulting a teenage girl at Greenacres in May last year.

The guilty verdict means Hawkes has also breached his paedophile restraining order.

Hawkes was remanded in custody to face court again next month for sentencing submissions.

School faces law suit over alleged sex abuse

Posted Mon Aug 23, 2004 1:31pm AEST

A 21-year-old man who says he was abused by a school football coach as a 10-year-old is suing the Adelaide school where he suffered the alleged abuse.

The boy was a year five student at the Good Shepherd Lutheran School at Para Vista when he says he was abused by Robert Kingsley Hawkes.

Hawkes, who was the school football coach, allegedly photographed the boy naked and forced him to pose while wearing a G-string.

It is claimed the boy went from being a happy and successful student to an angry and violent young man who continues to suffer trauma from the alleged abuse.

The statement of claim says the school did not do enough to protect its students and failed to act on reports of abuse by Hawkes.

The school is defending itself against the claims and the matter is due back before the District Court late next month.


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